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  1. Nothing important. As is Guns N' Roses tradition.
  2. This comment is underrated.
  3. So exciting. Not. We need something different.
  4. So young too. RIP Chris.
  5. Considering Fede said that 95.5 KLOS indicated there was a chance of a new show announcement, i doubt there will be any news about an album. I would put my bets on an AFD anniversary show announcement.
  6. Sounds as good as ever!
  7. lol
  8. That makes me sad.
  9. Nightrain Mr. Brownstone Out Ta Get Me Rocket Queen Back off Bitch
  10. I can't believe people are playing up so bad about Melissa being called a rock icon. It's just someone's opinion, lol. As to those who think she is useless in the band, she was requested to play. Honestly, who would knock that kind of offer back? Besides, i think she is much more palatable than Pitman, and she seems quite a lot nicer too.
  11. It's hard, because they are both excellent songs and generally skip back and forth on my list. Right now, i enjoy 14 Years more. That piano is tasty.
  12. Well, that didn't last long, lol.
  13. Lol at 100% rating for South Africa.
  14. It's a hard choice, because Axl is just so good, but the entirety of Garden of Eden is probably one of my favourites when it comes to lyrics.
  15. Realistically, those spots should go to Gilby and Matt for essentially saving the band. Behind them, i would have to give it to Bumblefoot for his skills and down to earth and easy going attitude.