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  1. I think Axl doesn't sound too bad on majority of the songs but the songs that need that bit of rasp are SCOM , YCBM , NR and PC. I think even if he chose one of those songs a night to sing like he can with AC/DC then that would be better than none.
  2. I've no problems with the current lineup but if Izzy and Adler aren't going to be at this show then they shouldn't bother doing it. This should be a night where this forum explodes with excitement of trying to watch the real GNR but I've a feeling it's going to turn into another "big announcement " thread full of pissed off fans when it ends up Fortus and Frank on stage
  3. I just hope this isn't another reunion chance wasted because of egos etc. They managed to fuck up the HOF and the Troubadour. Hopefully they play AFD in full and some of the UYI hits and release it on DVD.
  4. This. I also expect dizzy to be there as well. If Izzy and Adler aren't there I think it's a waste of time who knows where they'll be for the 40th anniversary so they need to make it happen this time
  5. I'm liking Axl's top hat
  6. The whole troubadour build up then that first clip of Mr Brownstone from the show. Watching the videos of Adlers first appearance almost brought a tear to my eye
  7. I'm really hoping they come to the hydro in Glasgow if there's to be a European arena tour I enjoyed watching SMKC there. London and Manchester would be certs I'd think
  8. Just going with Nalbi's post a few posts up don't know if anyone on here has heard it being played
  9. It's been reported to have been sound checked again
  10. I've always wanted to know about Axl's rap on Rocket Queen on the Tokyo 92 DVD. What made him do it and why never do it again ? It was a great addition to the song and is one of the best parts of that show.
  11. I'm not saying ex members hated CD as I've never read any interviews about them talking about it apart from Slash. Axl said himself he didn't expect Slash to learn the CD stuff so if a full reunion happened who knows how they would've approached it. They might have still learned them they might have stuck to the 87-93 material. As for going to see the hits of course the deep cuts are always great to hear and just as important as the hits. As I've said I don't like CD but i don't mind if they play a few CD songs on the setlist but there's that many hidden gems on UYI or Lies they could play as well. If they're going to try some more CD songs then why not more UYI songs as well
  12. I guess the main reason we're getting more CD songs is because it's not a full reunion and is a semi reunion/ continuation of of nuguns. Had izzy and Steven / Matt been there it would be debatable wether CD songs would be played. I didn't like nuguns era but I don't mind them putting a few songs in the setlist to keep fans of all era's going to the shows happy. The thing is personally I feel the band is passing off CD songs as the " new songs" for this tour but to be honest I suppose to Slash Duff and 2/3 of the people going to the shows they are new songs. But it's also the 2/3 of the people that see this line up as the first legit line up since '93 so I think it's only fair the band should soundcheck some UYI songs as well.
  13. I'm still interested to hear Slash play Prostitute but if we get some more UYI songs played too throughout the rest of the tour then I wouldn't mind another 1or 2 CD songs played in place of others. Axl and Slash should remind themselves just how great the other songs they helped write are.
  14. Sorry but I would rather hear songs from UYI being soundchecked rather than another CD song. The tour is centred on Axl and Slash getting back together so it would be better to hear more songs that they both helped write. That said we talk about the same setlist being played all the time so hopefully some more songs get played now and again and not just from CD
  15. I love only women bleed for an intro is this the first time this tour ?