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  1. I know Axl wants the line up as the band, I just think it become messy with all the interchanges. Solo muscians get away with guitarists and drummers in the background, I think it would have worked with Axl, Slash and duff taking front stage and anybody else dropped to the back, less spotlight.
  2. Lots of people praise Axl for never hiding extra musicians on the stage with him, I agree with this decision, however I just think GnR should define themselves differently. For example the stones are Mick, Keith, Ronnie and Charlie,this is the identity that is marketed, the publicity photos etc. They have a host of musicians on stage with them, the same ones for years but the core identity isn't lost. The GnR regrouping should have marketed the trio from the start, built a stronger marketable package, if they were to do this, I don't think anybody would care who else is on the stage with them Smurfette or not.
  3. Wow so much great music being posted, the 70's were punk, disco, Funk and rock so many great choices.
  4. Thank you for that I will try, I'm such so ignorant when it come to apps and technology. Failing this working @Darkenchantress I will get back to you. i have managed to source all the missing song I had from 117 Deg, so I am good to go next week. I hope we can get a few more enthusiasts joining us for the next album.
  5. I can't get the link to download😞 once again Come on now inside, can't believe it made it to the final
  6. Ha @Fansince88 All most posted it, but went with this the first 7" ever brought with my own money
  7. @killuridols looks like we had similar experiences, I also changed by one letter. the first experience kind of left me thinking that I had failed to get a job because a HR consultant had put me in a box and decided I didn't fit what they were looking for befor it even got to interview. Interesting thing was second time around I was aware of it and I was probably more conscious of my answers. I don't know if this is why they were slightly different, or as I tend to believe 10 more years of life experience had changed my priorities. Anyway I turned down that job offer as I decided thier ethos didn't fit me. 😀
  8. I have been asked to sit them twice both part of a job application process, intrestingly one for a large well known pharmaceutical company. First took one in my 20's and was somewhat sceptical and didn't really recognise myself in the outcome. the second I took about 8 years ago it was slightly different but I guess a variation on the first. Still not convinced but I see now how it is an intresting method to use when employing people in largly team based work place. Anway, not an introvert.😀
  9. Sssh, I am currently sat at work with my earphones running up my shirt sleeve and under my long hair, listening to 117 deg on YouTube desktop, because this is the only way I can listen to the full album in preparation for next week. If I get a verbal warning for inappropriate computer use I will blame you lot. 😏
  10. According to my iTunes playlist this is my most frequently played song. Still not bored of it.
  11. I joined the forums in 2015 when the reunion talk gathered momentum and I wanted information, up unti then I had no clue about the members of NuGnR. So I couldn't tell you if the lack of Slash discussion highlighted nuGnR or not. I don't think the band currently being quiet is highlighting NuGNR in the least. I think it's just the nature of the forum to compare what we have now with past manifestations of the band. If anything lack of information has forced discussions about Izzy, Steven, and Ummm.....billboards. 😉
  12. @ludurigan it's kind of fun this way, your forced to rethink which songs are important to you and vote for songs you might not want remaining, also more entertaining than endless lists. Once again I vote Come in now Inside.
  13. The Steven photo, can someone tell what Discipleship is, is it an AA type program?
  14. OK, it's a real weepy, on the best of days I get a lump in my throat, or at my worst I can cry my eyes out. A Parents worst fears right here in a song.