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  1. I myself think there will be an AFD 5 reunion of some sort
  2. It's so easy is badass to play and crank the volume all the way up!
  3. I'll be at the St. Louis show can't wait!! Wondering if I should wear my St Louis sucks shirt????
  4. In no order whatsoever. Dead Horse Garden of Eden Bad apples Better Oh my God
  5. Hope they do black hole sun!
  6. Saw somewhere on YouTube that they were covering Black Hole sun in rehearsals before the slane castle gig. Anyone know if there is any truth to this?
  7. 1. It's so easy 2. Brownstone 3. Chinese Democracy 4. Jungle 5. Nightrain 6. Michelle 7. OTGM 8. The Garden 9. Coma 10. November rain 11. Dead Horse 12. Better 13. TWAT 14. IRS 15. SCOM 16. Right next door to hell 17. You aint the first 18. Knocking on heaven's door 19. Live and let die 20. Think about you Encore: 1. Yesterday 2. 14 years 3. Oh my God 4. Crash Diet 5. Paradise City
  8. Had a dream last night that after this big announcement.....Like a few weeks later out of the blue they drop a new song just out of the blue.......
  9. What would be cool to see is a remastered AFD with 1 or 2 new songs thrown in there
  10. Hope you have a rocking day!!
  11. Welcome to the estranged coma down on paradise city tour
  12. I could see Axl saying this after they get done playing Rocket Queen Axl: It only took us 26 years to finish that song here but we did it!
  13. July 27th. I am totally stoked for this! Tickets go on sale next Saturday at 10 am I believe.
  14. Does anyone have a front pic of Axl with his hat on backwards like in the last show. That pic in the last show looked like he had never aged. It was badass!👍
  15. New gnr music or new Axl/dc music??