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  1. I can't wait just arrived in Seattle!! GnFnR!
  2. Killer podcast one of my favorite episodes so far!
  3. The bones jacket he wore in the Appetite days if that helps.
  4. He doesn't want to risk hurting his voice on a tour, so he picks his moments and songs. But he still kills it on the other stuff!
  5. I think Better is bad ass! And the new intro makes it feel fresh.
  6. Hypothetical New Music

    I completley agree. I don't want them to try and recreate Appetite, because it wouldn't be real/genuine. That for me is what made Appetite so amazing. I would love to hear all the CD stuff before they make a new record. From there they can start fresh and have a solid record with the new Gnr sound. It's unlikely, but if they dropped theCDremix, CD 2/3, and then new material I could die a happy man.
  7. You got me! I hate you! JK
  8. Thanks for the shout out! I can't wait to hear your experience at the show. Keep it up!
  9. My link is down does anybody have one??
  10. I'm with ya. I don't care for Catcher, but I loved tonight's take!
  11. I'm not saying every seat, but just watch the periscopes there is a lot of people. Every concert I've been to is empty until the main act takes the stage.
  12. Guys the stadium is full. I don't understand why every show we freak out when there's 45 thousand and not 50. It's obviously not day time right now like in the pic!
  13. New songs on NITL tour? (New song rumoured for December)

    That's exactly what I said... Casual fans WOULDN'Tcare about CD remix or CD 2, which is why I'mworried Axl willabandon it for a new record with Slash released a couple of years from now.
  14. New songs on NITL tour? (New song rumoured for December)

    Do you guys think Axl would abandon all the CD stuff (Remix included) and just start from scratch? I have a hard time seeing it accepted by casual fans unless Slash decided to do some solos or they put out a hybrid. I would love all of the CD stuff in any form first,and then a new record from scratch to look forward to. What are your thoughts?
  15. New songs on NITL tour? (New song rumoured for December)

    You're missing "Quick Song" and "Leave Me Alone":).I hope we get all these songs before this current line up goes into the studio! I just want something to jam to while we wait, and I'm a CD fan:)