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  1. This is the perfect show and time to have Izzy on board. This isn't like negotiations at the beginning of NITL. Axl, Slash and Duff can afford to be generous at this point. The tour is wildly profitable, they are secure in their millions and millions of dollars. They can be secure in the fact that the masses don't care about the line-up or whether Izzy is there or not. Rumor is they offered Izzy $40,000 for the four shows last April. They can offer him $250,000 or $500,000 for this one show and look like fucking heroes. Plus it will patch up old friendships and toss a bone to the diehards before this all ends. That money is a drop in the bucket to them at this point. From Izzy's standpoint he has less leverage then when this all started, everything has run smoothly and been very profitable without him. If he wants to make any loot off this thing now's the time to do it. Plus a one-off show in a smaller, more controlled venue where he makes a lot of money seems right up his alley. Adler will do it for scraps. They could go on late like they did at the Troubador, do an AFD mix with the AFD5 at midnight to ring in the anniversary and film it for release. So easy. For any other band.
  2. This. They were always hustlers. But it used to be balanced out with group camaraderie and a creative spark.
  3. But who really cares at this point? Now is the time to do it. The contracts have been signed, tickets sold, money made. It's all coming to an end this year. The fat memes and disaster videos have been around for years and it hasn't stopped the tour from being successful. The line-up hasn't stopped the tour from being successful. And this is just how Axl sounds now. It is what it is. Very few people seem to give a shit. The only thing that matters to the 99% is that Axl and Slash are on that stage together. And they are almost to the finish line.
  4. Most of it was done at Rumbo in CA but the final mixing and overdubs were done in NYC. The infamous Adrianna overdubs, for example, were done in NYC. Still weird, though. I'm sure it came down to what kind of deal was going to make the most money.
  5. Of all the GnR things to do, having an invite only show with no cameras allowed to celebrate AFD would be the GnRiest.
  6. If Izzy and/or Steven are there, we are way more likely to get appearances by one or both of them during the remainder of the tour, since we know they would be getting along at least to some extent with the band and the money element has been worked out. At least there would be a good chance we would see one or both of them at the closing shows in CA before this whole thing comes to an end. But it's GnR so maybe this will only be a special experience for Kate Hudson and her buddies.
  7. Still weird to see him be so calm cool and collected about these things. "We want everyone to have a great time..." Truly an Elder Statesman now.
  8. What did Axl just ask? For everyone to move back?
  9. Rumor is that Slash and Duff are signed to a two-year contract with GNR. I would expect a very lengthy break starting in 2018. I wonder if Duff and Slash will be able to talk about the NITL tour once the contract expires? So weird to have such a prolonged silence from Slash in particular.
  10. Wonderful reviews and pics. I know it's been said a lot, but it's great to see Axl so lighthearted. Just nice to know that it's never too late to find happiness and peace of mind.
  11. There's little Trump can do to lose his voter base at this point. For many, Trump was a brick through the window of America. Chaos was expected and welcomed. For the rest, it's party above anything else. As long as the democrats are writhing, nothing else matters. And honestly, the republicans in congress would love to get rid of Trump. They never liked him. He's incompetent, a blowhard, a distraction and they would welcome a Pence presidency. But their voters would be pissed. They're stuck. What's interesting about what's happening now is that the government is trying to right itself anyway. I remember one of my political science professors telling us to not fool ourselves into thinking that the legislative, judicial and executive branches hold all the power here- that the real power lies with the CIA, the FBI and the military complex. If you have so much as said, "I should run for president one day!" they are recording everything you and your loved ones say for the rest of your damn lives. I wonder what happened in that initial meeting with Trump that made Comey, a registered republican, and someone who worked with both Obama and Bush, so fidgety. Lordy, I hope there are tapes.
  12. Age discrimination needs to start being a thing in politics. Weird day to be in DC. The bars opened at 9:30. Everybody's revved up. Hilarious to see the press sitting on the floor criss-cross applesauce for hours on end. Lordy.
  13. I'm weaning myself off all things GnR but this is the one show I was really hoping he would show up for just for the sake of @Darkenchantress, so I've been watching and
  14. Hope is dead, making fun of Fortus's man-boobs is forever.
  15. Weren't there rumors that Slash and Duff were signed to a 2 year contract with this band? If so, it would make sense. They'll do as many shows as possible this year and get their creative rocks off doing solo stuff next year. Hopefully the gag order will be lifted, and Slash won't be forever mute.