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  1. Day 10 Doesnt get much sadder for me than these two songs..
  2. 87-90 is the best. 93 and 94 is solid as well. I dont mind 06 all that much. I kinda liked the Versace look a bit. I may also be because this is around the time I got into Guns as a teen. Current dress is pretty good as well. UYI look was too much imo. the biker shorts, I didn't fuck with that.. the Kilts were ok, although still kinda weird. I dont even wanna get into the 09-14 look, so I'll leave that alone.
  3. Day 8 I got a 2 for 1 special on this topic
  4. Day 7 Cant believe no one posted this before me.. this is the ultimate driving song in my humble opinion.
  5. Right On! yeah, Jeff was a fucking talent. sadly musicians like him never seem to stick around for too long.
  6. day 4
  7. Nice Comments by Nikki Sixx.
  8. No, because various people have said that Izzy wants to do this. Guys like Marc Canter have said this for years and Steven has said so recently as well as in the past. The problem is that we've heard a couple different things. Izzy says the big 3 didnt "wanna split the loot". Insiders like Eddie Money have said that Izzy was offered only guest spots for a salary like Steven. as far as him not touring at all in 20+ years, to its as simple as this: Jimmy Ashhurst who was in the JUJU Hounds said that during that time period Izzy was bummed about the fact that tour wasnt as successful in the US as it was in Japan and Asia. And that all everyone wanted to know about was why he left GNR and that they wanted him to play GNR songs. He also had to front the bill for that tour(a couple million or so) and thats a bummer. who wants to do some shit to lose $$ and not be appreciated. It makes alot of sense why he does albums like he does. He just puts them out. No middle men, no headache and bullshit. Same with Steven, which is why he said on the Adam Corolla show that he is retired, because he'd rather play with an established band than have to start over again from scratch.
  9. It didnt have to live up to it because I didnt bother comparing the two bands. VR was an excellent Rock n Roll band. And Scott Weiland was a Great frontman, definitely the last of that prototypical Rock n Roll frontman. A great talent and a real shame that he couldnt overcome his demons. what a waste.