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  1. Chinese Democracy by a wide margin. Between the leaks and the released album, it's not even close.
  2. Axl Rose has a lot of unreleased songs.
  3. Slash posted rehearsal photo?

    So Guns needs over 3 months?
  4. Are Axl's current vocals enough?

    Don't know his current vocal state, but hopefully with the time off he has recharged and ready to go. I have a hard time believing that with Slash next to him on stage he won't want to be at his best.
  5. could a reunited skid row

    Harnell leaving so soon was a surprise. You start wondering why they can't keep a vocalist... Baz and Rob Affuso have both said they'd be interested in a reunion. How many singers are Rachel and Snake going to go through before they get over 20 year old bs? Their creative peak was with Baz and Rob in the band. Maybe they don't care, but their fanbase certainly does. Bach has put out several very good albums since the split, while the brand of Skid Row has put out nothing above mediocre.
  6. Coachella - Forum Meetup / Camping Thread

    yeah, it's definitely expensive (well over $1k, if not 2 for travel, hotel, tix, etc.) and while I could swing it, I don't think anyone else I know would want to blow that much coin for a concert and I'm not going alone.
  7. At a quick glance, the bands I think are worth checking out: Friday The Kills Foals Saturday Ice Cube Chvrches The Arcs Gary Clark Jr Silversun Pickups Deerhunter The Damned Moon Taxi Sunday The 1975 Rancid Cold War Kids Pete Yorn The Heavy
  8. because it's really a VR reunion and Axl is replacing Weiland.
  9. No Sue Bee Honey, it's a fake.
  10. Why would Dave Kushner be involved? He's as much GnR as Myles Kennedy.
  11. there's no chance in hell they ignore UYI
  12. Seems weird since he was around for the original run. Firing him after 25 years? I don't buy it.
  13. They're electronic rock dance music. Came out in early 00s, I'm not a huge fan. They always seemed to be one of the bands that hipsters would name in their top 5 for whatever reason.