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  1. 2/3. Duff is still on his way. (Also check the AFD vinyl)
  2. The twitter and instagram accounts that are linked to this YouTube are this WWEAarron guy: https://twitter.com/wweaarron https://www.instagram.com/wweaarron/
  3. My morbid curiosity wants to hear a studio version. There's actually 2 more performances of the song we haven't heard - the 29th and 31st of December 2001 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. I wonder if those performances are any different from the 2 we have heard. Lots can happen in 11 months. Also apparently both Silkworms and Oh My God were planned to be played live at the cancelled Rock in Rio Lisbon and the rest of the cancelled 2004 tour. Fortus said so in 2003: TAGW: Which songs do you play on the Baritom? Richard: Haven't used it live yet with G n’ R. I'm going to use it on “Oh My God” and “Silkworms” (from the forthcoming Chinese Democracy record) live. I've used it in the studio on the new BT record and also on the new Deep Dish record.
  4. Silkworms has always been a mystery to me. Rio 2001 version is unlistenable for me, HOB version is.....okay at best. I can kinda see why people like it and the chorus is kinda catchy to me but in the end it doesn't do anything for me. Also awful lyrics on this one.
  5. a crime against humanity
  6. Pitman earned 163k in 2011. So Dizzy should probably be paid decent money. After all these years he has hopefully received a raise or two. 163k or more a year to tour stadiums across the world sounds like a pretty cool gig to me lol.
  7. I gotta see those leaked emails....
  8. very strange. works fine for me. I ripped it and put it on souncloud:
  9. here's 14 years from that tribute record: Quite awful imo
  10. "It's So Easy", "Crash Diet", "Bad Obsession", "The Garden" and "Yesterdays" were all co-written by West. So not "a lot" of their songs really.
  11. she is certainly immature. She is 16 after all, I know I'm not that much older but I feel like I'm much more mature in the end.
  12. Thank you both for the encouraging comments. It really does mean a lot. She sent me another message an hour ago admitting that she Reconnected with this guy earlier then she told me and was actually cheating with him for a couple weeks. Fun times for me.
  13. Thank you very much. I'm 17 and this was my first relationship. It lasted 5 and a half months. I should have seen it coming really. The boy is her old best friend, they reconnected a week ago and she says she just fell in love with him. She dumped me today and immediately asked me to still be friends, but I haven't really processed that this is real yet.