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  1. My Dad asked me to accompany him to a Tom Jones concert a couple of years ago, I went a long expecting to be bored to tears but scoring dutiful daughter points. I have to say he has some energy, put on a great show and I spent the night dancing my socks off, laughing and singing with my Dad.It was a great night.
  2. Appetite casette with Izzy Stranded, Lol how prophetic. @Cold Jen Time @Jane M. The asshole contingent of the No gang, haha peed myself just a little.
  3. Why and when did Izzy sing with Del? Never seen this before.
  4. Having said all that, I know should he take to the stage and we get new pics and audio, it would be like the second coming. Izzy returns to GnR to defeat the evil trio, and establish justice over TeamB and peace within the GnR community. Hail our saviour! Perhaps a little OTT but you get the gist of my emotions should the day come.
  5. Yep I'm with you on this, as selfish as it may be to the fans who don't care enough and just want to see them onstage, The thought of AFD with Izzy and Steven plus aliens hurts like hell. My concession would be Dizzy who has earnt his dues, and played with Izzy previously.
  6. I'm really hoping this isn't Fernies cool idea for AFD celebrations. This date should really be inclusive of as many fans as possible, not invite only. We have supported the many manifestations of GnR ( I can't take credit here, as I can honestly say there were some eras I shut my eyes and ears but big respect to those who kept faith ) when they have been one of the most dysfunctional bands to grace a stage. So if they choose to acknwledge the most Iconic album with an elite audience and a few fans winning tickets for good measure and no live stream, I will be truly pissed off.
  7. Hello @kkferro72 Glad my rant brought you out of hiding 😬 @Jane M. You are probably right Izzy and Steven will not be in attendance so I'm getting worked up over nothing, but Steven did say Fernie had some cool things planned. Seems to me it would be really harsh to discuss this with him if he had no intention of Steven being involved. You know a bit of a kick in the teeth, I always assumed It was Steven letting something slip without anyone catching the real significance. Izzy on the other hand? now if he really does want to put that Twitter account to use for what he intended, should by rights let us know one way or the other, if his in or out. If not it's going to be an exhausting month for speculation.
  8. I haven't visited much this week, I'm a little lost. Does Axl have a new girlfriend? loved the Izzy pics, argghhh need some news, tweet, song, ANYTHING!!! Why the f*** did I choose a recluse to crush on What do we think about the GnR, Xsirus/Stern, Apollo dates. I have to say I'm kind of out on this one, I have an awful feeling this will be the AFD30 acknowledgment. Which probably means no secret LA dates, which would have been cool if they could pull off the hype that surrounded the regrouping. It also looks like its invite or competition tickets only, which really sucks for something that should be Special for all fans. Do you really think all those celeb types give a damn about AFD, why not open up and embrace the people who have kept the music alive and kept faith, when really they have been one of the most exhausting bands to follow. I know, I know I'm coming across as entitled or that I'm owed something but just this one date, of all dates, they should get it right and appeal to the masses- Right? Do we think Izzy and Steven will appear? On one hand this might be why it's being kept quite exclusive, one off special event making it clear this line up won't be the norm, on the other hand I hope Izzy and Steven see that this doesn't seem to be about the majority of fans at all . Really mixed about this announcement, how does this band always seem to get me so excited coupled with a general underlying feeling of nausea.
  9. somebody on Twitter saying they dedicated KOHD to Glenfell tower victims, anybody know what was said? Big respect to the band if it's true.
  10. The raincoat rocks, it is part of GnR lore, forever remembered. A truly iconic Mackintosh.
  11. Whah, 😩 Having regrets about sitting this out. Reading through this thread, I can feel the excitement. Hope everybody has a blast tonight, sing loudly and party hard folks
  12. One of my favourite songs, it's the stripped back feel that doesn't seem finished, that I like. Never found any good quality video of Izzy performing this and it's a shame we don't know more about it.
  13. 🤔 Is this just a stalking horse?
  14. Apparently in pagan history the term witches is a non gender specific. Over time tradition has led us to believe it is a female label ( you can thank the likes of the brothers grim and various other fairy tale writers) The name Wizard also made famous in literature as the traditional male equivalent, (think Harry Potter) is not a recognised term and Warloc is apparently an insult, meaning one who has been cast out or banished . So Witch it is, that means you are officially included in this coven, we are all inclusive. 😋
  15. I think I have posted along these lines before, if you think about it Izzy has since the reunion created a Twitter, given two accoustic covers from his home, four new songs all released on various download platforms and a shout out to this fan site. None of which he stands to make any considerably profit from, in comparison his band mates having us shelling out a shit load of money for a tour that they stand to make millions from. Where's the personal touch? On a personal level Izzy's doing great, with no management, no media presence he has managed to reach out to us, yes a few more tweets here and there would brighten my day and I still can't work out why he doesn't utilise social media more to his advantage, but I guess he doesn't need too.