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  1. The point of the Troubadour is what is symbolizes. The history of Guns n Roses. Going back to where it all started. Nothing to do with the '93 lineup' or whatever. Do you think the average person that heard that did the math in their head and instantly thought of this bit with the 93 lineup? Do you think the average person even knows what the 93 lineup was without looking it up? Of course not. They hear that and think, "Wow. Guns n Roses got back together. This is a really big deal. I can tell by the way this guy's shouting 23 years!" Anyone who says they weren't hyping this as a Guns n Roses reunion is either lying, just playing some kind of word game, or such an extreme Axl loyalist that they can't think straight. Just because they never explicitly said it doesn't mean that's not what they were selling. And just because I know someone's gonna come back and say it's my own fault for expecting...blah blah...I didn't. I didn't expect it. I'm not saying I felt personally deceived or that I expected a full reunion. I'm saying that's what they were selling. If people can't see the distinction I don't know what to say. The reason I didn't really expect it is I follow this stuff enough to know not to. Most people don't. Most people don't look at boards like this or follow bands on twitter etc. They just hear/see advertising and go Wow! Guns n Roses! Not "oh this is probably GnR '93, augmented by Richard Fortus and Frank Ferrer of Nu-Guns fame. Great."
  2. Nope. This was marketed as a Guns n' Roses reunion. It just was. You have the Troubadour show, the GNR museum, the old logos, the commercials blaring "first time in 23 YEARS!! and on and on. They sold it as GNR reunion, not a Slash and Axl are cuddle buddies reunion. And healing process? Please. This is about cash. Truckloads of it.
  3. Axl sounds good on the quiet parts, no so good later, and things get rough from 3:00 on. Plus some sour bends in the solo. So, overall not so hot.
  4. And what is the big paranoia about misinterpretation/misquoting about anyway? They're a rock band. What's the big deal? Every other band seems to be able to cope with the press.
  5. The main problem is he doesn't rehearse or soundcheck with the band. Whether it's from laziness or some misguided belief that he's saving his voice, if the only time he's singing is at the shows...that's not good.
  6. He's only the boss if you play his game. Steven has obviously decided he doesn't want to do that so he just says what he thinks. The thing is, people act like Steven is just some schmoe that is lucky to be in the same room with the great Axl. It's crazy. These guys have known each other since they were both nobodies living in in a piss-stinking rehearsal room, so to him Axl is just a guy. Not a rock god that he's going to bow to.
  7. This would have been a big deal but what they're doing now has really killed whatever impact that would have. There just aren't enough people that would care enough about the difference to refill those stadiums. Most people who've seen them already feel like they've seen them.
  8. Over in over again you see in these threads, 'Axl's not gonna like this', 'how's Axl gonna feel?' Who gives a fuck. Why does everybody have to live their life or adjust their behavior according to what pleases Axl? Steven is an original member of this band. He has every right to say his piece however he wants. And that's all he's doing. Relating the way he experienced all this. As far as him saying he was cut off. How can anyone doubt that? There's video of the first time they cut his second song and you can see clear as day he's shocked. He wouldn't look like that if it had been agreed to beforehand.
  9. I don't know how you got that out of what he said. He was basically just acknowledging there's no market for Steven Adler solo music. So if he's going to play it's going to have to be with an act that's already established. I thought that was refreshingly candid. And when he's talking about the fans, he means the fans of Guns n Roses...the ones that would prefer to see the real band instead of 3/5 of the real band + a bunch of jobbers. Those fans aren't going to be any more satisfied with Steven Adler and a bunch of Sunset Strip randoms. So that's really irrelevant. Same goes for Izzy. I'm sure a lot of people would love to see him solo, but that's not the same thing as seeing him in GnR. And what he says here: "That's what it should be, that's what it could be, but that's not what it is" really sums it up. It's indisputable really. Whether or not all the details of the Argentina story are accurate, the bottom line is, this tour could have been something a lot greater that what it is.
  10. If he was practicing for 'almost two years' that means he knew about it in the spring or summer of '14. I've always believed there's no way the reunion was a result of DJ and Tommy leaving, and it had to be the other way around. This info seems to add some evidence to support that theory.
  11. Yeah, I agree. Tommy seems drunk in almost all the performance clips I've seen recently. It's unfortunate and I think it's something he needs to get a handle on.
  12. The same songs are not actually the same songs because the lineup is different. lol only in GNR-land will you see an argument like this.
  13. I don't think they'd need any permission to use that. Pretty sure that would fall under fair use.
  14. I'm sure he already knew exactly what was happening when he said that. If you think of the size of the undertaking in terms of time commitment for the band and crew, plus securing the venues etc, and all the other planning it takes he pretty much would have had to. These things don't get put together overnight.
  15. He's the worst person imaginable for the job. Literally, it's impossible to imagine someone less qualified or more unfit. It's gonna be a goddamned disaster.