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  1. well, general tickets for O2 are sold out (just as are most of Euro dates) - it's original price was pretty low (for todays standards) - their original price range of £50-£85 but viagogo and other places like that are selling them for cca £200 now... there are few tickets for Bologna - 92€ per ticket ... Seems better deal than for a tribute band
  2. khm... "Metallica with a $9.7 million gross from a three-show stint at Mexico City’s Foro Sol stadium. With sellout crowds present on March 1, 3 and 5, the veteran metal band logged an overall attendance total of 197,745, the highest sold ticket count ever reported for a solo headliner at the venue, based on Boxscores reported to Billboard since 1990. The event tops Coldplay’s three-show attendance record set last year by 2,553 tickets."
  3. Well, probably no-one here ever heard about this (ok maybe few users from Croatia/Serbia/Slovenia). Was 13/14 yrs old when 1st saw them: This is newer but probable there aren't many older recordings. Band is called Majke (Mothers in English), and here is one of their biggest hits - "Ja sam budućnost" (I'm the future)
  4. Here's Ice on his first visit to the seaside this year and here he is helping to decorate house for Easter
  5. so, Hallowed... and Tear of a clown out - Wratchild and The Great Unknown in compared with 2016...
  6. I didnt see this till now - so I'll start from day 5
  7. Hi. Anybody here has any experience in fighting ticks? Standard weapons (collars, spot-on products...) dont do any good any more. Those bastatds became more resistant than cockroaches... Problem is that many ticks in my area are infectious for both humans and dogs (other animals) and with every bite they do on my dog there is a chance for illness. And cure is dangerous for one's liver...
  8. Well, season 1 was pretty shitty but rest of the show is good (for CW show)... Still haven't started season 4, but I see that sho is renewed for S5. And on that not mind fucking list - I would add Lexa