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  1. Bad Apples , Anything Goes and Get In The Ring
  2. Brent Fitz and Frank from SKMC would do me they both play GNR material well and do the songs justice
  3. Yeah definitely I still do pick it up the odd time and play a few GNR songs so I don't forget how to play them as guns songs were all I wanted to play. With my son 5 years old now I'll find some more time and hopefully teach him the guitar and get myself playing again
  4. I started playing the guitar in 93 my dad and my brother both played and I had not long got into GNR. I watched the Tokyo show on VHS non stop and just loved everything about Slash , the image his amazing solos and the tone. In 94 I came across a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul Gold Top in the music store and I just had to buy it and got myself a cheap Marshall amp. Still got the guitar and I'm never getting rid of it. My biggest regret is giving up playing after a few years of playing in my bedroom. I still pick it up but can't find the time that I need to get back into it.
  5. Gilby and matt as both were part of the biggest band in the world. I didn't care for nu guns
  6. I won't be disappointed if there's not an AFD 5 reunion in a few months. The time to be disappointed about it was at the Troubadour last year. With the anniversary in the middle of the European leg i don't see them wanting to do it. Of course it would be great if they did do something but I've not set any expectations
  7. Happy Birthday to mygnr lurker Izzy Stradlin hope we see you on stage soon
  8. First thing they'll think is "fuck we're still alive " another thing is Axl will listen to himself and maybe have ended up preserving his voice a bit more and robbing us of some of his best performances. Then when they look at a picture of Melissa they'll ask " how many of us has fucked her ? "
  9. I remember following the build up here in the uk and waking up in the morning and waiting for some footage from the show it was a great feeling. The pictures of the drum sticks making us wonder about Adler being there. Then there was the picture of a 2nd keyboard just before the show started and that put a bit of a downer on it. But no matter what seeing that first bit of footage of Mr Brownstone that emerged was just amazing seeing Axl and Slash together for the first time in 26 years
  10. It would be great if AFD 5 did do something together for the anniversary but I think it will be private if they do. Personally I don't see it happening due to the fact that it would overshadow the rest of the tour and everything they've done up till now. Plus there's no way they would play all 12 songs off the album because that would mean Axl rehearsing.
  11. Cool to see Slash and Adler hanging out together. I wonder if Slash is the person keeping Adler quiet for now
  12. True. But if it's 3 million a show for a hybrid line up then I'm sure they would easily be able to get 3.5 million a show for a full reunion and split the extra between Izzy and Steven. Ticket prices wouldn't need to really change too much to cover it and everyone would happily pay it to see the original guys. I don't know how it all works so I could be way off with it but it sounded good
  13. I've accepted the current line up and I've enjoyed following the band again and if this is how it's going to be then that's fine. But the thing is it doesn't " feel" like GNR like it would even with Steven or Izzy never mind both. The frustrating thing about the whole reunion is that if Izzy and Steven were in the band there would be more money in it for the band. While it might not be a great deal more the big 3 could've spread the percentage a bit more between them and still end up with just as much money because of extra sales and demand.
  14. What they should do is start working on a new album. What they should do is talk to Izzy and Steven and work something out for AFD 30th ( and maybe beyond ) But it'll probably be relaxing for a few weeks then rehearsals again
  15. Looks like Izzy at first but unfortunately it's not