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  1. From the little I read about their "Institute", they do not mention any of these things. I couldn't find a lot of information about these people and what I found, it is a drag to read but my first impression is that most of it is pseudo-science. --- Arcos Cielos Corporation was created for the development of New Paradigms in Science, Education, Fine Arts, Global Ecology, Human Potential Development, and Future-Science Technology. This non-profit 501 (c)(3) Research Center is situated in Sedona, Arizona…an area noted for its unique combination of spectacular natural beauty, sunny climate, and peaceful solitude. The Founders, Elliott and Sharon Maynard, together constitute a unique resource of Creative, Scientific and Technical Expertise. Elliott’s cultural and educational background spans a broad spectrum of professional skills and experience. His educational credentials include: a Bachelor of Arts from Washington and Lee University, a Masters of Science in Zoology from the University of Miami Florida, and Advanced Graduate Studies at the University of Miami Marine Institute, Nova Oceanographic Center, and the University of Costa Rica. He earned a Ph.D. Degree in Marine Sciences and Consciousness Research from the University of the Trees in Boulder Creek, California, and served on the faculties of Adelphi University and Dowling College in New York. Elliott’s scientific background includes extensive field research on Tropical Marine Ecosystems, and Behavior of Coral Reef Fishes and Invertebrates. He studied Tropical Biology and Rainforest Ecology at the Organization for Tropical Studies in Costa Rica with renowned global forestry expert, Dr. Leslie Holdridge, and subsequently went on to pioneer the field of Giant Freshwater Shrimp Aquaculture in Florida and Puerto Rico. In 1980-81 Elliott worked as a Research Scientist at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, where he played a key role in Project Management, and the Development of Advanced Aquaculture Systems, working with 1200 scientists and technical specialists from around the world. Sharon Tanemura Maynard, born in Western Canada, brought a unique international flavor to Arcos Cielos and its innovative programs. Through her Japanese cultural background, she was skilled at bridging Eastern and Western Viewpoints, and integrating them into programs for new ways of thinking and effective action. Her educational background includes an ARCT Degree from Toronto’s Royal Conservatory of Music. and studies in Communications at Simon Frasier University in Vancouver. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University the Trees Consciousness Research Institute. Her unique gifts in the areas of Financial and Creative Structuring were passed on to her from her grandfather, who was a Buddhist Priest. Sharon’s special abilities were a key factor in many of the breakthroughs incorporated into the Transformative Programs developed at Arcos Cielos Research Center. In 1989, following a decade of pioneering work of Giant Freshwater Shrimp Aquaculture in Florida and Puerto Rico, the Maynards turned their attention to Native American Education. Working as Education Specialists for the Hopi Tribe of Arizona, their efforts resulted in a comprehensive set of Goals and Standards for the new $22 million Hopi Jr./Sr. High School, as well as a unique Hopi Cultural Curriculum, which integrated Hopi and Conventional Western Worldviews into their existing educational system. During this time-period Elliott began developing a futuristic Educational System called The University of the Future Project®. Other subsequent Projects included integration of Alternative Medical Systems with Conventional Medicine. Besides being an expert Scuba Diver, Underwater Photographer and Videographer, Elliott has applied his past experience to update his earlier field research in the Marine Environment. During the past few years he and Sharon have made numerous research trips to Tropical Islands and Remote Atolls, to study and document the changes and current “health” of Earth’s Coral Reef Ecosystems and their responses to the Pressures of Human Activities and Shifts in Global Climate Patterns. The Maynards continued their efforts to develop several unique, co-evolutionary Paradigms for the Third Millennium, designed to advance the Human Social Consciousness, and to provide new, effective Strategies for Transformative Thought and Action. They worked for over two decades to develop a Master Paradigm called Future-Science Technology®. This Master Paradigm effectively magnifies existing human capabilities and integrates them into a Practical Method for Quantum Success and Breakthrough Achievement. Future-Science Technology essentially re-connects Humans with their Natural Planetary Heritage and instills a renewed focus for achieving a sustainable balance with the Global Biosphere. The Arcos Cielos Global Ecology Project® is a New Paradigm for the protection, restoration, and rejuvenation of Earth’s Ecosystems. This new Paradigm integrates Environmental Education, Ecologically Appropriate Technologies, and Sustainable Lifestyles by applying innovative applications of New Technologies and Alternative Sciences. Other Projects include: Future-Science Art,® the Creation of “Living ArtForms” for the Third Millennium; and Paraphysical Fitness®, a Wholistic Fitness Program, which focuses on the development of the Physical and Subtle-Energy Bodies. ---- This inflated CV of bullshit is interesting, though... I mean, interesting to dissect it and try to find out more about their "achievements" in research. The first thing that calls my attention is how pretentious this shit is and how little information there is on their "research center", which claims to be non-profit but I start to wonder how do you maintain a research center that is aming to develop new paradigms in Science, Education, Fine Arts, Global Ecology..... They are all so many different fields and for that you would need several different teams of researchers working on projects, so how do you pay those people?? And mostly, what would be this research for? Scientific research is not done for nothing. In general, it is connected to the public politics or with the State, but I can't find any connection between what this people do and the American state. So do they investigate these things just for the sake of it?? Who pays those investigations?? They mention only one thing they did, some educational project for the Hopi Tribe of Arizona..... I don't know if that's real or not and which are the results of it. The universities where they've got their degrees do not sound familiar to me and all those degrees also sound like bullshit. I have also dedicated 5 minutes to skip through this BS powerpoint by Elliot and lol, it's 79 pages of blah blah. Not one single point made. Only bullets with inflated crap, as it is his style.
  2. TBH, I don't hear the stuff either but there is one thing I know of and that is the recording does exist. Maybe we would need one of those people who work with audio and can separate the channels/layers to find it, because sometimes those things are hidden very deep and you can't listen to them on the surface. I don't have the knowledge to do that but if I could, I would... The rock is intriguing, I would like to have a better picture of it... The bracelet part looks like silver. It's beautiful, I want it! I think Yoda and the husband gave him crystals and other pieces of decoration or I don't know how to call them, with special powers or whatever, lol.... The bracelet could be for anything: energizing, putting away bad spirits, good luck, strenght, healing powers, good vibes.... That one looks mainly aquamarine but I can notice other colors too. Aquamarine is for keeping negative energy away and giving balance to body and mind. It could come from Yoda but also from China or even Southamerica. It looks expensive, so I don't think he bought it in a little shop More pics of the bracelet: It's either Osaka or Tokyo, 2009 Amiri didn't make those awful clothes from 2001!
  3. Niven knows Axl believes in weird shit.... Now, I don't know what kind of "weird" shit that is. Hard to picture that he indeed believes in the devil... I don't think so. If he abandoned his fucked up religious beliefs from childhood then he shouldn't believe in God or Satan, but who knows.... Point is that I don't think it's too far-fetched to imagine a war of "black magic" and Yoda crap . I'm not surprised Niven would believe or be involved in that kind of stuff and I'm not surprised if Axl had asked Yoda to "protect" him or "clean" him from those spells, bad vibes, etc. I am curious about that wristband Axl is wearing in the pictures from 2001 that I posted above. It looks like the type of jewelry they sell to "scare bad spirits away". Axl has always worn a watch but during this time that bracelet seem to have replaced the typical watch.
  4. Yeah, looks like it... Neil Young played in Buenos Aires in January 2001 too so it makes sense if he went to see him. There's got to be pictures or maybe he had a backstage pass, lol. Why is it funny that he wants to meet different people? That's what he should have done all this time and get out from the TB circle. He needs some Argentinian friends lol omg loooooooool I guess he was! Another nasty thing Niven did was taping a verbal-physical fight between Axl and Erin and put it in the middle of a song some other group he was managing had recorded. That's like very sick and horrible. Last year Niven said Axl was singing for the devil and BS like that, so apparently he still believes in those crazy things.
  5. Nest is awful but 2001 he looks worse than any other years (also 2000 and 2002). Not only hair but the outfits are the "awfulest" I found these....
  6. These are cool....
  7. I don't know!!! I think it is one of those crazy after show parties or just wild parties he used to go to /held in 2006
  8. what's a "titty bar"?
  9. What the... Edit: Is that Fermanager in the background, observing action?
  10. I dont get off asses because I'm the ass eater, don't ya know???
  11. I think this one escaped Axl when he had to approve all the GN'R marketing stuff sitting on his desk
  12. It's not indicative of anything, really..... Why would he be rude to the mother of that guy? I have not heard about the one you mentioned either. There's no correlation between age, gender and your 'theories'. It's mere coincidence.
  13. No, its not that one. It's a radio interview... Damn it, the other day I heard it again but I don't know if I saved the link or what... I will have to look up for it. I think we know some things about the Yoda issue. There's testimony of several people who had to "suffer" this whole Yoda crap. Regarding the black magic and Niven, there was a book that talked about it. I am sure it was posted in the old Women's Thread or maybe this one, not sure. You'd have to check the Index in the first page of this thread. @Frey has been working on that but I don't know if he has indexed any of those topics yet.
  14. His trip to China in the late 90's and there's also an interview he gave for I dont remember which guy/rock station after he played the 2002 VMA'S (but I guess that time doesn't count like the lost years anymore)
  15. If you say so.... Among others..... And the VERY BEST OF ALL UNTAMED LIONS ---- I really don't understand why you and others are insisting on pulling this ridiculous theory out of your asses that he "obeys elder women and mom types", and all you've shown is two cases that do not even apply and are mixed up with other things that have nothing to do with anything. Like @Tori72 said, no one is questioning that he doesn't have a soft side because we know he does, he's human after all, and I am sure he's very nice to a lot of people, not only elders or mom types. But most of those people are people close to him, or part of his childhood, not some random rude woman who thinks she's entitled to something. His grandmother and the old lady from Indiana don't count, since he knows them both (or knew them)..... and what else is out there? Absolutely nothing Axl's character is explosive by nature, even if age has mellowed him out, it was not so long ago that he was still punching people in the face or biting a security guard's leg. I really don't know what sets him off but it seems that if you rub him the wrong way, he's gonna have a disproportionate reaction to it. This doesn't mean that he's in that aggressive mode all the time, but the untamed lion is always latent. I think he makes a big effort to keep it inside nowadays, but he is who he is. Yes, it's true he appears apathetic and resigned at times, but I highly doubt he is going to submit to the orders of person who mistreats him just because he's feeling down. Try him a little and the lion will wake up and bite you in the ass. The story of the cherokee bride sounds like utter bullshit and made up for who knows whatever stupid reasons that person had the need to say they 'scolded' Axl Rose... like someone is going to congratulate them (oh what a big achievement, give him a prize)