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  2. We're The Millers Fucking funny. Go watch it. 5/5
  3. If it doesn't...WOW. What a fucking circle jerk.
  4. I think I'll check them out sometime and have a proper listen then. I fucking wish GNR had that many albums.
  5. Oh wow totally forgot about that one, yeah I do know it.
  6. He looks very similar to Ryan Reynolds in that thumbnail don't you think?
  7. Uh oh my youth is showing lol sorry
  8. are they even that big of a band? I only know Wind of Change
  9. The Rolling Stones?
  10. Fuckin' A. *punches a hole through the wall*
  11. I hope Daryl dies because he showed emotion in the last episode. I mean come on Daryl compensate for these hollywood fucks.
  12. This show is turning me into a psycho I tells ya. At this point after being inundated with so much soap opera fluff I would just love an episode where they do away with the story entirely and simply efficiently gather supplies, execute every single zombie in the area while counting out loud, line up each car symmetrically on that messy fucking road leading to Alexandria and so on and so on.