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  1. 'Smell my Spanial' Best campaign line ever.
  2. Way to go is a catchy little ditty, I like it. So, as much as its cool to hear Izzy giving a shout out to brother Kev in Indy, Joe too and cousin Roy in Austin. I vote off the title track On down the road.
  3. Why are celebrities mums suddenly writing books, first Steven Adler and now Dave Grohls isn't it a bit weird?
  4. Is the black magic thing a big deal? I certainly dabbled when I was a teen, and I walked into my daughters bedroom the other day to see her sat on the floor with a pentagram, a burning tea light apparently reciting a spell to change her eye colour. Don't a lot of people look for answers in the mystical be it horoscopes or black magic when life goes a little haywire, I just look at as fleeting bizarre interest on Izzy's part. I use to live next to a shop that sold everything from healing crystals to black magic literature, the place was fascinating. Anyway, as I know your all dying to ask, her eyes are still green. πŸ˜‚
  5. This is hard, this album has two or three gems but then some tracks are 😐 dare I say a bit too, Izzyish. I have come to the opinion I love Izzy doing his sleazy rock thing, I love the nod of the head to the punk influence but this album as a whole is a lot more chilled out. So I will start with the covers Gone dead train. The Izzy engine up and quit on this one.😝
  6. The twits, Caged monkeys forced to do tricks at the threat of a beating. The muggle-wumps later outwit the twits and escape. Do we know if Dahl was a known prophet?
  7. Ok, so Gone Dead Train was originally performed by Randy Newman (wow those lyrics,😳) and Please go home is a Rolling Stones cover which I assume is the reason they are not on iTunes or Spotify it probably has to do with licensing. So I'm stuck do I immediately vote off the covers or my least favourite song ? Dilemma will have to get back to you.
  8. Has to be Elton for me Honky Chateau, in fact all of my favourites are early 70s.
  9. I think the Kittyviolet stuff dates to 2007 judging by the iTunes listing. iTunes tells me it's available in the Uzbekistani πŸ˜‚ if you want to change stores. Ha Ha.
  10. For anyone who has My Space (remember that) Kittyviolet had a page and Izzy appears on Up and Guys with Oakleys. however if I try to go to the link I don't see anything so not sure if it's defunct or because I can't be bothered to create an account.
  11. So we are missing off Gone dead train and Please go home. Intrestingly both tracks are missing from Spotify and ITunes.
  12. Three days later Izzy turns up on an album titled 'Sad Clowns and Hillbillies', did you have a premonition? That's John Mellancamp in disguise.
  13. I've said it before but I really hope Izzy understands the avacado obsession or his going to think we're all batty.
  14. So at the end of all this we will have a best of Izzy album, and we just have work out how to get him to go on tour with it😝
  15. No not very angry (well maybe a little protective back in the day 😁) but I do kind of miss the drama, now we just create our own πŸ˜€