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  1. I say this as somebody who did not get to see the band live during those years. When I go on YouTube to chuck on a UYI concert I usually pick 1991 or 1993. I'd lean slightly towards '91.
  2. Gilby. I liked what he brought to the band and wish he was there for longer. Matt too.
  3. My first was a Sega Master System. Then a Megadrive which I still have at my parents house - always great to bring it out when I'm in the mood. Got some adapter which allows you to play SMS games too so I've kept all those.
  4. I watched a guy (pretty sure it was Fernando) basically Periscoping the street outside the Troubadour with some sound coming out, and it's one of my favourite GNR gigs . The mystery surrounding it, the news breaking of it happening, the pictures of Slash and the rest heading into the building, and finally the gig itself, are unforgettable.
  5. I like his look with a beard, such as the 1989 MTV performance with Tom Petty. Still essentially the Appetite look, but add the beard.
  6. It's to do with the "I think we've seen that movie too" line, based on Elton's 'I've seen that movie too' song.
  7. I've got this which I was then able to get signed by Adler. Others I have are mostly singles - YCBM, SIDHY, KOHD, November Rain (picture vinyl with Patience and SCOM), SCOM with It's So Easy live at the Marquee, and Jungle. Appetite too. There might be one or two more, I can't remember because they are all at my parents place. But I do love giving them a spin, the sound is better on vinyl.
  8. Nah, I prefer the Paul Tobias contributions
  9. Don't forget that when they visit a new country they have to do media and intervie...oh wait
  10. People in the floor seating said there were some sound issues for Wolfmother and first 30 minutes of Guns, but after was ok. For me it sounded fine where I was.
  11. I was at the show last Saturday and thought Axl sounded good Saw some of the usual comments here afterwards, but Saturday stands up as one of my best concert experiences. Others who went who aren't as hardcore as me didn't think Axl would sound as good as he did, they were pleasantly surprised.
  12. Thanks. And I reckon I've seen some of your videos, uploaded by other people on YouTube without giving you credit (of course).
  13. Hey @Gibbo, if you know of videos of the full show or somewhere where I can download it, let me know. Thanks.
  14. Enjoy the show to everybody going! After Saturday night, I wish I was there too.