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  1. I have a feeling we can thank downliner for this. He probably made Izzy aware of this place. If I'm wrong and Izzy found us himself, even better.
  2. Unless you're Lynyrd Skynyrd or Iron Maiden IMO every rock/metal band should have maximum two guitarists. Three or more are just overkill in most cases and the Slash/Fortus combo is the second-best scenario we can get. Would I prefer Izzy? Of course, but Fortus is a great replacement.
  3. So, y'all are just gonna ignore the post from Derick who was actually at the concert and therefore should know best what really happened? But just keep bashing Axl and the others because they're the devil incarnate.
  4. Nobody knows anything exact, but IMO it was a mix between Axl fiddling around too much with it and the record company not being satisfied and pushing it back to force a reunion. It's quite unfortunate because it if would've been released in 2002 or 2006 it probably would've sold a lot better than it ultimately did and Axl may have been motivated enough to release more stuff. We'll never know.
  5. IMO this is the perfect example on why the band doesn't do high-profile interviews. Because people are going to scrutinize every single word that comes out of their mouth and many are going to try to spin those words into what they wanna hear. I'm not defending Axl here (he has a ton of issues), but I really do think you shouldn't take everythig Steven said for granted. If he really was sacked like he tells here, that undeniably sucks. But you have to see that him being a full-time part of the tour was just too risky. Yes, they could've used Ferrer as backup, but having two drummers at the same time there really seemed crazy/unnecessary, so why not go with the guy who's been there for ten years and has always been reliable. IMO what we got with Steven making guest appearances on songs was the best possible and realistic scenario. Obviously him making appearances more frequently and/or Izzy being a guest as well would have made it perfect, but it was a great moment nonetheless. Also, 95% of the audience at concerts don't care whether Izzy and Steven are there (hell, some might think Fortus is Izzy) and will continue flocking to the shows. This won't hurt their ticket sales at all, especially since there hasn't been any real onstage incident since the tour started (the McBob thing was blown way out of proportion in my book). It has been going very smoothly and the average person that goes to see a GnR show doesn't care or even know about any behind-the-scenes drama. It sucks for the hardcore fans, but those only make up a very small portion of concertgoers. I personally still believe we'll get another album eventually (call me naive) and another big tour and maybe, just maybe there will be more guest appearances in a few years when all this stuff might be out of the way. We have learned that you should really never say never with this band. But even if none of that happens, this is still an awesome way to go out. I'm completely aware that this is not the best possible Situation and it could've definitely been much better, but it also could've been much, much worse. Just my opinion, guys.
  6. On one of the two supposed Berlin dates on that list Guns would've played on the same day there as Depeche Mode, which obviously can't be. Granted, just because one date doesn't match up doesn't necessarily mean all of the dates are wrong. Some of them might very well end up being true, but so far there's no indication of them being real.
  7. It was already debunked a couple of days ago.
  8. Nobody expects another AFD from them. We all know that's not gonna happen again (especially not without Izzy), but IMO they can make an album of UYI quality, which would still be pretty good. Hearing UYI deep cuts is certainly a nice proposition, but personally I'll take brand new songs over that anyday.
  9. All this Fortus hate here is pissing me off. Why don't you give him a break? He's a talented player, seems very humble about it and the other guys clearly enjoy working with him. Of course, it would be even better if Izzy was there and Fortus is not on Izzy's level in terms of songwriting, but they tried to get Izzy and it didn't work out. Fortus is a hell of a replacement and is probably much easier to deal with on a personal level than Izzy and he's been doing a great job on the tour so far. This is easily the best time to be a fan of this band in over 20 years, so why don't you just enjoy what we have instead of complaining about a guy who's been doing a hell of a job in this band for 15 years now.
  10. Well, I guess we're gonna find out in three days. The wait is gonna be torturous.
  11. Judging from his/her wording it sounds like an actual new song. But @Silent Jay could very well just be fucking with us.
  12. Well, to be fair, Slash has said that he just played the riff out of fun once and didn't think much of it but Izzy convinced him to actually use it in a song. Otherwise I agree with you, though. Izzy sometimes gets a little too much songwriting credit around here.
  13. I know we're talking only GnR here, but Slash and Frank Sidoris are also a killer live combo.
  14. While I'd normally agree with you, none of the nominees released new music this year, so I'd still vote for Guns.
  15. You guys are so good with the GNR sound that you even fooled some of us, so congrats on that :D. And your previews sound great.