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  1. Maybe because of a song he wrote 30 years ago..yes people use that logic
  2. He literally has it on there "GuitaristGuns N' Roses" Don't do drugs people
  3. Jon still sounds like Jon and he's got that atleast, when a guy his age struggles people go "okay he's old". But then you got Axl who still got all his range, but then starts to use this clean voice instead that doesn't sound like the Axl everyone knows at all and you go "wtf is that voice?" I wish Axl would sing in his lower register more instead of the clean one because it sounds like a completely different guy
  4. New album just dropped and I just love the blues/country rock vibe on this one, had to learn it right away
  5. I've been looking for footage of them playing Bad Apples at this gig, is it right there's none? Does it even exist, or just audio? Even the audio has that annoying host interrupting
  6. Wtf. Steven never once failed to play well or attend a show in GNR in his life except for drug unrelated things like breaking his arm. Do people just "assume" this stuff about him? Genuinely curious
  7. They were his songs, not GNR. He completed and posted a couple tracks here on this forum after someone messaged him
  8. I'd be quite surprised if Slash was on board with this considering he has always said in interviews he would never become a nostalgia act only playing the hits
  9. He is saying that saying stuff like Steven cant play is utter bollocks. People ASSUME this, there is no basis for it! Steven "is ruined". What..HOW? Steven NEVER failed to play well or failed a tour apart from things unrelated to drugs such as breaking his arm, even during the heroin days of the AFD tour and the drinking binge during the loaded 2011 opening tour he played very well, what the hell is there to say he can't do it? He NEVER could not play at a show, always did his part, no matter what. That rumour is just plain dumb and has no basis to even exist. Now he is sober, plays great as always, even rehearsed himself to play not only UYI but also CD songs, and he played a longer GNR set than Guns did in Argentina (!) with a tribute band, over 3 hours, including stuff he never got to play from UYI. And there's still people doubting, because "drugs". Yeah no. He sure as fuck can do it, there is no bigger motivation in this world for him to do a whole tour than playing with these guys, no amount of free pussy or booze would be better for him than having this gig back. He wants, is able to, and should be there. And Izzy can't just "bail". Everyone playing in this big a tour is legally bound in a contract to play until it expires. All the issues he had with the original band in 1991 like Axls random outbursts are gone now. The only issue now is the cash being made.
  10. "talking shit". That's a unique way of putting it. I don't know and do not wish to know what conditions and manners you were brought up with in whatever country you live in, but here someones feelings are no ones business but your own. And most importantly, Steven is not talking bullshit or spewing lies or whatever you wanna make it out to be with calling it "talking shit", fact of the matter is he (conveniently for GNR) left out the part of him being heartbroken seeing Frank play his songs and flying all the way to Argentina and turned into a straight "it was the best of time!". This is (obviously) convenient for GNR, but that doesn't make it right gringo. He should be allowed to speak what he feels no matter what the deal is, but someone always got to get anal about it so it's sort of understandable in some way. The fact he does so implies he made a deal with the band in some way, and judging by what he said earlier he would only guest with them again if he got more songs and/or Izzy was around, which makes this very exciting. Also the irony of calling me a know-it-all and then following up one of your posts just a few posts below with 'it get's tired schooling people all day' directly implying you know-it-all was not lost on me.
  11. This is a double edged sword. Good news because this means he is involved with gnr in some capacity again, but also, I can't believe they're censoring him again. Now he didn't mention the part that it was heartbreaking? Yeah censor the negativity from someone just speaking his feelings..not cool GNR. I am 100% sure the contract he was put under January 2nd ran out this year on Jan 2nd, thus all the interviews the did. Obviously someone went Kim Jong Un on him again. Hopefully he is involved at the 30th anniversary or RIR.
  12. It's different with every bands situation. The Cult changed line up many times, only Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy stayed and that was enough for 99% of the fanbase. That would not be enough for RS or GNR (who was off even worse than TC)
  13. Can't fucking remember where I read it now but the original intro to Yesterdays, as heard here, is the intro of Fall To Pieces, Slash decided to save it for a later song and changed it slightly, and he played it for Axl in the final sessions in 1996
  14. I'd agree if he would ONLY have said that he quit. But he's also saying everywhere that Axl had called him and asked him to be a part of it. And Axl hasn't disputed that to this day. And what would Axl gain from allowing him to spread that too? He knows no one wanted Ashba in the band if Slash returned. I'm of the opinion that sometimes no matter how juicy something is, if you still feel it's wrong inside you will decline it. And that's what it seems he did. The theory of him saving face is also plausible but I just don't see Axl agreeing to that with him also saying to the press everywhere that Axl asked him to stay.