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  1. you can't even over analyze every word she said b/c she used words like "lit" and "insanely dope","super dope", "super super rad", "and...yeaahh"... Like I said, I am a music fan overall...from classic rock to mowtown to bubblegum pop...but if I were an artist I would create what I love best (rock). Sure you could "dabble" in other genres but you would be faking it (as often it's a LIFESTYLE) or you'd which one is it?
  2. I'm really disappointed in this video of a 30 year old woman myself I am old is she (it's not easily found when I tried google). If infact shes older than 22 why is she talking like an....airhead? secondly she's a fan of urban music? another dissapointment (I mean I like pop/rap at times but def' a rocker over here)... I am also upset because I was into her as she was a woman and thought that was a cool move...I loved the fact that GNR included a woman...I'm pro woman/feminist...but ugh...not her... if she is the equivalent of Teddy/Chris/Tracey/Roberta...then DON'T include her in the band...just as a backup component...I have this same opinion as's embarrasing/circus
  3. Izzy joinsband on stage, plays song with Axl, Duff, Slash (8/1) *25 points* The original AFD lineup (Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven) play one song together (15/1) *25 points* (the odds should be higher) Band plays Appetite for Destruction in its entirety (40/1) *25 points* Axl fronts a band other than GNR or AC/DC for a whole show at some point in 2017 (40/1) *25 points* thanks for thinking this up...if 2016 happened, ya never know what 2017 may bring!
  4. if they were to write an ablum sure, hands down Izzy would be my go-to. However, live I would say Matt...I do like this attention-seeker.
  5. our society doesn't yet fully understand addiction...I too thought it was about "self control" (I myself suffer from perfectionism...I'm getting better) so I blamed the addict. But that's not the's about their upbringing/what formed them. It's plain to see in Adler's case it's his parents....him mom rejected him. Another example isKurt Cobain (man so sad how his parents rejected him as well). I'm sure Axl suffered from this as well (didn't have good relations w/ him mom).
  6. This is what really errks me as well....or rather makes me mad. It's implying she had nothing to do with it...I watched Dr. Drew and it was painful how Steven was abandoned...or "felt" that way...all a child seeks is love and approval of their parent...and he was empty inside hence why he did the drugs. We are products to a large extent due to our upbringing (learnt behaviour)...I'm not blaming his mom as she was a product of her parents and so on and so on... But it makes me sick thinking of how some parents won't accept their responsibility... is she an advocate for substance abuse? please enlighten me on her campaign as one...(and making money off your son's suffering is not impressive) The fact that she kicked him out of her house when he was young is disgusting...yea like the streets are going to raise your kids?
  7. 08/19/17 - Montreal, QC - Parc Jean Drapeau

    I'm selling my ZONE 1 ticket for $30 below retail price, hard copy (got pit tix after the presale...) if interested, let me know, thanks!
  8. Your Favourite 2016 GNR Moment

    it was an amazing year for GNR and as a result an amazing year for me too!! as just recently blessed w/ 2 small children getting a little older (youngest was just over 1 year old) I had the chance to go to these shows...and pamper myself. So for me it was a re-birth if you will...dressing up, going out w/ friends/husband some pinical moments 1) making out duringNR with my hubby in 12 year old self was in shock! who would've thought?!? 2) last minute road trip w/ a gf to Detroit to see GNR and managing to get onto the floor (eventho' only purchased bowl tix)...and no we weren't killed and eaten...altho' I did get in a verbal argument w/ a pimp lol 3) Toronto show w/ my hot gfs + sister and dancing all night long 4) going to Buffalo to witness Axl/DC and taken to another dimension while Angus did his thang I'm so pumped for August!!
  9. 08/21/17 - Ottawa, ON - TD Place Stadium

    im trying the same thing now but w/ my montreal ticket--I wonder if they have same policy as you've been thru? But of course since it's Montreal I expect more difficulty. I purchased Zone 1 on presale (as they had no pit left; I bought it after 30min the presale started as I bought other concert tix and I wasn't 100% sure I'd go to Montreal as well)...then for General Public I ended up getting pit. so Now I have an extra Zone 1 that I'd like to refund. So far the "customer service" said they don't take refunds. I asked for the Box Office/Guest service # and they said this was it...she checked w/ her supervisor but they gave an excuse like the 1st and 2nd ticket purchase were a few days if that would make a difference anyways. I explained the 1st was pre-sale, 2nd was general public. I will try calling again but I am doubtful...she just told me try to sell it to someone else...
  10. how would YOU name the tour?

    fffff..u guys are seriously not funny...I mean one reference to $$ tour is fine...but after that it gets lame...its pretty pathetic how cynical some of you are. I think NITL was a good tour name...for the next leg of the tour, I'd go for "in this lifetime"
  11. US Ticket Sales

    what tix did people getlast min for better $$? I ask b/c I'd be only interested in pit/up close and I don't know if you'd manage to get these spots last min for AT COST?? OR CHEAPER than at cost?? I ask b.c this tour I finally nailed all 3 pit tix whereas last year I got crap tix (even w/ presale)...but one venue was Toronto that was SOLD OUT fast (ok I got floor but still bad view)and the other was Detroit last min (I got crap seats but then gave security $15 and got into the floor w/ a gf so it was pretty amazing)...(went to LV as well, and yea that show was sold out obviously)... I may try to go to another show last min...
  12. GNR Women's discussion

    do u plan to get pit tix or really $$ expensive tix? u get the day of or so? I bought all 3 pit tix...but Im looking at other shows but I'd buy last minute but I'd only want pit/good seats...
  13. GNR Women's discussion

    ok so they're being praised for selling 1 Mil tix in 24 hrs but ppl here complaining that the shows ain't I'm confused... (I"m wondering how many tix in total do they have to sell...) either way I helped contribute to that 1 mil!!
  14. Openers for Europe/NA 2017

    for Montreal date: Metallica
  15. OK, I'm pretty sure Duff and Slash did meet and greets while in VR... I'm not opposed to M&Gs...however, I personally feel like a MAN should pay me to meet no seriously...I've met the band and it was an adventure to meet them and get invited to thier parites...if I had the chance I wouldn't pay to met them but I would definately waste a few hours *trying* to bump into them ... I have no qualms about bands selling M&Gs either...nowadays they gotta make $$ any way they can!!