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  1. Breakdown, Locomotive, and This I Love are my fav.
  2. There is a version of the song that's been put together. Some of it is leaked stuff, but most of it is taken from live shows. And then there are things added on that are from different songs.
  3. I thought the small snippet with the "clean" scream demo was cool, and kinda made me revisit it again. I actually just heard the remix for the first time tonight. This was posted in the TIL remix thread
  4. I'm sure it does! When did you/how did you have a chance to hear the full thing? They're guitar solos done by Ashba. Ballad of Death and Mi Amor. I think they're really cool BoD is on Appetite for Democracy
  5. Let the speculation begin! Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine says in a new interview that the band has been given the opportunity to tour with a bigger band that they have never toured with before. "Believe it or not, we've got some cool things going on for the States. We've got two really great things we're gonna be doing. We'll be heading out some part of the spring or summer and then we just were told about an opportunity at the end of the year that really, really excited me." "It's somebody I've never played with before that we're actually gonna be supporting. They were so cool that we would step down from being a headliner to support this group." What do ya think?
  6. I hope he eventually puts out a book. Or at least tells us stuff in an open letter!
  7. Axl hasn't been late for a really long time, and fixed all of his broken relationships... I think this is like when he calls Ace and Peter drug addicts even though they've been clean and sober for years. Sometime people will do anything to stay relevant and catch headlines. Guess what I saw them in Boise there was maybe 10,000 people in a 25,000 seat arena. Guns on the other hand had about 50,000. So Axl's doing something right Gene. He was just praising Axl for the ACDC thing. I wonder if there was something behind the scenes that pissed him off! What if Kiss was turned down for an opening spot. Haha I guess i'm just speculating maybe he is just a dick.
  8. I can't wait just arrived in Seattle!! GnFnR!
  9. Killer podcast one of my favorite episodes so far!
  10. The bones jacket he wore in the Appetite days if that helps.
  11. He doesn't want to risk hurting his voice on a tour, so he picks his moments and songs. But he still kills it on the other stuff!
  12. I think Better is bad ass! And the new intro makes it feel fresh.
  13. I completley agree. I don't want them to try and recreate Appetite, because it wouldn't be real/genuine. That for me is what made Appetite so amazing. I would love to hear all the CD stuff before they make a new record. From there they can start fresh and have a solid record with the new Gnr sound. It's unlikely, but if they dropped the CD remix, CD 2/3, and then new material I could die a happy man.
  14. You got me! I hate you! JK