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  1. Yeah sure, a video of you and Tommy fucking you mean lmao
  2. Ask again later.
  3. Awesome review @Asia That's so cool that you really got in the moment and enjoyed yourself. Judging from the videos I've seen I'd say you guys must be one of the best crowds out of the entire tour, so well done!
  4. Oh my lord...that news lady's language/accent is so sexy...no rasp though!
  5. Hah! Nice, I used to play Lemmings on Sega Megadrive. P.S. The Crash Bandicoot remake trilogy will be fucking sweet. Definitely getting it on Xbox One. They need to do a Spyro remake trilogy too!
  6. Hardcore Henry 3.3/5
  7. You're a crazy son of a bitch...but god damn it! ffmjnhqwnsbn I respect it.
  8. Okaaay. *backs away slowly*
  9. I agree with everything you've said. A Vader/Palpatine spin-off could be cool or perhaps a backstory about mainly Palpatine(would be cool to see his former master.) I really enjoy his character, it is the saving grace of the prequels.
  10. What's TP?
  11. Red Lights The ending ruined it for me. Overall it was just okay. 2.7/5
  12. Wow that breaks my heart, mate. Your ex is a cunt. I hope you get to see your kids soon.
  13. Day 71 ...is there anybody in there?
  14. @downzy Thanks, nicely written too. What are the connections you/this site has to the GNR camp? Or is that a secret?
  15. The Other Guys "...you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'? Yep, aim for the bushes?" 5/5