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  1. could one go from one pit to the other? Can someone swap out to be permanently on the other side? I ask cuz my hubby is on R and I'm on L!
  2. Turns out I'm not on the same side...I wonder if I can swap with someone day of??? How do these things work?
  3. Do you mind sharing how much these were? I'm wondering if any pits were released as general public...I doubt it. TIA
  4. Ok got a pair of tix, worst seats in the house but best price! Looking forward to another fun road trip adventure, arguing with pimps, slapping bellies of fans, and chatting with the locals 👍🏻👍🏻
  5. Got my tickets!! a bit disappointed no pits but got floor on Duffs side as my friend likes Duff 😍 At least this way I can wear high heeled boots, drink, and use the washroom without losing my spot
  6. you know what I don't know...I guess I could look into that...but I'm sure I can figure something out the day of if we're not together (if you gotta trade your spot, let me know lol) surprisingly a lot of people I've talked to actually were happy to find out OLP was opening! strange, huh?
  7. I'm in the minority and am happy with what I got...seeing great shows w/ my friends...making out to NR w/ my sexy hubby in LV (my 12 year old self couldn't ever imagine that)...and I'm looking fwd to a handful of dates this summer/fall as well. I don't expect anything more...I'm not greedy. I don't see any new music coming out in the future and honestly I don't care if they do b/c deep inside I probably wouldn't "love" the new music. Nothing can replace my feeling of a pre-teen/teen listening to their it's more of a nostalgic act for me. Even seeing Metallica this think I wanna hear their new stuff? nah...just give me what I grew up on. I just like the fact I get to dress up, look and feel amazing, dance to my heart content and get out of the house!
  8. for me, I didn't pay too much about the "hype" and I suspected like a live show in LA or personally I was/am super excited for more tour dates as I love attending thier shows! (I personally don't see a new album in the near/distant future...I know that's what most fans want)
  9. I know, I know... ugh...I work (like most people)...why do they do this on a weekday (like always)?? I'm in surgery and I couldn't use another browser as I have to stand by the entrance w/ my phone for service...then there were tix avail but in row 12 or so (I want pit tix) worked last time on that browser...why is that? so annoying... I just hope I can snag 2 pit tix....
  10. I want pit...but due to funds (of my gf...and btw I'm not a "dude" :P) we probably will get cheap tix last min and road trip...
  11. Sorry, there was an error with search. this is what's coming first the only avail' seats were in the 100's and now there's nothing???
  12. Sorry, there was an error with search.... this is what is coming up WTF
  13. they put another block up for sale again...I grabbed a ticket for hubby now
  14. For me the end of Ain't it Fun when he's creating a hurricane/sand storm howl...🦁...🌪 Ffff insane
  15. Ok so they hit the height in late 93 but within 2 years (or a year) it was over. The "don't wanna miss a thing" was not considered cool but then again I was a late teen by then so maybe they were "hip" 😜 By the new generation of Tweens coming of age. By then my generation saw them as sellout just like the 70s generation saw their 80s revival as selling out (cheesy videos/walk this way). So I guess it depends what was in vogue when you're 12-15. (Personally I like aero early stuff and their cheesy 80s and Alicia Silverstone stuff)