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  1. Its sold over 100 million dollars in ticket sales according to live nation. According to to pollstar the first 7 shows of the year(Las Vegas X2, Foro Sol X2, Detroit, Washington, Kansas City) grossed 25,999,974.90$. http://www.pollstarpro.com/files/charts2016/2016MidYearTop100WorldwideTours.pdf
  2. A Puerto Rican date is rumored for early December. http://www.indicepr.com/noticias/2016/07/22/spot/62831/guns-n39-roses-regresara-a-puerto-rico/
  3. Axls version of GNR sold out MSG, Fleet Center, and many other major league arenas world wide. Slash was lucky to be doing theaters, he was mostly relegated to jiffy lube live and lounges. Slash ascension to stadiums was much more drastic than Axls. Just admit I called your bluff. If you had the evidence you would have responded and posted it. Since you dont your trying to back track with out admitting you were full of it.
  4. Produce the box scores than. I doubt you will And poor Axl? It wasn't Axl that was taken to the cleaners by his ex and had to put his house on the block to climb out of the financial hold. Poor Slash, rejected by Brett Michaels and than his wife.
  5. Heres a better example of his success with out Axl. World on Fire-42,000 albums sold
  6. LOL, thats a festival. How sad some of these Slash fans are. Thats like Axl taking credit for the crowds at Rock Rio or Rock AM the year he played. Slash does seem pretty motivated in that clip though, he probably thinks Brett Michaels is watching and he can get another audition with Poison.
  7. We weren't, or else he wouldn't have been playing lounges and jiffey lube live.
  8. From Six years ago Chinese Democracy Country/Sales Confermed/Certification/Sales Estimated Netherlands: 30,000+ shipped (GOLD), 30-50,000 sales Malaysia; 7,500+ shipped (GOLD) 7,5-15,000 sales Hungary; 5,000+ shipped (GOLD) 5-10,000 sales Indonesia; 35,000+ shipped (GOLD) 35-70,000 sales Taiwan; 15,000+ shipped (GOLD) 15-30,000 sales Columbia; 10,000+ shipped (GOLD) 10-20,000 sales Thailand; 10,000+ shipped (GOLD), 10-20,000 sales Greece; 6,000+ shipped (GOLD) 6-12,000 sales Denmark; 10,000+ shipped (GOLD) 10-20,000 sales Czech Republic; 12,000+ shipped (PLATINUM) 12-24,000 sales Romania; 10,000 sales ? South Africa; 40,000+ shipped (PLATINUM) 40-80,000 sales New Zealand; 15,000+ shipped (PLATINUM) 15-25,000 sales Austria; 20,000+ shipped (PLATINUM) 20-30,000 sales Brazil; 40,000+ shipped (GOLD) 40-80,000 sales Italy; 60,000+ shipped (PLATINUM) 60-120,000 sales Switzerland; 30,000+ shipped (PLATINUM) 30-60,000 sales Australia; 70,000+ shipped (PLATINUM) 80-120,000 sales Sweden; 20,000+ shipped (GOLD) 20-40,000 sales Ireland; 15,000+ shipped (PLATINUM) 15-45,000 sales Japan; 100,000+ shipped (GOLD) 125-225,000 sales Singapore; 5,000+ shipped (GOLD) 5-10,000 sales UK; 300,000+ Shipped (PLATINUM), 300-400,000 sales USA; 1,000,000 shipped (PLATINUM), 700,000+ sales Canada; 240,000+ shipped (X3 PLATINUM) 240-320,000 sales Europe; 1,000,000+ certified (PLATINUM) 1-1.2 mllion sales Germany; 100,000+ shipped (GOLD) 125-150,000 sales France; 50,000+ shipped (GOLD) 50-100,000 sales Argentina; Chinese Democracy; 40,000+ shipped (PLATINUM), 40-80,000 sales Finland; 10,000+ shipped (PLATINUM), 12,500 sales Mexico; 60,000+ shipped (PLATINUM), 60-100,000 sales....... thanks curmudgeonrose Norway; 40,000+ shipped (X4 PLATINUM), 40-50,000 sales.......thanks spirt 83 Poland; 25,000+ shipped (PLATINUM), 25-40,000 sales..... Slashs sales with out Axl World on Fire -42,000 sold in the US (enola gay of bombs) Apocalyptic Love -100,000 sold in the US (bomb) Slash -160,000 sold in the US (bomb) Libertad -220,000 sold in the US (bomb)
  9. Oh but according to some Slash is such a HUGE star! Even though he was playing Jiffy lube live and lounges a year ago and lost a audition to CC Deville to be in Poison.
  10. World of fire? You mean the dud he released that sold 42,000 copies, thats 42,000 over priced drink coasters. When Slash Has a Russian billionaire paying him a million dollars for one show than you can talk. Slash was playing lounges and Jiffy lube live a year before Axl let him back in the fold. Hes lucky Axl didn't reject him like Brett Michael's and Poison did when Slash tried out for them.
  11. Than you would think he would have been doing stadiums before this tour, why was he playing lounges and Jiffy lube live? Thanks to Axl hes now able to climb out that financial hole hes ex left him him. Im mean lets be honest Slash was rejected by Poison and Axl let him join GNR in the first place and saved his music career. He has a lot to thank Axl for.
  12. Thats insinuating Slash is responsible for playing stadiums, thats false. Slash was Playing Jiffy Lube live a year ago. Remember theres a reason Axl is boss.
  13. Im actually wrong, i went back and noticed Slash had several EP's, live albums, and soundtracks that also bombed. Hes literally like 1 for 15.