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  1. No, I don't have the full thing
  2. I bet almost nobody here has seen this source before, it has surfaced on youtube a few weeks before, there's a commentator between songs. Not the best quality (specially on November Rain, that looks worse than the other clips), but just another version of it for curious people.
  3. I can imagine Mc Bob saying "New York!! You wanted Slash, well, he couldn't make it, so here is what you got, from Monticello, Indiana... DEE JAY ASHBAAA"
  4. Don't forget the setlist star, The Seeker, maybe we see an extended studio version with the riff repeated 50 times while jamming it with the You're Crazy one.
  5. What about the streaming? Only audio? For everyone or just in the US?
  6. Thanks! Wonder how the taper was able to sneak the equipment with all the security controls from this leg
  7. Wonder how it would be if someone tapes a 2017 show with an vhs cam. It would be weird but cool.
  8. Thank you! Downloading right now
  9. Still waiting... it's been almost one year since the tapes were bought
  10. I wonder... If the first 2011 show had been in the US or Europe instead of Rock In Rio with all the technical troubles, would he have sung like he did in 2010?
  11. Between 9:20 and 9:30, 2h40 more or less
  12. Better to tape audio only, but it is always good to find a nice video of the show on yt
  13. I like how he does BHS, and yes, he spoke through the inner channel a few times, shame there's no IEM recording. Btw, did you notice that when the show ended You know my name by Chris Cornell was sounding? It was cool
  14. It was great, I had weaker expectations but omg, I was suprised. A lot of energy and euphoria, they really gave their best. Amazing