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  1. Ooof... I shoulda went to bed a long time before I did myself... the hangover is strong this am...
  2. She's got a drinking problem and it's me
  3. This is a song about the old days, when a man courted a woman, and they would dance. This is a song about dry humpin
  4. When I was a youth I was jammin to old records like this- old rock n roll too but who don't love em some old Buck Owens & the Buckaroos made in Japan?
  5. 40-20- what's the difference honey? Oh!
  6. If you live long enough you'll say the same
  7. Reminds me of a girl I knew many years ago. Nothing like bangin on a beach
  8. Yup. It's exactly the same. I bet if you walk down Main St Glasgow and call someone a Cheeto motherfucker, it's gonna come out exactly the same as walking down Main St Compton and calling someone the other. I think you're just stirring up shit for fun (i.e. the word which can't be said). At least I hope so.
  9. I think you mean Trump-nesia when he bitched about how much Obama golfed. And how much he bitched about Obama taking a vacation, and what it cost taxpayers. Check those stats and extrapolate homie... I certainly don't begrudge someone a little downtime, but again, GOP hypocrisy much? Was his main man, trusted advisor son in law Kushner doing the lord's work in Aspen, with Secret Service protection, while the Trumpcare meltdown, I mean negotiation, was going down last week? I can deal with right leaning politics. I cannot deal with Donald "I'm a piece of orange shit" Trump as president.
  10. Fuckin a- Axl gives a great performance for a 50+ year old singer. Never have seen a member here yet say they've actually gone to a show, Axl/DC or GnR, and be less than satisfied. There was a time
  11. Garth is playing in KC in May- just announced. I wanna go- but my entertainment dollar is stretched tight right now... tickets go on sale in a week too...
  12. It's an interesting question for sure. I've always thought he was referencing the song You're Crazy... I think it's just him being like many of us- you meet someone later in life that an old song from back in the day reminds you of, good or bad...
  13. Appetite my favorite by 69 furlongs about 100 or so after that depending on my mood