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  1. Indeed. Axl sings it consistently well and it is perhaps the most recognised CD song among the general audience.
  2. She's more attractive than Pitman, let's put it that way. In all honesty though, i think she is quite attractive. She's definitely not ugly, but she is not mindblowing either.
  3. What a phenomenal show. Probably one of the best out of the NITL tour, i must say so myself.
  4. At this stage, i don't really care. I just want to hear something. New music would be good, but i loved Chinese Democracy an would equally love to hear some of those tracks like The General, Atlas Shrugged, Jackie Chan etc. Perhaps a double album with one disc dedicated to new songs and the other dedicated to Chinese songs would be the way to go. That, or a box set of some sort. Maybe Axl could even release the Chinese stuff solo, although he has indicated he is not a fan of solo stuff.
  5. There was one guy who got a photo with Axl after a gig, but he was on the other side of a fence, lol.
  6. I think it is better to look at it on a case-by-case basis. Certainly, Axl performed spectacularly throughout 2010, but certain dates were better than others. Similarly, Axl has performed very well over the last year and a half, with different results. I would almost say that Axl sounded as good with AC/DC as he did with GN'R in 2010. That said, i may have to give the edge to 2010 Axl, but that's not to knock the NITL tour. The last year has been one of Axl's best in two decades.
  7. Canter didn't say that Axl stole it. I quoted his original comment, bolded the important parts and highlighted the most relevant statement to address your allegation: Besides, the rest of Axl's moves are essentially nothing like Richard's, and even the snake dance differs between the two. Sure, Axl may have been inspired to use it, but it's not stealing. Shit, if you want to say that Axl stole parts of Richard's moves, then you must also say that Richard stole parts of Steven Tyler's moves... Everyone is inspired by someone or something else.
  8. As is MYGNR tradition.
  9. Can we really blame Fortus though? He's the most accessible member of the band, and he's almost always the one to field these questions. What more can he say if Axl and co don't even know what they're doing? We must also remember that from at least 2014, things have been in a state of flux and likely unpredictable as far as touring and new music are concerned.
  10. Those trains are fucking awesome.
  11. A couple of thoughts... - Shadow of Your Love should have replaced Anything Goes on AFD. - I am convinced that if MYGNR had existed during the UYI tour, many of the members here would have bitched about Axl sounding too raspy or Slash fucking up some solos.
  12. What's not to like? The fact that she uses certain words or doesn't quite fit the image of the band as some know it? Who cares. She's much more modest than Pitman, and much better on the eyes too. Melissa arguably performs better as well. At the end of the day, the band wanted her there instead of Pitman, and that's all there is to it.
  13. Lets not forget the famed towel-waving.
  14. I don't get people's aversion to TIL. It was written by Axl during the UYI era, so by going with the twisted logic of some members here, it is more deserving to be on stage. I like TIL and think Axl performs it consistently well. I would rather Prostitute replace The Seeker.
  15. I agree. I think Axl done a decent job with it, and i quite liked it. As for The Seeker, i would rather it be replaced with something like Prostitute or You're Crazy.