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  1. No idea, I hope at least the audio comes soon, video can wait
  2. Also, if you notice Jungle is a bit out of pitch. And yes, I can also hear Robin in mr brownstone (I imagine Axl saying to Robin "Hey mate, you wanna sing? You can re-record some backing vocals here") I'veused audacity to remove the vocals and you can hear very very low what seems to be the original axl. In Nightrain for example, the final lines are re-recorded in a higher pitched voice than what Axl did in reallity (I would kill for a full soundboard of Las Vegas 1992)
  3. Here in Spain we get Mark Lanegan and Tyler, so it seems to be boring. Btw, am I the only one here who knows "I believe in a thing called love" of The Darkness because of Guitar Hero?
  4. No, the speed trouble is often caused by the cassete player used to transfer the tape. It can be fixed easily with audacity
  5. From an vhs you can get 480p, from a film you can get something nearly as high as 4k (That's the reason why until 2005 more or less most of the films were recorded on film tape)
  6. I think it's a good and fast way for discussing about bootlegs (shame I can't embed it to this thread) And if you have any question or something about bootlegs you can post it there You can also talk about anything related to the band.
  7. No, there's no footage of that, the tv broadcast stopped after Civil War. Globo TV may still have the footage, but they won't likely liberate it. The only audio source that exists is from the fm broadcast (the one with the host talking) In reallity we have 2 cameraman tapes, the Slash's cam [authored as UncleT, It also has soundboard auudio, but it wasn't properly recorded, so it is a bit clipped] and Axl's cam [authored by Limulus, it has the audio from the camera's mic, unfortunately, it was next to the bass monitor, so you can barely hear anything, but it also contains the tv broadcast audio]. Unfortunately, both of them are incomplete (wonder why).
  8. It's a Disney film, so perfect for Axl to use his Mickey voice
  9. Oh shit, wowow gave me a copyright notice and removed the video from my channel
  10. Not exactly, the thing is that userscloud removes the files after x days of inactivity, and Bulls didn't know about that, so yes, forget about it because there's no fix. This was created as a free alternative for (page with almost all gnr bootlegs on MEGA and other servers, you have to pay for entering the forum). Userscloud provided free unlimited space (with MEGA, you have to pay for increasing the space on your account, that's where they waste the money they earn from the registered users on the forum).
  11. No, nothing yet Since the tracker's dead we've lost almost all contact with Lim and JimBeam (The owners of the tapes). The last update was the latest post by Limulus. It would be cool if JimBeam releases a raw version from the tapes while Limulus works on the upgrade.
  12. He can, it would be could if he could use the same voice that he uses in Down on the Farm on TSI, but nowdays I think he would sound a bit deeper in voice terms. It would be more like Myles' version than Scott's version
  13. Right section, I think there was an audio recordig, but I've also been looking for that performance for some time because I also like AC/DC Some people say it's this video (he never performed it with ac/dc), but it's not confirmed
  14. Yes, Kid Rock guested with NuGNR during Nightrain on Hammersmith 2006 and he also sings on Slash's solo album. I think he only doesn't get along with Matt Sorum because Kid did something against dolphins (no troll, he posted it on twitter)