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  1. At Metallica's request, tickets for the Amsterdam shows will be given out with the name of the buyer (or others who attend) printed on it. Fans can only enter the venue after showing their ID, which needs to correspond with the name of the buyer (or the person mentioned on the ticket, if this was indicated at the time of purchase). If you buy more than one ticket, the others will need to enter the venue together with the buyer (unless their names are already printed on their tickets). Confirmed for Amsterdam and Köln show so far...
  2. I guess we all have some beach photos just didn't have face/twitter/instagram/whatever is popular today so our pics are in lbums somewhere on attic not on net...
  3. As said on metclub - Poland us around 100€. I have to wait because finances, you know what we earn around here - and ticket+trip+ho (s)tel is just too mutch for me right now... if there will be tickets left later will probably try wien or budapest...
  4. This and this
  5. it's like that... Legacy members (not sure what that is) have two codes and two pre-sales . . . EDIT: OK _ legacy members are those who were members while membership was not free of charge... Well - there are good things because of Napster - free videos, free membership in fanclub, free albmus with concert tickets
  6. https://metallica.com/blog/news/443963/the-worldwired-tour-continues-in-europe no Croatia on this too...
  7. They probably wont do anything vr but FTP>>>>>>TIL
  8. He talks every 1.5 day about his time in "GNR" and that he quit after family issues and that he saw 2 shows of NITL tour, nothing abd to say... obviously, he wants back in, and he doesn't like his "full-time dad role"...
  9. I listen VR albums often in last few months but never compared them to GNR because it is totaly fifferent thing for me... i find both Libertad and Contraband best post '93 from any GNR member... SMKC dont work for me because I dont really like mk... Duff have few good songs but not many, Izzys stuff seems unfinished, and ChiDem is too much of everything...
  10. Hardwired... and I m nit one of those DM haters...
  11. Metallica Garage Inc.
  12. just spent last week watching s5 and s6 and now this - who will wait 4 months S6 saved the show for me - after S4 and S5 didn't follow the books, and after GRRM took upon Axl on publishing new books I was so close abandoning everything related to Song Of Ice and Fire..