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  1. oh god I hat that song , I wish they picked Jesus Christ Pose , Axl would kill that one .
  2. damn , I was asking that with a sarcastic tone , nice to see he is finally taking a tour leg seriously , better late than never .
  3. with axl ? cause you know he needs it the least .
  4. although I knew it would be just more dates , I can see why those who listen to that LA station are pissed , that station played you imo , calling this announcement huge was just wrong sure its relative but I suggest flooding the station with calls /emails with your displeasure , it wont change this time but they may reconsider next time .
  5. ok time to say this , this is not GUNS N ROSES per say this is 50 plus year old guys raking in their retirement investment , new music does not sell anymore , but tickets do .
  6. You cant just do a few one off afd5 shows , and then go back to the current version like nothing happened , especially with the internet . obviously my opinion.
  7. "looking down on people who look up to you " worst thing you can do ..... Jason Rocks , truth hurts some .
  8. And only 1 Radio Station in the USA is announcing this ? makes zero sense to me .
  9. there have been good points made for and against the few different ideas it may be , to me the fact that is only a Los Angeles station speaks volumes . it wont be extra tour dates as more than 1 station would be on this it wont be a new record because again just 1 station.... . local show/shows is all that is left .
  10. as for an afd5 show , I would guess 4 of them would be on board easily , if izzy was screwed because of $$ I don't see that happening , its kinda like ya we screwed you but hey you wana play a gig with us .
  11. Happy Mothers Day to ALL salute .
  12. pretty easy for me personally , you bet .
  13. just going on weak memory here , but it was at least 30 mins , but it could have been 40 and stretched out with commercial's to an hour
  14. this thread proves why I said I did not get this combination a while ago , not that I don't love both bands personally .. for those slagging The Who I suspect were not around for there heyday , perhaps you would prefer the pigions of shit metal .
  15. The Who are getting the right money, and I would guess going on at 8 pm sound better than 10 for Roger & Pete , I agree with Len though , but it may be this simple.