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  1. Just checked... you're a spot on motherfucker👍🏻 Now for someone to find it's origin
  2. He also did it once before the patience outro with nugnr if I'm correct
  3. So... this has been bugging me for a while now, something which I feel only the rest of you kind folk in this forum will help solve. after the opening riff of dont damn me, Axl does this weird 'ayyheheayyheheayy' which I'm certain is a Looney Tunes reference or at least from some old cartoon... can someone confirm this and if so, state where it was from? cheers x
  4. They're playing the Olympic Stadium in Stratford... not Wembley...
  5. What song is it
  6. How long until the show?
  7. Can someone just enlighten me on how to add a picture
  8. Angus confirmed, duff's twitter. Tried to attach picture but actually forgot how to fucks sake
  9. I'm surprised Sebastian Bach allowed such slander
  10. I have a dream... a dream that one day the opening chords of this encore lead into You're Crazy and not another cover...
  11. You're Cr...The Fucken Zika
  12. Certainly one of the more exciting lunch breaks I've had in the office
  13. Just bring teddy zig zag and restore our faith in humanity already