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  1. My friend, neighbor countries are cheaper than shit Argentina
  2. Córdoba and Rosario are other countries?? Separatists and I didn't know! Yiss
  3. oooh I've heard about that What I meant is that I'm not going to the Buenos Aires shows. I'm arranging another country
  4. I hate it and I don't wanna see it. Stop it
  5. Ok, I just sent a PM to you and all the others who said they wanted to help. @Blackstar blocked me so I can't send her PM's
  6. That shit is worse than Axl with shaven head!
  7. Yeah. Download them to your computer (and not even that is permanent )
  8. haha, most of that is at the back of the stadium and I was in the 4th row in front of stage but I was getting smashed anyway
  9. Yes. But let's talk about it first or we are going to fuck up. And time difference is going to be a huge disadvantage I'ts 8.24pm here....
  10. That's fine! I'm up to my nose with finals so I don't even know why I'm offering myself for this but I could do paste one per day, I assume it wouldn't take so long
  11. oooh yes. I have my lists on YouTube with interviews and also documentaries. The only problem I see with videos is that every now and then they get removed from the accounts If you and @Frey want to organize the thread thing, just add me to a convo via PM.
  12. no kidding