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  1. Day 11 Too many to choose from.
  2. Which show is Axl's hoody-hat combo from?
  3. No idea lol.
  4. As a kiwi it feels very weird to me but you're right though they did a good job.
  5. Day 10 Man, I was so cool, right?
  6. It's a bar made of titties. Only milk is served.
  7. Thanks, I was mis-remembering a bit. Find it much easier to assume Axl being into that stuff than Izzy.
  8. Thanks, you don't have to trouble yourself though, I'm slowly making my way through the index and I'll see if that stuff is in there. There's some interesting stuff here, about to read what Axl's Grandma and teachers have to say about him.
  9. Didn't Niven or someone say he and Axl would wear black hooded robes and do curses/hexes at each other? I'm really surprised if Izzy ever did anything like that tbh.
  10. Yeah thanks mate @Frey Just read about 'The Cone Lady' Hah! That's cute.
  11. Great choice @Whiskey Rose Love that song.
  12. I think that's the one with Kurt Loder, right? What about the Yoda stuff and the black magic wars between Axl and Niven? Any insights into all that? Like do we know more specifics about what Axl believes/used to believe or is it just general mysticism as far as we know?
  13. Didn't know he still had a traveling psychiatrist in the '02 tour, do you know if it was that same bitch that he had before? P.S. I also call bullshit on him respecting his elders lol. If that story is to be believed I would say it's more likely he could not be fucked dealing with it and said "Yes, ma'am." in a sarcastic/depressed let's get this over with sort of way.
  14. @solstar Really cool post! Do you guys know of any other 'dark/lost' years interviews or info or is that a bit like asking you to find a needle in a crazy haystack?