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  1. The clips are from the 1993 Australian tour. They were dug out by Channel 7 last year when the 2017 tour was announced.
  2. Where is the stage set up? Looks like it is heading towards the final corner of the circuit and pit straight, is that correct? To all those going, have fun!
  3. Is Riad with the intro where they had about 14 years to do one and ended up stealing it from some German guy anyway? Or maybe it was Scraped.
  4. I did the Adelaide appearance, it was a great night! Didn't realise it was that long ago, but yep Adler was approachable and spent time afterwards signing things for people.
  5. The build-up to the Troubador gig and the gig itself. Even if I had to watch a Periscope of somebody (I think it was Fede) standing across the street. That was incredible. As was when I got to see a show in Adelaide earlier this year. When It's So Easy kicked in I was loving it.
  6. I'd love to know too. Simply didn't turn up in the second half and the wait to win that cup again continues.
  7. Oh I wish I was on a plane headed for Cardiff right about now.
  8. I must say, I do like the new San Mames. Looks nice.
  9. I do like Dust N' Bones on there
  10. No periscopes, but ah well - people there are doing their thing and enjoying the show. Can't begrudge if somebody doesn't want to hold a phone up while the show is in front of them.
  11. I just had a look, no periscopes are running.
  12. Almost 4:30am here but I guess I'll have to stay up and watch some of this show.
  13. The band's PR...we could be here all bloody day discussing how bad that is!
  14. My only problem is they went for the SUPER DUPER AMAZING NEWS route for some more tour dates.