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  1. So it's been confirmed he was known to authorities before this, well strike me down with feather.
  2. As far as priest garb goes that's pretty pimpin, i could picture Ghostface wearing that.
  3. ......and get laid, and there's nothing wrong with that.
  4. Fairly justified as well. That fantastic song will always be tarnished by that fucking ridiculous clip.
  5. Very sad news, what an incredible voice he had. RIP.
  6. I assume the clowns in this new clip are to represent Dizzy and Zig Zag from the Garden of Eden video?.
  7. I didn't want to spoil anything for you! On the subject of spoilers alot of the footage in the previews isn't even in the movie, especially the crew stuff on the Covenant spaceship.
  8. Country is the white blues to me, especially back then.
  9. I ain't a big country fan, but my grandmother sure fucking was. She didn't make the best decisions with men in her life and listenin to Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton were abit cathartic for her i think. I know loads of their shit subconsciously
  10. Yeah i probably prefer Slim Shady over Marshall Mathers.
  11. Eminem fell off in a big way but he was on fire those first two albums. always liked this one, killer beat killer rhymes.
  12. Yeah have to be one of his best.
  13. Yeah it's a good film and i enjoyed it. Ties in great with Prometheus, adds much to the Alien lore and opens up many possibilities for further films. I mean the Alien itself, we know what it's all about by now and it does what it does best in this film unsurprisingly, but our old slobbering friend is hardly the most evil or terrifying villain of the piece here.
  14. Slash and Adler!