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  1. Sad thing is that Hurricane Irene in 2011 took pretty much everything featured in that Cribs episode...
  2. I don't think so. But David Bowie used to be called a musical chameleon and a poser. You know what they had to say about that?
  3. Excellent and oft-overlooked song. Along with most of the non-hit UYI tracks, it undeservedly gets called "filler" by many of the uninitiated.
  4. Yes, those intro scenes at the beginning of the season premieres were often fake party footage. However, I don't believe Steven doing heroin on Sober House was faked. Understand that I'm just talking about why so many people think Steven cannot function in any way, not that I believe that. I've always rooted for him and was the only reason I watched those seasons of those shows.
  5. yeah, but the other guys haven't been on shows like Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, where they were filmed while heavily under the influence and looking ragged as hell.
  6. Very cool, sorry I missed it live.
  7. I'm sitting here watching periscopes of great concerts for free night in and night out and god dammit I demand more variety from the band!
  8. I haven't been able to watch a live periscope since the 2nd Coachella weekend and a couple Axl/DCs. lol sounding good
  9. Hey guys, anyone got a good periscope link? Thanks in advance!
  10. lol that's a pretty classic Axl line from years ago, except last time he wasn't as nice about it.
  11. They'll be the iconic looks.
  12. So this is hitting about everywhere. Not only on Bill Maher's show Friday, but tonight on the lead into Mike Tyson Mysteries on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network), They drew an "even worse" caricature of the picture Axl is trying to get removed. So on one hand, I guess it's more publicity, but not for a great reason.
  13. He played Goat Boy on Saturday Night Live in the late 90s.
  14. Forgot this was tonight....