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  1. Just remember everyone if going down is ever released it going to sound different to this demo version. I expect Slash and Duff will put there own stamp on this song and other unreleased songs especially Slash Riffs Duff backing vocals Velvet Revolver had tones of song written and recorded without a vocalist, don't be surprise if they also be used as new Guns N' Roses songs with Axl Vocals on them Remember the Chinese democracy demo leaks and how different some song sounded on Chinese democracy such as TWAT IRS Catcher in the Rye etc
  2. Great song, it was reported by Billboard and other media last year, before Not In this lifetime tour kickoff that Slash and Duff had been in studio working on with new material and other material recorded During the Chinese democracy era i csn see going down being released very soon with slash and Duff stamp on it and Axl on lead vocals this just speculation http://www.alternativenation.net/slash-working-on-unreleased-guns-n-roses-chinese-democracy-songs/