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  1. But sometimes you become a bit irritating by criticizing other people's work , or saying things that aren't on the same line than the thread where you are discussing, etc... You even asked me to download bands that I don't follow stuff from slow servers and upload it to Mega for you. Don't know what happened to your other account (@megadethers), but I guess it wasn't something good. You also won a warning point on the old tracker, and that's not something to be proud about. And finally, this is not a whatsapp group, so you should write in a decent way (no "u" instead of "you", im instead of I'm...). I don't wanna be bad with you and I feel sorry for having to say this, but if you don't change your behaviour, people here won't trust you. If you are able change those habits, people here will respect you and you will get stuff and your questions answered. You just need to use the correct way.
  2. Limulus or Sharonsummer, each version has it's pros and cons, so there's no a best version. They are also worse than this one
  3. There's no vhs line at the bottom of the screen and there's no vhs grain, so seems to be an encoding or lineage issue. Gnr show lineage would be: Master files-> Analog tv broadcast 480i and lower bitrate than the master files->(quality loss)-> Digital Recording-> (quality loss) -> Authored bootleg dvd Maiden show would be: Master files-> (quality loss, but made in a way proffesional way so it would be minimal)-> Official DVD 480p Another posibility is that Maiden brought their own film crew for their show. Halford also released this from this show
  4. Hmm...true, I totally forgot about WinTV and all that stuff. And yes, I got my first standalone DVD recorder in late 2005/early 2006. But who knows, technology was more advenced in Japan in those years. One example is the lazerdisc, it had better quality than the vhs and it got popular in Japan during the 90s. And yes, the camera setup could be the same, but lineage is always better on an official dvd than on a tv-rip dvd.
  5. Japanese are years ahead us I don't think it was ripped from a computer, maybe it was done with a dvd recorder. What we know is that it is a digital recording and not an vhs one like the others. What is strange is that this version is not listed on noremorsetrading
  6. Request: Coachella Weekend 2

    I think it's a good done audience recording, but not a SBD
  7. [Question] What version of Argentina 92 is this?

    Alright, so I've been working with the audio of your version and joined it with Neo's image, this is the result
  8. Request: Coachella Weekend 2

    I've just checked and my link is weekend 2. As you can see it was filmed in 360º and it contains November Rain and knokin on heavens door. Weekend 1 contains Welcome to the Jungle and November Rain and it was filmed in standard way. The only thing is that the author (SD456) mistook the date on the file name
  9. Request: Coachella Weekend 2!WA1iQayK!YE9PtCaWKt88vUipMzD16w
  10. Whats your biggest GNR regret?

    Not seeing Axl/DC in Seville last year. I was a bit busy that week and I thought it wasn't a good idea going, I also though it because I saw AC/DC with Brian the year before. Nowdays, I regret of not going there, because now I know I could have gone without any trouble.
  11. [REQ] Live Era Original Tracks FLAC or MP3

    That guy is the old @megadethers (when someone requested something he was the guy who told them to add him on skype) with a new account, just forget about him
  12. I've synced the audio with the video from the [jean] version of R&R Hall Of Fame. I've done the whole process with mkv toolnix by setting the delay value on the audio track, so there's no re-encoding.Sync is perfect. ------------- Tracklist Introduction of Guns N Roses by Green Day Sweet Child O' Mine Paradise City ------------ Line-up Myles Kennedy - Vocals Slash - Lead Guitar Gilby Clarke - Rythm Guitar Duff McKagan - Bass Guitar Steven Adler - Drums Matt Sorum - Tambourine (He played drums on Mr. Brownstone, but that song wasn't broadcasted) DOWNLOAD!7wVRmaoL!fDNCHC3w1WrhHiuRWmAmIupW1xMKRPDKqDr_zwE7H9I
  13. [Question] What version of Argentina 92 is this?

    Thanks for the info! And does any of the authored DVDs have the tv broadcast audio? EDIT: I've just seen that the version authored by you, Limulus, has the tv audio, so I'm downloading it right now
  14. I once heard that in 2006 he had a some kind of rivallity with Scott Weiland (and Velvet Revolver in general) in terms of appeareance, that's why he cared more about his weight, look and voice.