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  1. Along with You Could Be Mine and Don't Cry it could have been but they kept the 3 along with Nov Rain for the next record and did fast version of You're Crazy and reoworked My Way Your Way by Hollywood Rose into Anything Goes instead.
  2. How is it out of character for a guy who called his band JU JU Hounds? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juju?wprov=sfla1
  3. Thats the B-Side demo on the single. Amazing version and fully agree that Adler is better suited.
  4. Yeah totally different countries man. I'm from one and live in the UK part of thr other.
  5. For what its worth I know Steven, Tracii and Ron quite well through my job but as xBrownstonex said you dont have to know someone to know they are a tool. Like them I dont know Donald Trump but I know he is a fanny. I have a few close friends who were in The Bulletboys and know DJ quite well.
  6. I've crossed his a path a few times yes but yes I'm basing my assumption mostly on his posts. You only get one chance to make a first impression.
  7. Any time. Any advice needed just give me a shout.
  8. You can have money and a hot wife by NOT being a ballbag too ye know?
  9. So is Ashba so its perfect dude!
  10. True but I refuse to call it water. I name it Clown Juice
  11. Hope Slane's isn't predictible leprachaun shite. Prob will though with ginger hair and top hats involved.
  12. What a fucking ballbag of a man. Mr entrepreneur keeps trying to get into markets that are saturated or monopolised completely. My left bollock is a better businessman
  13. Interesting to know, people, myself included count Cross Eyed Mary as an alternative band yet 3 of us are major Guns heads. We're in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the UK and our bass player flew to California for Coachella and our guitarist flew out for both nights in Vegas. I put it down to we're taking some ingredients but cooking an entirely different meal.
  14. Sugizo was beast over in London. I've said before about how my guitar shop is a decent tribute to Izzy, my fiancée is a vocal coach in the other room next to this and there is a really cool poster of hide on the wall.
  15. An arena tour would SOUND much better than a stadium for a start. Its slightly more intimate also. Just my 2 cents.