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  1. Honestly you guys will have a really good time at the show. I was sour before the show I went to last summer (no Izzy, so much fucking money, no Izzy, we had to travel quite a ways, no Izzy, stadiums suck, no Izzy etc) but I ended up enjoying it immensely. The crowd and show environment will get your adrenaline up and it is great to see Duff/Slash/Axl together. I mean it really is. For us, that gets lost under all the Izzy disappointment, but it's still a trip. I went into it expecting little interaction between the guys and for it to have a corporate feel, and I knew Axl was frankly, past his prime. And all of those things were true but hearing those guys in a live setting again and listening to music that I really was worth it. I think Izzy has property in Spain (didn't Matt Sorum say so last summer?) and if his history of appearances hold any clues, he is most likely to show up in Spain, London, or Paris. And yes, it sucks that this is always a crap-shoot, but at least there is some hope for those audiences- he sure as hell ain't showing his ass up to Denver, you know? Man, the agony and the ecstasy of being a GNR fan never goes away. You're unlikely to get stuck in a riot, at least.
  2. Holy shit- the oldest one got so big!
  3. I couldn't agree more. Literally the only time you could be sure of seeing Izzy live in the past 24 years is for four shows in Japan in 2000. That's crazy. People would be willing to fly to shows if they knew he was performing! Agitating. And you aren't being a bitch at all, your'e just being reasonable. This interview: Stradlin has also apparently lost his appetite for self-promotion. After this interview, he called his manager, permanently canceled his press schedule and flew to Hawaii. This was for his last album with Geffen Records. That was the last impression a major label had of him. Actions have consequences, even for rock stars. Rock music doesn't sell, period, but smaller bands and acts still find managers and labels and promoters, they tour and release records- they just work their asses off for it. You have to sell the hell out of yourself. Really hustle. I just don't think Izzy can stomach that- that's why he "hates the business" and that's cool but no one is going to hand him anything either. I kind of think that Izzy just wants what he wants when he wants it, and that's fine. It is what it is and what it is is Izzy and we're just here like
  4. 1. Patience 2. Come On Now Inside 3. Dust N' Bones 4. Baby Rann 5. Spoonful
  5. I agree. I don't know if there was ever an album, though. I think people saw him recording the four songs we got and made the album leap. He hasn't released an album in what, seven years? I think he's fine dropping singles. Honestly this is the hard thing with being an Izzy Stradlin fan. There will be no solo shows or tour, no interviews or publicity. We have to just wait for another single a day or a month or four years from now and pray that we go to a show that Izzy just decides to show up at or hope that some weirdo at Truetone takes a pic of him in front of their guitar wall. Frankly, I'm surprised he's even still releasing music. Not making music, which he clearly loves and will always do, but releasing it. Ten years ago he was actively still looking for label support/tour promoters etc. I don't think that's a thing for him anymore. And even top 40 acts don't make money from streaming/downloading. Sometimes I get the feeling that the only reason he has released the singles he has is to give some promotion for the people who play with him. Which is a really nice thing to do. Or to just remind people that he exists in the world. Not Walkin' and FP Money, though- those were clearly "stick it to them" songs which I love. I like passive aggressive Izzy. But I'm not as nice a person as you guys. Watching GNR post this: And then watching Izzy post this: Was one of my top 2016 moments. Remember one year ago when everything felt exciting as fuck? Can you believe that tweet says "From the boys who will bring you the most chaotic tour of 2016?!
  6. Izzy's Twitter account has probably outlived it's usefulness to him. Honestly, I think he was mainly using it to make a stink about the reunion last year. I doubt it's a coincidence that he mostly stopped posting after the tour started and it was clear that it was going to be wildly financially successful without him. Beyond that social media was never going to be a good fit for Izzy. He's too private to use it to talk about what he's doing and what he's interested in, and he hates the business too much to use it to promote himself successfully. He's an old man and he doesn't like to commit to shit. He was never going to find his forever love with social media.
  7. I once posted a Justin Bieber pic in the Izzy thread. You guys are getting off easy.
  8. I don't know... I mean it's fine. GNR were bad,bad boys too. But Motley gives me the heebie jeebies. And they could all probably give us some super-strain of herpes through our computer screens.
  9. I don't know how long I'll be able to participate in this thread, it's causing me too much anxiety. This is my fave Izzy album and one of my favorites period, so I guess Take a Look at the Guy? But I don't wanna say it. I mean, take it away, but don't please. Give it back. It's fine. Who cares about the Duff/Izzy relationship (I do) when we should be working on repairing the Izzy/Jimmy relationship. How about a 25th anniversary Ju Ju Hounds show?
  10. You can't read The Dirt and come away thinking anything but that Nikki Sixx is pure evil. At least Tommy seems too stupid to truly know what he is doing and Mick Mars is literally crazy. Nikki and Vince are just pure pieces of shit. I actually kind of hate that Duff seems to be friends with this asshole.
  11. I feel like the Chopaway site + Beenafix + Metal Sludge + Groupie Central are like flashbacks of my youthful internet glory days. That's how I used to de-stress in-between thesis writing in college. Good times. Anyway, I'm starting to get my hopes up again... Izzy has been silent, Adler is muzzling himself again, the Fernando/billboard thing... maybe they decided to pay Izzy out the ass for a few LA shows? Now that A/S/D are secure in their millions? Reunion starts now? Thoughts? I'm weirdly conflicted over this? Why do I care so much? Too many question marks?? Help??? Knock some sense into me, kids.
  12. I get the feeling, watching Izzy's last shows, that he was going through a bout of depression/anxiety. Duff's biography: I could see right there and then [when the Oslo gig in August, 1991, was cancelled because Axl was in France] that Izzy wasn't going to last. The cadence of his walk was different now: I saw it clearly as the lurch of a bicycle with a misshapen wheel. His face was drawn, his eyes blank, his body language exhausted. He had made it with us, sober, touring. But he couldn't stand pissing off the fans an torturing the crew. He had to confront that reality sober. And at the same time he had to deal with Slash, Matt, and me trying to bury our frustrations by obliterating ourselves with drink and drugs. It was only a matter of time now. And who could blame him? Even in the best of circumstances, facing giant stadium crowds has got to be daunting. And his circumstances sucked. Axl, Slash and Duff were all such a mess by that point. And Izzy had not even been sober for two years. Cantor also said that Izzy was upset by all the money they were wasting on videos and jets and parties and curfew fines. They were making shit loads of cash and throwing it all away. And I wonder what the start of the Illusions albums actually looked like. Izzy said in an interview that he asked Axl if they could get on a schedule and that Axl threw a fit. Probably went something like this. "We'll meet at the studio at 3:00 on Thursday." Izzy shows up at 3:15. Slash and Duff show up at 7:00. Axl shows up at midnight on Saturday. All the spare time is spent on booze and coke. Izzy stops showing up after a few weeks, the rest of the band feels like he just doesn't care. I think in the beginning there were three alpha-dogs in the band- Axl, Slash and Izzy. Izzy's voice was muted by heroin for a while but when he sobered up he probably felt like he should have an equal say in the band's direction again. But it seems like it was too late for that. Steven was kicked out and the UYI's became a monster that I doubt Izzy was ever comfortable with. Sometimes I wonder if money isn't the only reason Izzy isn't there now- maybe S/D/A thought Izzy would upset the power balance if he was too involved. Things with the band are obviously delicate. Axl might be intimidated (I don't know if that's the right word) by Izzy in a way that he just isn't by Slash. Slash wanted Axl in his band right away, he was impressed by his talent from the start. Izzy knew Axl when he was nothing.
  13. I love how we all basically made GNR our boy band. Other little girls in the 80's had this: We had this: Ours was better. YESSSSSS Red pants!
  14. YAY this question. My friend Angie's (I think everyone had a friend named Angie in the 80's) big sister was a huge fan of GNR and had posters and pictures of them all over her room. One night I slept over and we slept in Angie's sister's room because she was out and she had two twin beds. The bed I slept in was up against the wall and there was a picture of Izzy. It was one from this session: And I just loved him. I was 10. I would wait all day to see the SCOM and PC videos on MTV. Angie's sister and her boyfriend took us to the GNR/Metallica show in 1992- it was the first time I snuck out and did something I wasn't supposed to do. But Izzy had quit 2 months earlier. Her boyfriend gave me the Ju Ju hounds CD as well. Strangely, my parents have seen Izzy live- they were huge Aerosmith fans and saw GNR on the Permanent Vacation Tour. If you ask them how Aerosmith was they will say, "great!" GNR? "Intoxicated!" But I'm still jealous.