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  1. Little different than todays Eddie And this \m/
  2. seen Handmaid's Tale - whole season 1 - great show American Gods - wow - interesting and weird show - I sure like it --- Black Sails, Vikings latest seasons on hold ... and counting days till G.O.T.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1774598809223179&substory_index=0&id=1095486730467727
  4. Great photo of Hunger Games character
  5. while typical IM "epic" song, with typical historc story - piano and orchestra are smth not Maiden (until this)
  6. She's palying smth for herself... that's why she wears that fluffy headset all the time...
  7. Great news! Ice is doing great now... still 5 days of therapy but he is himself again... God, I hate those little creatures that dont have any role in this world...
  8. when was last time Metallica didn't perform Nothing Else Matters? I guess, due to storm delay they shortened Encore...
  9. yep, he's saying the same for a while now - and when you look at tit - it's fucking true - so we have Blood Brothers as anthem for us - Maiden, Metal, music fans
  10. Since I prefer AC Milan (since van Basten, Boban, Savicevic...) really don't care how long will Juve wait for title but I was sorry because Buffon (one of few great ones from my youth)... Also this was one of very few times I cheered for Juve because I really hate all the hype around Real/Barca and Mandzukic is one of very few Croatian players I respect theese days...
  11. really? They had circle pit on 2Cellos
  12. Well 1st half Juve was even better team, but what happened to them in break? RM really destroyed them in 2nd half...