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  1. Yeah Combination, probably my favourite song by them
  2. Yes when Nick Cave goes jogging he's normally dressed in all black with an instrument in his hand haha. Yeah i'm not one to bother a celebrity when i see one either, though i did forget to mention i ran into Nick Oliveri when i was back in Oz before a gig (when he was touring Kyuss Lives), had a quick chat then but i was pissed up big time and i think so was he.... cool guy.
  3. So who's come across any celebs whilst going about your day?, i lived in Brighton in the UK for 2 years in the mid naughties and came across quite a few. Most would only be known by Brits and Aussies though. Jordan(page 3 model)- Stood next to her in a bakery. Nick Cave- Ran past me on the street, he had a tambourine in his hand. Shane Warne (cricket player)- Was with his wife and kids. Think this was after he was filmed chasing women around a hotel room with an inflatable penis so she's a very forgiving woman. Chris Eubank (boxer)- Saw him loads of times, used to roll into town in a Hummer with music blasting. Always dressed in a dapper suit. My wife takes the cake though, she worked in a coffee shop at Brighton station when we first got there and she served a coffee to none other than Paul MacCartney. Funny thing she says she didn't even know until one of the other girls at the shop told her who she'd just served haha. Side note one of her friends was going out with his son for awhile, he was a real weird cat.
  4. Happy belated 20th anniversary for last week Wu Tang Forever. Man that makes me feel old, some albums are a soundtrack to periods in your life and this one was for my mid/late teens when i was a little pothead skateboarding hellraiser(in other words some the best days of my life)......and i prefer it to 36 Chambers
  5. Punk back in punctuality, very clever haha...well they have been on time this tour.
  6. I try to make a point of seeing a support band i haven't heard of cause you just never know. My uncle took me to see Metallica in 93 who were being supported by a band no-one had heard of called Kyuss...Kyuss fucking blew them off the stage. So that why i've always at least checked out most support bands, what's the harm if they're shit it's back to the bar.
  7. Yes mate and they were the greatest (biased of course), miss them both dearly......i had to check why that was awesome admittedly i had no idea there was a tv show with the same name ha!
  8. Not surprised to see where this fellas from, my dads side are all from sarf London...well except my Grandmother can you believe my Grandad who was a mad Millwall fan married a West ham fan from East london RIP June and Terry!
  9. Hmmm i wonder if Winston Churchill would tolerate 3500 people on a terrorist watchlist walking around on his streets....seriously any comparisons to those days are fucking pointless.
  10. Only problem there is 90's Axl would show up very late...or after the Rock n Roll museum was closed.
  11. Really?, i thought it was normal haha. Nah reality is it was brewing for awhile with that dude. Funny thing it happened on the way home from school and we had our bags on and somehow during the ruckus they became entangled, i can tell you trying to untangle your school bag with someone you've just had fight with is an awkward experience. Thankfully my pumps weren't damaged.
  12. These two, there's such an originality to them. Painfully dark, seemingly out of tune yet so IN tune. Down in the hole/Jesus tries to crack a smile/beneath another shovel load. Musta been some acid trip buddy RIP
  13. Some Converse wearers eh? Don't see them around as much these days.
  14. Just on the Slane castle gig thread and saw some fucker in the GNR camp wearing some hideous shoes. I got me thinking and my fist ever fist fight was over shoes haha! I got a pair of Reebok pumps in 91 i think (i saved half and mum put in the other half) and this other kid at school was claiming i copied him so we had to throw down after that. Thought i'd start a thread about shoes anyway, what you're rocking now and some of your faves over the years. I got some Onisuka Tiger Mexico 66's and some black n white Adidas Hemps right now, the Tiger's would have to be the most comfy shoe i've ever worn i think
  15. Yeah i haven't gone through the all the posts here so i don't know if it's been confirmed if they are rehearsing it, i guess they must be.