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  1. RQ and Brownstone without doubt
  2. So what's happened... has it been cancelled? Did Axl forget his yellow coat??
  3. Oh and to add... being in the pit both nights, tonight was MUCH more rowdy... mosh galore to even songs like rocket queen😂 I'm signing out for the night, live and let live motherfuckers
  4. Great night once again... ache from head to toe now and certainly doing night 2 sober didn't help causes. At the ripe age of 20 I can now say that I'm getting too old for this shit, but damn its fucking worth it
  5. Forum much quieter today... any idea on soundchecked songs?
  6. Exceeded expectations. Fucking smashed fucking aching. Time to tuck into this mcdonalds, sleep and repeat it all again tomorrow
  7. Is anyone going to enlighten us on the name of the pub or what
  8. Where's this???
  9. Nothing better to warm up for today like watching the one TV show most synonymous with uk culture - Jeremy fucken Kyle
  10. You may get off with bringing in some lidless bottles of fizzy drink i.e. Coke Fanta etc but beers and food I can imagine to be a no to dupe you into paying 3 times the price at the concession stands. Plus I bought a pizza from the dominos stand on the stadium island before the gates for axldc and couldn't take that in last year
  11. Very likely a big no no across the board
  12. And how do I do that
  13. I would if I knew how to attach pictures lol
  14. Pretty good in all honesty! Not some 'fruit of the loom' crap