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  1. Day 38
  2. Well, I'm moving over to the "more dates" camp. The new video makes it seem a bit more clear. Damn it.
  3. Day 37
  4. I find it hard to believe he's worth 10 million pounds was it? Or whatever that symbol was. Can't be anywhere near 1=1 to a dollar. If it is, he REALLY has nothing to regret for his time in GnR. He's set for life and can do whatever he wants solo without worrying if it makes much cash...
  5. And if it is a single, that's where the radio station comes in. Maybe they will have a "special guest", and be the first in the world to debut it. Does this station have any history with GnR from back in the day? Like they would wanna hook this station up with something like this?
  6. Anything is possible, but that is not at all how they announced shows being added in the prior legs. Hell, they didn't even tease like this when this WHOLE fuckin summer leg was announced.
  7. The second one is all about what has happened since the threeunion, which has of course only been touring. Why would they be so focused on the date of Wednesday? There is not gonna be an AFD5 show in California on that day. It's just too close to the Ireland date. If there was gonna be an AFD5 show, it would be in July before the US leg. In that case, they would not be getting everybody all worked up about Wednesday. I don't see the logic in promoting new dates this way. But it's GnR, and what the fuck do I know?
  8. I don't think the announcement will be a warmup show. When they added dates in the prior legs, they just added them and announced them without teasing it for 5 days. Also, as others have said, I think the whole entourage is gonna have to be in Ireland by then. They need a couple days to get rid of the jet lag probably. Not to mention getting all the instruments and equipment over there.Yes there can be multiple stages but not instruments. The GnR video and Slash's timing of posting that little clip of a dinosaur working a mixing board have my hopes up. And for once, the logic points to something new. Possibly...
  9. Day 36 My parents used to have a bunch of his original singles on 45s with the Sun label on them. Elvis and the Killer too. I used to rock em all...
  10. I don't wanna get too jacked up, but I think it's fuckin happening...
  11. They say my mammy left me the same day that she had me, said she hit the road and never once looked back