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  1. ^ that is very true. And yeah, Kat is definitely hot. And also totally delusional if she thinks that had nothing to do with her getting the gig.
  2. I just read the comments on that page. Someone said she got the job because she's hot and then she showed up and was all offended.
  3. I guess Tommy but really only because The Replacements were the best band ever. I can't honestly say he was that great in GnR. So my real answer would be, none. Guns N' Roses has five real members and five real members only.
  4. A band with three albums doesn't have any deep cuts.
  5. Fretless bass in AC/DC? I don't think so.
  6. Yeah, well they wouldn't have had to do songs with Myles if Axl had fucking showed up. Also, Guns were automatic first ballot no matter what. And what's the big deal about a band playing together anyway? What is this, the Middle East peace accords or something? It's a fucking rock band. Get up there and play Paradise City godamn it!
  7. I don't know, that whole Troubadour thing kind of rubs me the wrong way. To make a big deal about going back to that place, plus the whole GNR museum thing, when four of the people on that stage have nothing to do with that's just....t's just not right.
  8. Question: Who plays drums on all of AC/DC's greatest albums? Answer: Not Chris Slade.
  9. I don't know, he might be a great guy like everybody is saying, but that guy couldn't be more opposite of what a GNR guitar player should be. He is so un-rock n roll it hurts.
  10. Yeah. In the very early days there was a lot of trash talk back and forth between Poison and GNR. Mostly instigated by GNR as I recall. Slash and Axl in particular. They used to try a little too hard with their whole 'we're not like all the other Hollywood bands/bands this magazine writes about' thing. Which they weren't, but still. And the main target of that was always Poison. And I don't like Poison but looking back I can kind of see their side.
  11. Not really. There was a lot of shit about that in Hit Parader and Circus etc back in ye olden days.
  12. Slash acts like he was so totally against their image but we've all seen the pics where he's got the fishnets on his arms. I lean towards Rikki on this one. Slash probably wanted that gig.
  13. AFD is the only time he looked cool at all. lolworthy at best ever since.
  14. He's gotta make more than Melissa. The dude's been there forever at this point. Not that he really has any better options.