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  1. Still cant believe people complain about the setlists at this point. I used to then I realised 99.9% of the crowd dont post on myGNR or watch every show on YouTube. Most of them it's their first experience and I wish I wasn't able to predict most of the Slane show song by song cos it ruined it for me. Seeing people genuinely surprised by DTJ, Coma etc (while only TWAT surprised me) was awesome. I knew which song led into which cos I'm stupidly obsessed. Even Black Hole Sun I knew was coming when Axl started talking cos I saw the soundcheck videos on here the night before. For everyone else let them see the show they may wanna see. If you aren't AT the show then why give a fuck at all?
  2. Y'all: The Movie
  3. Totally cringing!
  4. Really bugs me all the European countries being stated as a 2 initial thing like DE, IR or whatever on here as if they are States and not full countries. Like when the Yanks say Paris-France or Dublin-Ireland whereas us Europeans just say Paris, Dublin etc. Venting done.
  5. I love him. He's MY GN'R drummer. Axl, Izzy, Slash, Duff, Matt, Dizzy. The UYI albums are my jam big time. Some Fleetwood Mac fans are Lyndsey Buckingham, others Peter Green etc. Depends on your era. Steve has more swing? Yes! Steve is better suited to AFD? Of course! Matt on those epics, fucking mega-yes. IMO. Different styles of music call on a different drummer. Guitar players can adapt like Slizzy, less interplay on UYI and more chords at the back throwing epic licks out there cos those songs called for it. Thats how they were written. Etc
  6. Nope simply cos they may have never released the 3rd part the way things were goin.
  7. Melissa basically plays an extra root note rhythm guitar on a keyboard to make it sound bigger while Slash and Fortus handle the dynamics. She only replaced Pitman on Chinese songs, in reality she replaced the third guitar player. Just watch her during a verse of Its So Easy for example.
  8. Could have simply been nothing too. Me and the other members will jam random shit with our band then we use it with a different band. May be nothing to it at that stage except Slash riffing and a rhythm section joining in. Its what musicians do.
  9. Would take Melissa over SS any day.
  10. Was the fact Slash did the bass intro included? Haven't heard it yet.
  11. Izzy IS credited for Perfect Crime and his guitar is great on the recording too.
  12. Izzy was brought back in to write with them in the 90's.
  13. I like it. Great Izzy tongue in cheek humour. I guess its not for everyone. Also GN'R's only song in waltz timing (3/3) as far as I know.
  14. Totally agree sir but the fact of the matter is if they weren't those jerkoffs would we be here talking about them? Probably not. It takes a dirty attitude to get dirty riffs and likewise a gentle persona to right something beautiful. They captured themselves at the time and millions love them for it. Crazy when you think about it, lol
  15. Those calling out Guns on being sexist are fucking crazy. (Bad Obsession is a metaphor for heroin btw). Its art and the moment we try and restrict that as well as every other thing in this planet is the. moment we have nothing. Also have you read the womans thread or the Izzy thread in the Jungle section?