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  1. US Politics/Elections Thread

    He's the worst person imaginable for the job. Literally, it's impossible to imagine someoneless qualified or more unfit. It's gonna be a goddamned disaster.
  2. US Politics/Elections Thread

    That speech. Holy fuck. A very sad day.
  3. I feel like this is an underrated line----> "Some Girls is also pretty strong but it's more an Izzy solo album with If the World tacked on as a single"
  4. The Wacky World of Izzy Stradlin

    Yes.That guy is ridiculous.
  5. The Wacky World of Izzy Stradlin

    The guy they've got now moves too goddamn much!
  6. It's just not a great example. Deep Purple existed about a year before those guys joined. I mean, Ian Gillan is the guy on Smoke on the Water. You can't compare him to Buckethead. Matt is irrelevant. Duff would make it a little closer but I'd say no because he wasn't a main writer.
  7. This is nonsense. Ian Gillan and Roger Glover joined in 1969 and played on Deep Purple's most classic material. They are original members in any way that actually counts.
  8. Whats your biggest GNR regret?

    Not going to see them at the Paradise in Boston, October of '87. I was super into the band and lived close to the really close, just a few T stops. But I was still underage at the time and I convinced myself they'd card me. Found out later it was all-ages. I saw them six months or so later at the Orpheum Theatre, so I did get to see the original band in a relatively intimate setting, but missing that club show has always bothered me.
  9. It's three albums. Appetite and the UYIs. Lies is not an album and CD is not GNR.
  10. I guess but that doesn't really count either. First of all, the whole thing is different mixes of five songs, three of which are on other records. More to the pointit's not GNR. Anyway, just the fact that the person is looking for ways stretch the discography says a lot regardless of which they meant.
  11. Why would you add an L.A. Guns album?
  12. Tommy's place in rock history was secure before he ever met Axl so his ego isn't tied up in GNR. He seemsgrateful for his time in the band and to Axl, but he knows he'll always be known for something else. Whereas Pitman...
  13. The Wacky World of Izzy Stradlin

    No it's 100% fake. The star icon gives it away. Star and 'favorite' were replaced with 'heart 'and 'likes' in Nov. 2015.
  14. Definitely. Tommy always comes up with the goods.