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  1. Fellow CT resident here and I was also curious... looked around and found this pic that shows the whole shirt. Tried to find out what Peace of Mind was, club maybe? A band? maybe a shop of some kind...but no luck finding anything. My guess is it's nothing. Just made up.
  2. Well that was in the Snakepit days and to be honest they weren't that great. It was cool to see Slash but the band was really nothing special. Pretty generic arena rock.
  3. This was a great tour, saw it twice at MSG. Slash opened one of the shows, incidentally.
  4. They have had plenty of time. Coachella - Vegas was two months, San Diego - Lima was two months, Dubai - Slane was two months. So that's six whole months off the road. More than enough time to record something if they were so inclined. They're obviously not.
  5. The most annoying thing of all is the complaining about the complaining.
  6. Oh I bet he is somebody's. Fandom works in mysterious ways.
  7. That's not so hot but Tracii and Phil's current LA Guns lineup sounds great . Phil sounds pretty much exactly like he did 30 years ago somehow.
  8. Axl was great no doubt about it but I think Cornell was really in a league of his own. It's funny though how you spend most of your time bashing the hell out of GnR and the rest being super defensive about them. I do appreciate that.
  9. Yeah he was good. Especially on Little Lover.
  10. When Cornell was at his peak he was pretty much untouchable.. If you listen to something like 'Slaves and Bulldozers' or 'Beyond the Wheel' it's just unreal what that guy could do.
  11. A tiny little girl playing a princess drum kit and singing You Could Be Mine. Sure. Okay. She's adorable but that just goes to show their 'most dangerous band' days are a long time ago.
  12. "I enjoy Soundgarden. The singer just buries me. The guy sings so great." Axl Rose, 1989
  13. New dates, same thirty year old songs. lol Seriously, these guys can't manage even one new song? How hard can it be to just slap some chords together and get 'ol Bill to howl over it. Lame.
  14. I originally bought it on cassette in probably late August or early September of '87 and it was the cross cover. I never saw it anywhere with the other cover, although I did see the original vinyl in a few stores, and at this time LLAS was easy to find too btw. So, I think the Williams cover was never on the cassette. Not certain of that though. The first time I heard Guns N' Roses was at a club called Narcissus in Kenmore Square, Boston. It wasn't really a rock club but they had rock nights once a week or something. Saw Extreme there before they were signed, incidentally. So at this club they used to play videos on a big screen in between bands, and this was back when you could get in a club if you were under 21...which I still was. So since I couldn't get a drink I would just stand there and stare at that screen while I waited for the next band. Anyway, one night they played Welcome to the Jungle and it was just a 'holy shit what it that' sort of moment. Luckily it said who it was at the end just like on MTV, so I went out the very next day and got that cassette at the Record World or whatever it was at the Copley Place mall. Took a few listens for it to really click for me but when it did I became sort of obsessed. I listened to that tape several times a day for at least a year, probably more. Often I would put on something else and be like, no that's not cutting it, and take whatever it was out and put AFD back on. I went all over to every record store I could get to, hunting for imports, bootlegs, etc...whatever I could find.
  15. Longtime AC/DC singer Brian Johnson returned to the stage in Oxford, England tonight to join Bad Company frontman Paul Rodgers for an encore performance of Barrett Strong’s 1959 classic “Money.” As if that wasn’t big enough news, Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant joined in, too. You can see most of the performance above, and another bit below. This all took place on the sixth date of Rodgers’ 14-date Free Spirit tour, which as you can probably guess by the name is celebrating the music of his first band, Free. Read More: Brian Johnson Returns to the Stage to Sing With Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers |