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  1. Drinking some whiskey and listening to Hair of the Dog and New Rose right now. Chin Chin (Blasting Through the speakers)
  2. lol i thought I was the only one with GITR as a ringtone
  3. Clink of course.He produced the GnR classics
  4. Happy Birthday Izzy Motherfucking Stradlin
  5. The Snakepit recorded and mixed the songs in 28 days. There is that as well
  6. I thought Izzy played on civil war. Hence the left chanel being low in the mix for the most part
  7. I am no expert on vocals and recordings, but to me it doesn't sound like his 85-93 voice on most songs.
  8. RiR 91' Jungle just insane
  9. Though I like the music in Sucker Train Blues. Silkworms on the other hand, no
  10. Maybe I am mistaken, but I think Duff exited in 97'
  11. I really love Think About You and Anything Goes just fits the whole sex,drugs and rockn'roll style of AFD perfectly. I wouldn't change a thing from AFD
  12. I only have the original artwork AFD, which I bought in summer for 36 euros.My last money returning from vacation and I had to spend like a day with 70 cents in Athens waiting for the Night Train (pun intended:) ).During my whole 6 hour trip to Thessaloniki I had the Vinyl in my arms so something bad wouldn't happen to it. I'm so glad it made it alive and well.I'll post pictures when I get home PS : I don't even have a turntable
  13. For what is worth Bad Apples is my ringtone
  14. I think it was about Erin's brother in law,an international arms dealer,who was part of Lebanese descent and bragged about how easy was to fool people and sell guns to them or something like this that's all I remember from the alternative CD booklet
  15. I've read somewhere that although Think About You seems to be about a woman it is about drugs