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  1. hahaha me too!! Yes, looks a lot like Gramps
  2. Wow. Lol. What happened to all the mirrors at home, huh? This thread is 200+ pages of the same BS as the Women's Thread, just focused on Izzy Chatting about noses and hats is not much different than when we discuss Axl's, Slash and Duff's outfits and beer guts. Loads of jokes and animated gifs are also popular around these pages. The truth is the Women's Thread is legendary, with its heated discussions, lots of informations unknown to a lot of people, rare photos, good quality photos, usually getting info first than the rest of the forum and there's a lot of jealous people about and still butthurt because they never fitted in over there. Such a pity when people cannot be happy with what they've got and have to trash others to feel good about themselves.
  3. I know Dizzy doesn't get love here at all but come on... this is Women's Thread material!!! Awwww...... how cute is that baby boy!
  4. hahaha omg!!! what a beautiful baby!!! Good for Dizzy!!! (not sure he's the first grandpa, though )
  5. Just a fan replicating things that appear on the Internet. She wasn't with him.
  6. Was it that big guy with a long beard? That's bad. Really bad thing to do. Lol, I wouldn't have let him have it. Not that way. Respect the person, respect a woman, asshole
  7. @NorwegianGirl hehe I already congratulated you and all but I loved the backstory on this!! and your pictures. You and your friend are certainly beautiful girls. That for sure also helps to the blowing kiss Now, there's something that it's been bothering too much every time I read it and I've been reading it too often lately....... this thing with the security guys sounds like something very wrong that should not be allowed anywhere. May I ask if they asked you for the banner politely before ripping it off or was it just like after seeing you holding it up, they came and violently took it away from you? I'm trying to understand why there's so much violence involve in this. And I'm not sure why people doesn't react to that.... violently as well, it is a provocation. I don't know if something like that could happen in other cultures or countries like Latinamerica, for example. I'm sure a reaction of that sort from security would unleash a huge riot from the audience. I know I wouldn't take it so lightly, especially if its coming from a man....
  8. Why does the pic creep people out and what the hell does that mean? It's a normal kind of funny picture. Not sexy at all. Maybe he was just showing her the hat.... Americans are so weird...... like prude but at the same time, they do the worst things when it comes to sex. She didn't share the message, did she? I don't see how it is rude to show a picture like that. It is just him with a bandana and hat on, not on boxers showing her his boner Subtitles please.... Cool!! Yay!!! That's great you got a kiss from him... it is a rare occurrence, lol.... and I'm sure you deserve it if you queued for 8 hours!! Man... I couldn't do that, not even for Axl .... but it goes once more to show that people who get to meet him and the rest of the band too, usually put on a big effort for that to happen. Some others think it is due mainly to luck but it is not like that... of course there's a big luck component but if you don't move your ass to places nothing will ever happen. Congrats girl ---- @BorderlineCrazy yeah, we can say he's taken it from Izzy too and maybe that's where Axl got it in first place.... I'm an ignorant when it comes to hat names but I think the ones Izzy wear are a different type, though... more like a bowl, while Axl's are called Fedora's, I think? @Lumikki looooool, great find!!! I'm sure that's Axl's jacket Duff is wearing!!! Which confirms their own sayings about sharing clothes one more time.
  9. And all that takes about an hour or so. The albums at the official website are stuck at the show in Zurich, they are like only 3 pictures and 2 for the Nightrain subscribers. The rest of the day she uses it to scratch her... (ah, let's leave it there) It's a dream job
  10. No way. All of them go through the Photoshop treatment. Especially Axl's.
  11. A clear indication that the new millennium relationship to root for is DAXL
  12. Black Hole Sun Won't you come? And wash away the raaaaaaain??
  13. Thunderstruck instead of silly November Rain
  14. You're just a lazy butt
  15. Sorry, I didnt mean to say cover the stadium but to cover the amount of people that was attending to fit in the halls for protection until the storm is over. Ok, good, at least they have that!