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  1. True, true... You girls always hold the power! Poor ol Johnny...
  2. Yeah I think those videos of them together are interesting. I watched some of Walk the Line for about the miiionth time the other night. You know how he was madly in love with her but she wouldn't marry him for the longest time. He kept letting it get to him on stage, but she never did. That's amazing to me. I think maybe this was from that time period, but I don't know... And I love her voice. She was a badass in her own right.
  3. Yeah man- that was awesome! Very interesting. Thanks @J Dog
  4. Oh I certainly did some living once upon a time... My current version is pretty boring, but there was a time...
  5. Plus the line where he says "he lined us up along the highway" reminds me of a trip home from an Ozzy concert in my youth... So it gives me extra enjoyment...
  6. This is my favorite Shooter song. I only have his first solo album. This one was on that, and that one you posted too @Whiskey Rose... I should get some more...
  7. Wow man- that's a cool song. I like that a lot.
  8. I've seen from their set lists that they've been breaking this one out again on occasion. This is when they're at their best- just jamming on something they love to play. I watch this and think back to the greatest concert of my life- Appetite GnR opening for them on this tour. I saw this tour 3 times in 87-88, when I was 16/17... fuckin a those were great times...
  9. Day 71
  10. Look out Jackson town
  11. ^ fuckin a yeah son that's what it's all about 👍 I like that
  12. If I was a truckin man I'd be a gear jammer with a one armed tan