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  1. I dug up a copy of the Rhiad complaint: http://mcir.usc.edu/inplay/Documents/Schnauss Complaint.pdf Schnauss named Axl, Buckethead, Bumblefoot, Paul Tobias, Robin Fink, Brain, Tommy Stinson, Dizzy Reed and Chris Pitman all as defendants in that case.
  2. This is the thread for that stuff:
  3. some of the different parts are combined into single tracks. For example: Alder's drumming and Axl's vocals are combined into one track instead of being two different ones.
  4. Only WTTJ has a multitrack out. And thats not even the "true" mutli, it's from Guitar Hero.
  5. Buckethead
  6. personally I love seeing a rock band tour stadiums in 2017. It's quite a feat and I love the large crowds and energy.
  7. Kinda curious who he suggested to take his place. In some dark alternate universe, NuGuns still exits without Ashba and Bumblefoot.
  8. Stories like the ones in this thread show an advantage to buying from a third party. I bought mine on Amazon and they came very quickly. Some of you bought directly from the source before I did and still don't have them.
  9. this is the main point that so many just don't grasp. For them it's AFD5 or bust. They don't stop and think about how Axl and Slash working together at all was considered impossible 2 years ago. I feel like lots of fans have lost perspective.
  10. Dizzy played maracas back on the old NuGuns tours. So its probably him. But have we ever seen them be used in this tour? I see Dizzy on the keys and bongos throughout the show. But I have never seen those maracas.
  11. Happy Birthday Izzy! We love you....Where ever you are!
  12. Buckethead

    I missed Bucket last year and would kill to see him this year.
  13. 2/3. Duff is still on his way. (Also check the AFD vinyl)
  14. The twitter and instagram accounts that are linked to this YouTube are this WWEAarron guy: https://twitter.com/wweaarron https://www.instagram.com/wweaarron/