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  1. Day 11- yeah, very tough pick. I could've went with tons of Zep, Stones or Doors, since they're my favorite 60s bands, but I'll go with this one. It rocks but has the peace n love message. (Was gonna post Woodstock by CS&N, but that's actually from 1971!)
  2. 42 pages of good shit on here. Majority of it is outlaw/ drinking shit like George Jones, Haggard, Waylon, Willie, etc... Also some new stuff, etc. Get real good and drunk- it's best that way...
  3. Day 10- Ratt w/ Bon Jovi opening, 1984, I was 13 (sounds like the age many of us started rockin- eh?). Plus I'm always more than happy to put up some Ratt n Roll, right @Whiskey Rose ?
  4. I heard this song for the first time this morning on Outlaw Country on my drive to work. It's a Jerry Jeff Walker song I guess, and I'm a fan of his, so I don't know how I missed it. But it's one sad son of a bitch, and this version I think is great.
  5. Day 9- I'll dip into the country bag I had a ball Friday, Saturday n Sunday, but it's all over now and it sure is Monday... 👎
  6. Dumb question, but are all these on the same date? Sept 26 is the only date I see, but it seems like 4 different shows the way they list "openers"?
  7. Day 8
  8. Found my mind in a brown paper bag again i just dropped by to see what condition my condition was in
  9. one more time ain't gonna kill me