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  1. Coheadline with the who or aerosmith shows. Still sticking to that
  2. Perhaps it has to do with a new tour announcement, either with The Who or Aerosmith. That would be quite big and a bad time to announce something during a time where other big acts such as Blondie are thinking about putting their whole tour on hold. Dunno but that would be my guess
  3. I think they meant it more broadly, that it's LA overall, not a specific place. Just that the band will be back in LA this summer. And what about the Whisky? They havent played there since 1988
  4. He also tried to kill himself while he was in guns, but it didn't work out and he survived.
  5. whole point of the partnership is because they are the 3 classic members. so it would make no sense for fortus to get in. for most fans hes just still the new guitarist, don't even know his name. many people at the shows didnt even listen to CD
  6. Oh damn didn't recognize him on the pics
  7. What songs?
  8. The Fortus knife is somehow irritating to me..maybe it does mean something and this is bigger than I imagined. Getting my hopes up too lol goddamn
  9. You guys are out of your minds if you think this is an AFD5 announcement. It will be new LA date(s) and free tickets for it. There was something like this already last year where a radio station had a either "big or "huge" (cant remember) GNR announcement to make, and that was exactly what it was, new show announcement with tickets for listeners. They will save the AFD5 shows for when this tour is over to cash in again because then everyone around the world is going to buy tickets again to see the originals. It's just the most logical and smart way to do it.
  10. Last time a radio station had a huge announcement about gnr it was a ticket giveaway. Just seems like a way to gain media attention. Don't expect too much
  11. Probably not what you're looking for but this came to mind for me 3:25