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  1. Oh my god @Lumikki, that was a huge vomit of private pics!!! I don't even know where to begin with all of this but a few things that I can quickly think about... Origin of pictures: could they belong to the same batch of Axl's childhood photos Erin auctioned in 2013? And whoever won that auction posted the photo of them? It also calls my attention that all of them are blurred pictures. How come not even one is useful? Lol it feels like they were blurred on purpose. Regarding who are the characters in the pictures, that's a hard one for me. I think I'm not under the conditions to even guess who is who.... That guy with a beard could be his dad but also an uncle or some family friend. The only picture out of all you posted in which I can figure out Axl's mom is the last one that looks black and white. There she looks almost exactly as in her yearbook picture. In the other one from the 80's, not so much, but again the conditions of the photo are very bad. And last but not least, I can't help but notice the tension in Axl's body in all of those pictures... He's crossed arms which is oftenly a defensive position and sometimes he's hunching or sinking into the sofa. He looks very uncomfortable. Also that one where he's wearing a turquoise t-shirt, his body looks deformed.
  2. Thank you for the transcript! I needed this as well
  3. If it's not meant to be a personal attack and you use the correct words it will not become a personal attack. I don't fall in the category of being too sensitive about most topics, so you don't have to worry about that. I have a strong character, strong personality, strong mind and many tools acquired during my life experience to be able to handle most of these discussions in a mature and adult way. Some people here do not and they oftenly resort to passive aggression and lies. Others are plain agressive but I know the difference. So I always appreciate it when someone can join the debate with an equal touch of thick skin. We all have strong personal feelings about different topics and I totally understand why you relate to this. However, it is wise to read things with a clear mind, leaving passions behind (I know I have not always followed my own advice) and not jump at people or their opinions without being completely sure of what they exactly meant. I like when I'm asked for clarification because I am aware that limitations in language or language barrier can cause misinterpretation and lead to bad blood. With that being said, I think there is not much left to be argued and it seems we are both clear with what we wanted to express to each other.
  4. No, this is the easy comment Axl's nutswingers use to justify that he's as obsessed and annoying as Del James, but most of them don't want to hang from Del's sack, so Axl's tweets about Trump become as equally amazing as if he was announcing new music
  5. Ok. @MillionsOfSpiders just posted a video where he mentions this. He lumps shy and introverted together.... Also says something about craving attention and people not necessarily seeing the opposite side. Audio is not very clear so I don't know if I'm listening right. Kinda. I was talking specifically about the allegations of sexual abuse in both cases (stepdad and Axl's) and not saying they are necessarily doubtful to me but to the US legal system. As far as I know, the rape charges against Axl were dropped. Erin also claimed to be raped by him but I have no idea how that turned out other than the out of court settlement. I can't tell if Axl's step father was ever pressed charges of abuse either so, in my opinion, both situations navigate the same waters of "unknown", "not enough evidence" for us as fans. Fair enough. Yes. I also tend to believe him for most part of what he talks about the abusive home and his strict upbringing. Well, I was the only one exposing my doubt in such an honest and open way, so I think it is useless to keep masking your comment as something else. I'm glad you decided to, at least, mention me because I don't see what's the problem with being straightforward to people here, hence not using the quote button to address a particular comment will always look to me like passive-aggressiveness I understand the topic is sensitive, highly sensitive I must say, and this is why in my previous exchange with Frey I remarked in more than one occasion that I was strictly talking about Axl and specifically about the claim where he alludes the regression therapy thing. I explained over and over why the regression therapy is THE THING that rises the doubt in me. English is not my native tongue but I don't think what I write here could be interpreted so badly, unless someone is deliberately trying to look for the negative in the things I say and I feel this is oftenly the case with a handful of people who participate of this thread. AGAIN AND FOREVER: It was not my intention to analyze or give opinion on any case of sexual abuse other than the one, most of us, are discussing here. I refuse to be dragged into the personal territory of any forum member because I don't know any of you and I don't think I ever will. I hope this is clear to you Rocketqueen76 and to anyone else who's taken it personal. Please do not. You are damaging yourselves and it is not worth it, really. It is not.
  6. @Gibbo I don't understand
  7. All I could find are some quotes from the 2008 chats in this forum that could lead to believe he is an introvert. But nothing so accurate as to actually "quote" him he ever labeled himself as that. Here is the first: FAN QUESTION: I have cyclothemia and sometimes get this feeling that I cant be around people and need my own space and area, how do you find the bipolar effect you, if you dont mind me ask? Axl's response: I've not been diagnosed as being bipolar though many misconstrue statements I made earlier as alluding to such and unfortunately there's been an abundance of misguided or unqualified speculation of various events but I definitely can relate to needing my own space. In my world all bi polar means (and not to offend or make light of those suffering from a genuine condition or involved with those who are) is that someone can try to take cheap uneducated shots or try to claim I'm bipolar thus justifying why they should get paid a financial settlement for whatever nonsense they're up to. Fortunately that hasn't proved successful. Is that what people are using to infer he's an introvert? Pretty weak evidence I must say Here's another... FAN QUESTION: How do you feel about meeting your fans? What is the best way for a fan to meet you, if they happen to be a dude (since the stereotype is that rockers only wanna meet hot chicks). What do you think of fans who get GNR related tattoos? Axl's response: I like meeting all kinds of fans but after a show (I realize that's the only time some may feel they have an opportunity but w/the exception of close friends around...) not to be offensive but I'm generally not looking forward to walking off stage to hang with guys whether they're fans or not. I deal with Guns all day every day so coming off stage to talk about the band is just like more of the same. Unless there's pressing business I wanna forget that till it's time to go at it again the next day. Nothing in this answer tells me he is an introvert. It is pretty normal that people want to wind down after work. This is a job for him so I perfectly understand what he's saying. Not exclusive of introverts at all. I'm not sure how we could accurately know that he needs lots of time and space to "recharge" batteries... Do we know for how long he sleeps or stays away from people? So what? So what nothing. It was just an observation I made about something he said Do I need written or oral permission to comment on his public statements? Because all of us here are commenting on things he publicly says or said so I'm not doing any different. Most of us are hypocrites on some level but not to this level. Lol, are you lumping all things together so you can give more weight to your argument? I said nothing about the physical abuse, the strict upbringing and the other things he claims his step father has done to him. I believe all of that is highly possible. My focus is on the abuse he mentions he found out with the help of regression therapy. I don't know if this is the only "evidence" he has or there are other things he could put together to build the puzzle, so when I say a little bit of doubt is raised in my mind, it is strictly related to that. I found this article to be interesting because it was published in 1994 and it's pretty close in time to Axl's famous interview: Here's a link if you'd like to read more: And here's another I found interesting as well: ----- There is no tangible evidence to say the siblings are both estranged from the biological family. In the case of Stuart, he doesn't seem to be close to Axl nowadays. We have no idea who other relatives of Axl may still be in contact with any of them. There's no information about aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces.... I'm not here to discuss the personal life of any forum member and I don't respond to passive agressive comments. Like I explained above (and this got to be the third time already) I am strictly talking about the case of Axl Rose and the specific claim he made based on the regression therapy technique. In general and in first instance, I tend to not doubt the people who claim to be victims of abuse and also, in general, I assume this people have no significant reason to lie about it, but since I have some formation in law I also tend to be skeptical of some things and I don't think it harms anyone to have a different perspective of things, because there's always several sides to a single story and it is in my nature to ever look for more. Making false claims and accusations also hurt innocent people. People who spend time in jail and later turn out to be innocent, there are many cases like that and their lives and their families have also been destroyed. None of us have enough evidence to support this or that claim. I think we all can empathize with a story and analyze it from our own perspective without having to make it look like this is a competition of moral values and who's the forum's king or queen of compassion.
  8. lol it amazes me how two people in the same room can perceive things in a total opposite way
  9. Not in this lifetime!
  10. Haha... well... They do the best they can but I know most fan pictures are taken by one of them, unless you are quick enough to steal a selfie from him Also, all of them follow the rule of "arm shot" or blurred Axl in the background or a shot from behind. Sometimes I wonder if he is aware of these pictures being taken or are they TB's shenanigans To be honest, some of the pictures that were posted here come from dubious sources, meaning that when you trace them back its hard to find who posted which picture. For example, that one pic that terrifies @MillionsOfSpiders so much , I could never found the source or the person that posted it first, because I follow each member of the freak show that appears in that picture and I can confirm none of them posted it... So how did it make it online? It's a mistery to me.... Does Axl even know there's this picture of him on the Interwebs? The one that was recently posted here, looks like Christmas time at Axl's home and everybody wearing shoes and putting their feet in the sofa , I have no idea where it originally comes from.... I've never seen it posted by neither of them, however, it is out in the open now.... And it's an old picture because he's wearing those loose jeans and the horrible mustache, so probably from 2012 or 2013... There's obviously someone in his inner circle that once in a while leaks a picture but how do we know this is with the consent of Axl or not? Since there is a pattern with the pictures TB takes and uploads of him, I can conclude that some rules are applied to them. Now, the rest of pictures where he's shown in full body and appear to be taken in private context (like inside his house), look like something that doesn't have his approval. No, I didn't mean to say there's something extra to the picture of him from Susan's camera roll but I was trying to explain the third theory of mine in which I think he may allow people around him take pics of him but could have warned them about needing permission to publish them in social media. There's a reason why we can see the picture in her roll but she never made it public, it was a mistake that her roll appeared in a video.
  11. There's no pic of such thing because such thing doesn't exist
  12. Who said he can't have an opinion? I say he's a bore because he's monothematic and this is just my opinion so I suppose I'm allowed to have it, according to you. I follow him for the same reasons I follow Duff, Slash and a lot of other people related to GNR in some shape or form. What's your point?
  13. Regardless of his crazy beliefs, he's always come across to me as a delusional person when he's given certain answers to certain hot controversial topics of his career or his life. So I don't know if I can trust him with some things he says about himself or the perception he has of himself.... But, of course, that's just my stupid opinion Btw, I don't remember him talking about being introverted. Can you point out where or when he said this? I know you didn't say anything about that. I brought it up myself and I probably made a mess in how I expressed myself. What I meant is that this subject is also something that raises a bit of doubt in me when it comes to evaluate his sense of reality and perception because the case is presented under proof that is questionable (the regression therapy revealing a memory buried deep in the mind of a 2 years old child). Also, I never said that he can't be an introvert and have (or not have) depression or some other thing. I said some people infer that he is an introvert because he is called reclusive or doesn't seem to socialize much. Not saying that you, particularly, think or believe this. Needing space is not something exclusive of introverts, though. That's why I think there's a general misunderstanding of the concept. That's not what I was trying to say... Basically, I think he's a hypocrite when he points the finger at other people. He's doing that with Trump lately... I know that nothing Axl does or did invalidates the wrong and bad his step-father or Trump could have done (or do) but that's another thing I perceive from him that, in my eyes, makes his judgement about himself or others unreliable. Lol, he can't meet himself but he can know himself, right? You said so before, so he can compare himself to his step-father and see that he's not (or was not) that far from being a dangerous man himself, with the things he's done. I also know that people around him were terrified of him as well... That's the irony I wanted to remark from his statement, not analyzing the literal aspect of his words. The child abuse allegations against his step-father are on the same boat as Axl's rape allegations, don't you think? So far we have no info on any of them. I couldn't say if child abuse sinks lower than domestic violence. I tend to avoid putting that kind of suffering in a hierarchy, even though I think rape must be the worst to happen to anyone, being beat up (to death sometimes) just for being a woman seems pretty fucked up to me too. I don't know if Axl's step father has made any attempt to change or repent... How would we know? Have we ever heard of Axl apologizing to Erin, Stephanie, Sheila, etc.? Did he ever show any repentance for singing inmigrants and fa****? Calling others the N word? Never heard who knows...
  14. That's fine (train about this topic is long gone ) He can say whatever he wants.... It doesn't make it necessarily true and remember, most people don't know themselves or don't analyze themselves for most part of their life, especially when they are young. By those years, he was looking for answers, always in the wrong places... He dismissed traditional medicine and went by charlatans like Yoda who would tell him who was right or wrong for him . He believes in past lives and soul transferring. He paid thousands of bucks for exorcisms and told Erin that he was mean to her because she had killed their children in a past life Axl is unreliable, he lives in another dimension... He could believe he's an introverted alien from an undiscovered planet! Also, the alleged rape is not something we can confirm it is true either. He supposedly found out about this in regression therapy where he supposedly went back to his days in the womb and saw how unwanted he was and as a 2 years old child he could remember "the rape". Then we have Tom Zutaut crazy stories about another rape scenario but we can't be sure about this either because Axl never told this story and Zutaut's reputation is as pure-white as for you it is Steven's mom To make the story short, his so-called introversion derived from the inferences of him not being seen out and about or not leaving hotels in days, in my opinion, it is incorrect because like I said many times before, introversion is not a disease and what he does looks more like depression or social phobia or anxiety. I'm sorry to butt in but I feel like at that Axl's statement... His step-dad the most dangerous man he ever met? Yeah, that one is a whack job but what about himself? He's a wife beater and allegedly raped some girls (you said he raped the Sheila girl and for a while he was chased by the police for same allegations). So wtf is he talking about? He's never guilty of anything and everybody else is a bigger asshole than him. Ok, Axl, whatever...
  15. Seriously, he's a bore