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  1. So did Manson ever put out that One In a Million cover then?....yeah thought not he really showed us how it's done then didn't he.
  2. Look behind Duffs daughter, it's Joey Ramone and the guy from Assassins party!
  3. MTV awards 88 surely, snake dances all over the place. I think the one 47 secs nearly caused the building to topple over.
  4. There's some talented people on the forum for sure, i'd like to post some playing but don't have the equipment for recording. My phone doesn't really do my Mesa Dual Rectifier much justice!
  5. Locomotive - Lyrically and musically stunning. Pretty Tied Up - Nice n sleazy just how i like my R'n'R. Breakdown - Never did much for me, great lyrics from Axl though.
  6. I'm fairly sure this was in the same hood
  7. Y'know what fuck Mase generally and all the shiny suit shit(the demise of hip hop begins here imo), but this is a damn good party tune.
  8. Jeez i don't know not feeling what i'm hearing so far.
  9. Kyuss are one of my favourite bands and their reformation would be up there with Guns for me. Unfortunately the guy who wrote Gardenia AND Green Machine Brant Bjork has a major problem with Homme...and like you say Homme hasn't shown any interest. Anyway heres another great tune for anyone who wants to get a speeding ticket.
  10. Well if he's a rock fan and he doesn't get something out of Ritz 88 then well...tell him he's an arsehole
  11. Timeless.