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  1. Guitar shootout! I think when he bust out the WTTJ riff with the Strat you see exactly why Les Pauls are used for more beefy hard rock.
  2. Well my Uncle who's a mechanic for the Royal Australian Air Force, along with 100 others and a heap of F-18's has been deployed to the American naval/military base on Diego Garcia indefinitely. He didn't have a tonne of info but he said in the 15 years he's been in the RAAF this has never happened, so yeah sounds pretty serious.
  3. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats- Blood Lust (2011) fucking incredible album and the follow up Mind Control (2013) is very good as well. DMA's- Hill's End (2016). Check out the tracks Too Soon and Play it Out. The only two that i can really think of that i like.
  4. They had a little somethin cookin there, very cool.
  5. Exactly. same thing with the Nicki Minaj situation recently, using record sales to duck responding to a diss track. Doesn't work like that, well didn't anyway.
  6. Slapped in the face backstage and torn up on wax for 5 minutes by Deck in the space of a week i think. Funny thing is he's now out dissing Drake (king of the game right now apparently ) and NOTHING in response months and months down the line.
  7. Remember the little Joe Budden/Method Man beef?, that shit was funny.
  8. Mikkey Dee and maybe Troy Van Leeuwen from QOTSA could be interesting.
  9. A little bit i guess.
  10. I wonder if in 20 years he's gonna go "hmmm i probably shoulda thought that album cover out abit more". I pull that face when i'm having a massive shit.
  11. They always seem to have waaay too many rugs in those places. Rugs up the walls,on the ceiling.......fuck your freaking me out now!
  12. I just thought they were in a persian rug store.
  13. Bollocks best punk debut album, Appetite best hard rock debut album. Both classics.