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  1. exactly, M Manson is "shtick"...a characature/an act...could that be a phony/poser?... Axl was real...flawed...yes he wasn't certain in his convictions...he said what he meant at the time (e.g. OIM) and then maybe regretted it/didn't want to be seen as a bad guy/handlers told him to make nice. Why did he include Manson's song at the end of TSI?...sure he wanted to raise controversy...just like most pop figures back then (Madonna, Prince, hell even Nirvana who were anti-establishment...their videos/album covers were controversial at the time)...
  2. naw no way he used a straightner. when his hair was WET (in the 90's) it was PIN straight with not a touch of wave/frizz (I have curly hair so at the slightist droplet of water...poof!)...unless of course he chemically straightend his hair or something but unsure how well that process works and we never saw any roots that appeared wavy. I know I read somewhere he used to tint his eyelashes (or eyebrows)? since he has light hair. Nothing wrong with that... My theroy (altho' unpopular I'm sure) is that he may have had some hair transplant (the middle-stages being when he did the corn row). OR some hormone-influenced thing (like mid age that may affect hair happens to women...not too sure if this happens to men)...Trust me, I'd love to think he had perfect full head of natural hair...but...I'm suspicious (he always had thin hair).
  3. yeah I'll be coming in on Sat ...and yes we need to save our energy
  4. if you're in the FB group #GnFnR Fanspot #NotInThisLifeTime they are planning one but on FRIDAY the night before the concert...but not that I heard of that day...
  5. Funny you're getting some disagreements for this comment. But I have to sort of agree. I don't entirely understand why this particular show was released to video? Thank goodness I catched the Paris pay per view show (friends older brother recorded it). But I think I watched the Tokyo show twice or so only. For me "making of the videos" made me a GNR addict so thank goodness for those 👩🏻‍🎤👩🏻‍🎤
  6. and I've seen Steven live a few years back and I swear that he LIP SYNC'd to TWO songs!! I am good at catching this. Part of me was upset but the other part was like, 'meh, he's an old goat and he needs a break"...what can you do? he's still strutting around (and he recovered that night in Toronto after Joe threw him off the catwalk stage!!)... I agree...go to a concert and enjoy...and if you can't that's a shame on your part
  7. this era (and little concert) was his prime (for me)...freakin nice abds, aggression, little tanned...daaaaamn... oh and I like others thought I'd marry Axl...but when I met him (invited to his after party at Soho house)...I was upset when he didn't propose lol
  8. I agree...all this analysis and nit-picking is oh so rock n roll...gimmie a break...I'm into going to the live shows and enjoying the moment. I rarely watch any of the live vids...even when I was a pre-teen w/ the Live in Tokyo vids I rarely watched. Most older artists are not going to sound like they used to (Mariah Carey for eg)'s the most difficult instrument to preserve w/ time. I do agree that Axl should've taken more responsibility w/ his gift and not smoke and work out more...but in the end I too am grateful they're all alive!! that's a miracle in itself. Sorry if I sugarcoat it and am positive but I guess I'm enjoying the moment!
  9. Selling one ticket: zone 1 (right behind pit). It's all general admission. Selling $30 less than paid for; hard copy ticket $200
  10. ya AC DC Brian is pure screams, and why Axl's said it could damage his/other voices (it's trickier in a sense)... also on the Chiniese E/X interview didn't he mention that he wanted to sound "clearer" on CD/future? something like that right? either way I think he sounds incredible...always has always will...but to tell you the truth I don't watch him live much on youtube (and analyze)...I rather listen to him in the's addictive
  11. you can't even over analyze every word she said b/c she used words like "lit" and "insanely dope", "super dope", "super super rad", "and...yeaahh"... Like I said, I am a music fan overall...from classic rock to mowtown to bubblegum pop...but if I were an artist I would create what I love best (rock). Sure you could "dabble" in other genres but you would be faking it (as often it's a LIFESTYLE) or you'd be which one is it?
  12. I'm really disappointed in this video of a 30 year old woman myself I am old is she (it's not easily found when I tried google). If infact shes older than 22 why is she talking like an....airhead? secondly she's a fan of urban music? another dissapointment (I mean I like pop/rap at times but def' a rocker over here)... I am also upset because I was into her as she was a woman and thought that was a cool move...I loved the fact that GNR included a woman...I'm pro woman/feminist...but ugh...not her... if she is the equivalent of Teddy/Chris/Tracey/Roberta...then DON'T include her in the band...just as a backup component...I have this same opinion as's embarrasing/circus
  13. Izzy joins band on stage, plays song with Axl, Duff, Slash (8/1) *25 points* The original AFD lineup (Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven) play one song together (15/1) *25 points* (the odds should be higher) Band plays Appetite for Destruction in its entirety (40/1) *25 points* Axl fronts a band other than GNR or AC/DC for a whole show at some point in 2017 (40/1) *25 points* thanks for thinking this up...if 2016 happened, ya never know what 2017 may bring!
  14. if they were to write an ablum sure, hands down Izzy would be my go-to. However, live I would say Matt...I do like this attention-seeker.
  15. our society doesn't yet fully understand addiction...I too thought it was about "self control" (I myself suffer from perfectionism...I'm getting better) so I blamed the addict. But that's not the's about their upbringing/what formed them. It's plain to see in Adler's case it's his parents....him mom rejected him. Another example is Kurt Cobain (man so sad how his parents rejected him as well). I'm sure Axl suffered from this as well (didn't have good relations w/ him mom).