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  1. Well, if this is standard for football game security...
  2. U2 was 1st big show in Croatia after looong time back then. And it's greatest hits are ok. But that talk, talk, talk... FU, shut up and sing goddamnit! Still the worst big act show i saw just because of him... And they are the only band that can make people whine for getting free music on their phones
  3. Metallica does this for whole tour. Since album sales $$ are not that much these days it's nice gift for fans buying expensive tickets. But as someone said - to give away an album you have to record and publish it first...
  4. Wtf? Did he ever see The Ritz show? Axl sounds better than ever? Maybe he doesn't know but 5 (6) guys who called themselves GNR played lot of shows long before he danced around Rihanna with guitar on his shoulder.... "Lit, rad, dope" is way better interview than this...
  5. you really can't guess - they played 38 different songs in 23 shows during 2017.: Atlas, Rise! Battery Blackened Breadfan (Budgie cover) Confusion Creeping Death Dream No More Enter Sandman Fade to Black Fight Fire With Fire For Whom the Bell Tolls Fuel Halo on Fire Hardwired Harvester of Sorrow Hit the Lights King Nothing Master of Puppets Moth Into Flame Motorbreath No Remorse Nothing Else Matters Now That We're Dead One Orion Ride the Lightning Sad but True Seek & Destroy The Call of Ktulu The Day That Never Comes The Four Horsemen The Memory Remains The Unforgiven T.V. Eye (The Stooges cover) Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Wherever I May Roam Whiplash Whiskey in the Jar ([traditional] cover)
  6. So? Spice Girls/GNR union? Can't wait!
  7. don't know if this belongs here or in unofficial topic
  8. I wanted to be firefighter when I was under 10 - but later not so much...
  9. Well, he's not ruined tottaly as theese are
  10. Yep, Samoyeds and Malamutes are almost the same . . . Huskeys are similar too... Love them all - proud and stubborn creatures
  11. DAY13 I don't want to kill you all so I'll skip Croatian popular scene but this was annoying as hell (and has 450 mil views - f.u.c.k.!)
  12. well, this part of text convinced me they are credible: I think more will be revealed mid-year when the the other rumour about a special 30th Anniversary of Appetite For Dysfunction could potentially be celebrated