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  1. I argue with myself all the time about why I still care about this band. Absolute fucking crime if those two do not play the entire album with Slash, Duff and Axl.
  2. New time for Buffalo, per Ticketmaster today: (@money honey) Hi live event fan, Your event is still on, but it's at a new time. Guns N' Roses New Era FieldWednesday, August 16th at 7PM with gates opening at 5:30PM NEW TIME: 6PMwith gates opening at 4:30PM
  3. My guess: Unleaded Gasoline.
  4. The band. No question. The band.
  5. Great odds! The place will be PACKED with Fan Club members then!
  6. I'd like to see a better picture... There appears to be a hedge maze outline around the coat-of-arms skeleton-dude! NOPE. Just a reference to Axl biting some dude.
  7. I miss him terribly. A fucking legend. A LIVING legend. NITL Tour is raking in the cash and the accolades, as it should. But the tour isn't nearly as good live as it could be... With Izzy.
  8. That's not really true, is it?!
  9. OF COURSE that is what this show is for. Unfortunately
  10. This show isn't about us. It isn't about AFD30. It's about the $$$. SiriusXM. And I'll be the first to say it...there are NOT enough Gn'R songs for a dedicated channel. The Guns N' Roses Channnel will get repetitive and boring mighty quickly.
  11. I just entered. Cannot wait to see the Unholy Trinity ROCK THE APOLLO! With F&F&M on board, the Appetite Anniversary Party will be LIT! I just bet the satin jacket salesman is SMILING this morning with another huge custom embroidered order in his hand. Nothing says AFD30 like a room filled with fat cat radio executives, B-List Celebs and Howard Stern. Fuck Me.
  12. PIT tickets STILL available on Ticketmaster!
  13. Have a BLAST at the show, Will! Now, if you had a flag that read: Where's Izzy's Piss? and THEN threw a bottle of Izzy's piss at Axl...hmmmmmm. You'd be King of the NO! Gang. (if you're not that already )
  14. PIT TICKETS are available for regular face value on Ticketmaster for this one RIGHT NOW!
  15. Happy Birthday @Kris_1989 ! Hope your day is filled with love, joy and Rock N' Roll!