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  1. Maybe he discovered auto-tune for guitar.
  2. Only the clip, and yes, it has mono audio (who the fuck uses mono in 2016/2017?)
  3. It was originally uploaded to vimeo by the company that filmed the show
  4. Maybe your computer is not fast enough to play it. Try media player classic
  5. With good audio quality there is Madrid 2006, with Fortus, Robin Finck and Bumblefoot on guitars!0JtVkJwL!8vCwvQzE0Z1i8X00kOeWAaNkjsT_3rfRpda5KgUwoec On youtube you can find the performance in Las Vegas 2014 (Fortus, Bumblefoot and DJ Ashba)
  6. As far as I know, There Was a Time was never performed in 2001 or 2002, first time was in 2006, so they never played that song live with bucket
  7. Oh shit! True, didn't realise it wasn't broadcasted on telefe, so it's also missing on Angel and Neo versions. I can't re-do the mkv for that, it would take me too much work, but I can do the full clip of patience and upload it. (Still wonder why Telefe didn't broadcast the full show)
  8. Brian said he can record in studio. There's also that roumor about the engineer who designed those earpods tha't don't damage the ears and Brian tried them (and apparently he liked it). But roumors regarding Brian's retirement had been there since 2009, he was tired and we all know that his voice gets more tired each year. I find it funny when people say "Axl is 54, It's normal that he gets out of breath and sings with the mickey voice..." Well, Brian is almost 70
  9. I see, but I would need a sample to compare. It doesn't look very different compared with Angel's version, but you never know.
  10. Here it is!ZFUynbBC!sLLWPrtNKGHrSWF3CzpXQzECpsodWQUJM15t5pRkpmE I edited the audio (audio is from Limulus version) a bit to make it sound better (same audio than on the video I uploaded to Youtube) The only thing is that I rendered it in 1440x1080, so it's upscaled from 576i 4:3 to 1080p 4:3
  11. It doesn't exist, I've made an mp4 file with that, I'm uploading it now. But as an authored dvd it doesn't exist
  12. Yes, the one that posted gibbo
  13. Gibbo's video is Neo DVD with Lim audio
  14. We would like to know if it contains the tv broadcast audio or the leaked soundboard audio. To check it just put the beggining of Jungle, if you can hear crowd noise and in the "You know where the fuck you are?" axl sounds distant (basically, if it has the audio of the gibbo video posted some posts before) , then it's what we are looking for. Being a silver cd I think it will contain the leaked soundboard audio, but who knows...