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  1. Day 11
  2. Day 10 So My first concert was 2 years ago, The final Show of the Rush farewell tour. They were fantastic.
  3. Goddamit GNR..I refuse to get my hopes up!!
  4. Day 9
  5. Ah, the old school rants...I miss those in a way. made for some great entertainment. but naw you shouldnt feel angry about that. Izzy was asked about that once and he basically brushed it off.
  6. Day 8 This song is very relaxing to me.
  7. Day 7
  8. Day 6 Hanoi Rocks were a killer Rock n Roll band. The Marquee performance of theirs is a real gem.
  9. @Blackstar Thanks a bunch for all the gems you post. You're Awesome
  10. Great Choice. That lineup was awesome. Goddammit, good things never seem to last. Also RIP Nick Menza. Dude was a fucking animal!
  11. Absolutely. GNR are the ones that opened up the Pandora's box for this Rock n Roll stuff for me when I was around 14/15. Although, Im no more than a bedroom player(occassionally I jam with some buddies) I love Guitar, play it for bit almost everyday. Im fairly average, but that is all right with me. Not trying to turn in into a way to make a living or anything like that. And yeah, I play a Les Paul, because I seen guys like Slash and Jimmy Page play them and look fucking awesome. That and I never really liked Strats that much. Every Strat I have tried I hated, you gotta fight the damn things.
  12. Day 5 I dont even like drake, but I did like this song when it came out. and his dancing is hilarious
  13. Hard to pinpoint the exact dates. Its sometime between that last show and late 94. He did alot of traveling in 94 is what I have read. Only time he got on a stage in 94 was with Aerosmith in Denmark on 6.30.94
  14. Juju's played their last show in Japan, 9.19.93
  15. We're in agreement. Like I said above a GNR/Who tour benefits the Who much more than GNR, especially if what Ive read is true, that the Who have struggled to sell out venues in recent years.