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  1. I think he is okay on the albums but is really, really poor on the tour. He completely takes the energy and life out of some songs (It's So Easy being my go-to example)
  2. It looks like they use a smaller version of the stadium stage for the arena shows. for reference this is the stage at the Seattle stadium show: And this is the stage at the Kobe arena show:
  3. fortus is kicking ass as well
  4. Axl is doing great tonight wow
  5. I am driving from Kansas City and staying with relatives to see the St. Louis show. I'm sure many other die-hards from around here are doing the same seeing as most hotels in the area are sold out.
  6. check now
  7. Excited for all the European fans who finally get to see the show. I'm also excited myself because I will be seeing them again this summer also
  8. GNR can do stadiums in these markets just fine, The Who can't. What I am saying about them needing GNR to draw enough people is simply true. I am not ragging on the band or talking bad about their legacy or music. I'm simply commenting on this situation.
  9. I should have been more clear, The Who needs GNR to do shows of this size.
  10. The Who need Guns N' Roses. Guns N' Roses don't need The Who.
  11. I wish we had some more recent IEM recordings from this tour. The band has improved a lot since Vegas
  12. I dug up a copy of the Rhiad complaint: http://mcir.usc.edu/inplay/Documents/Schnauss Complaint.pdf Schnauss named Axl, Buckethead, Bumblefoot, Paul Tobias, Robin Fink, Brain, Tommy Stinson, Dizzy Reed and Chris Pitman all as defendants in that case.
  13. This is the thread for that stuff:
  14. some of the different parts are combined into single tracks. For example: Alder's drumming and Axl's vocals are combined into one track instead of being two different ones.