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  1. "Hoping" is not a bad thing.. But unfortunately this one's not gonna happen..
  2. Can't wait for Think About You (hoping for KILLER-like-2016, not the 2001-2002 versions) and of course Anything Goes. Possibly Steven will be behind the drum kit. But Izzy? Why you get your hope so high? He will be here with us in this topic.
  3. So does anybody know for sure if will be radio streamed?
  4. "I'm in the most dangerous band in the world! So... "
  5. "Guns N' Roses - Live at the Apollo" Double release, Live album & Blu-Ray. Thank you.
  6. FLAC | mp3
  7. Feels weird not hearing songs like Shackler's, Madagascar & Street Of Dreams. As for Sorry, it is known that wasn't written for Slash. So no point here..
  8. You the MAN Gibbo...! Thnx!