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  1. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    Hard to sing is determined by how hard it is to sing in key (hit notes). Axl hits notes all the time with both guns and Axldc, it's the voice he uses that sucks. He is not aware it sucks
  2. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    will Axl sing over the PC intro for the rest of his life?
  3. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    best part of the show
  4. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    Axl always kills those first 4-5 songs. The real first test will be RQ and YCBM
  5. As Fortus put it, it is a "No-press" agreement, he said "we aren't doing press". Reddit is not the press, but a website and many fans asking, there is no interviewer and no agenda behind an ama, it would not be a breach of that policy. It remains to be seen how far Steven will go with the questions. But I'm sure he contacted the band before he agreed to this to not put his relationship in danger. And remember it's possible he might not know much more than we do as ridiculous as that sounds. Also please add this question @Silent Jay: What was the first day of rehearsal like, and which songs did you play?
  6. If it's only about the book then it's not really an AMA, which are supposed to be all kinds of questions, hence the name. If he really only wants to talk about his mothers book and the past of GNR then that's really lame and notwhat an AMA is about. Some guy I cant remember who went on there years ago to just promote a movie he was in and he got shitstormed.
  7. Yeah, possible that Adler is just the first one to utilize the new freedom to do interviews because he's itching to talk. That would be great. I mean an ask me anything is exactly that, it's not "ask me just about that one thing" (thebook)
  8. Why make a list though? Also the fact he is allowed to do this leads me to believe he is not involved with the no-interview policy, unless it is made clear no GNR questions, then everything is roses.
  9. Were you approached by GNR to be the main drummer or was it only guest spots from the start? When were you made aware something wasgoing on reunion wise? Did you hear anything about Izzy at all last year, was he at rehearsal? Those are the 3 I want to know the most
  10. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    15 hours 22 minutes 55 seconds
  11. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    Slash is gonna watch them for sure! He talked about them some time ago, one of the most interesting openers in quite a while
  12. 01/21/17 - Osaka - Kyocera Dome

    Babymetal is the opener right?
  13. She knows Izzy is the one with the sixpack
  14. best credit ever,"owner"