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  1. They have their own internal chat going on between songs that the audience cant hear, someone must have suggested "hey lets do that song" and then Axl jokingly replied that remark since he actually said it into the mic for everyone to hear. I guess it would make more sense if we knew what song it was, if it was a song like There Was a Time then it would make a lot of sense, rather unlikely it was a song like My Michelle but who knows!
  2. Yeah that's what he said. Considering they were in the Yesterdays/ Used To Love Her / OTGM part of the set he was probably talking about any of the tracks that usually appear in that spot, those 3, My Michelle or either Catcher/Sorry/TWAT.
  3. LMAO. I am so torn. This is absolutely tremendous and hilarious, but at the same time I wish this wouldn't exist at all. I hope this makes it's way to Axl somehow and then he's motivated to fix this song
  4. 2009: "There's zero possibility of me having anything to do with Slash other than by ambush, and that wouldn't be pretty," 2017: Axl ambushes Slash
  5. He played on way more songs than that. To add to your list he also played on Bad Apples, Coma, Back Off Bitch, Perfect Crime, Yesterdays, Locomotive, Dust N Bones, Garden of Eden and yes he even must have played on the 18 minute NR demo from the AFD pre production. The argument that he "probably" can't play for more than 3 hours is lol by the way. Ridiculous
  6. When the current generation of people in their late teens and earls 20s is in their 30s 10-15 years from now on this will be normal tbh. She totally doesn't come across as a woman in her 30s right now though, she lives like she's still 16 it seems
  7. Nailed it on the head. I love the piano barroom rockers like Bad Apples and 14 Years, I actually wish there were some short bluesy piano solos on some songs like what Dizzy did live on KOHD in 1993. But I don't know any song from UYI where I react with "oh that piano annoys me". Never even crossed my mind
  8. 0:56 "in a nine live cat" line was FUCKING AWESOME! it sounds even more sinister than the studio version. never heard that voice live since like forever. too bad it only lasted for 1 line lol. is there any other recording of nightrain? need better audio
  9. All I can say about a new album is if you didn't like what Slash did with World on Fire, you're gonna have a bad time. I don't think there's any plans for a new album yet. After this tour ends, I totally expect Axl to work with Angus and Slash does his SMKC III record that has been delayed for almost a year already and tour that 2017-2018. After that if they're gonna talk about a GNR album I hope they sort out the line up..
  10. Once there was this rock and roll band rolling on the streets..time went by and it became a joke..
  11. That acoustic cover of Locomotive is seriously awesome. As some commenter said, I listened to the original a ton of times, but now I hear it.
  12. I asked him on Youtube if he asked Steven about his relationship with Izzy or if he was instructed not to ask about it. He just said "it is what it is". Not even clear if that's his response or if that's what Steven said about it. smh
  13. Listen to the interview, that was not the plan. Frank would be there not as a back up but to play CD songs and a couple covers. But he knows all the songs anyway..he was the drummer for the last 11 years
  14. I don't mind guest slots because Steven did so aswell. No one here is a doctor, everyone is different and each body behaves differently when it heals, I see no reason to question it when he says he could play again after 2 weeks. There is no reason he would make it up and fuck his first reunion show in 26 years up. He could never live with that.
  15. If it was really Axls decision (and I believe it was after that story in Argentina) then nothing in the universe was more deserved than Axl breaking his foot at the first reunion show he decided to boot Steven out of because he injured himself..karma, motherfucker.