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  1. If they released old music I certainly wouldn't want it to be reworked
  2. Yeah I also remember that Matt used triggers, supposedly forcing him to change his style to a drum machine kind of thing
  3. Sometimes I blast that cornsucker demo through the speakers while drinking my coffee in the balcony and everyone passing by is just trying to figure out what the hell they're hearing.I always enjoy that ( Back off Bitch as well )
  4. Is there really anything done right in Live Era ?
  5. Axl was inspired by Live Era ,to copy-paste all of CD
  6. I like the "Two Ivanka's"
  7. The truth about the delay of the announcement is that they wanted to watch the Europa league final to announce new jerseys...
  8. I got the big news for you; Axl,Slash,Duff and the aliens will continue touring,while Izzy and Steven join traci on LA Guns and change the name to GnR's Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler present: LA Guns the band behind Guns n Roses and go on a successful billiard-club tour splitting the loot three-way,which will force Axl to release new music to validate his version of Guns n Roses
  9. Remember that before the illusions tour they announced the club dates through local radio stations?
  10. When this band tries to do something right the are always quick to disappoint you...That's what I have to say bout that huge announcement
  11. I'm from Greece and I specifically listen to KLOS....and I know many who actually listen to the radio P.S. Everyday
  12. When I watched the periscope from the show that Steven appeared, a manly tear dropped...
  13. Thanks
  14. Then something a bit more unofficial
  15. Ok for some time now I've wanted to buy some jerseys like those Axl wore in 2002. So i looked at Florida St. Seminoles and Oakland Raiders and others and they all demand quite a sum for these. I mean it's more than a hundred bucks for anything,so is there anywere I can find something affordable? P.S. What's that jersey Axl wore in the 2002 VMA rehearsals ?