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  1. Though I like the music in Sucker Train Blues. Silkworms on the other hand, no
  2. Maybe I am mistaken, but I think Duff exited in 97'
  3. I really love Think About You and Anything Goes just fits the whole sex,drugs and rockn'roll style of AFD perfectly. I wouldn't change a thing from AFD
  4. I only have the original artwork AFD, which I bought in summer for 36 euros.My last money returning from vacation and I had to spend like a day with 70 cents in Athens waiting for the Night Train (pun intended:) ).During my whole 6 hour trip to Thessaloniki I had the Vinyl in my arms so something bad wouldn't happen to it. I'm so glad it made it alive and well.I'll post pictures when I get home PS : I don't even have a turntable
  5. For what is worth Bad Apples is my ringtone
  6. I think it was about Erin's brother in law,an international arms dealer,who was part of Lebanese descent and bragged about how easy was to fool people and sell guns to them or something like this that's all I remember from the alternative CD booklet
  7. I've read somewhere that although Think About You seems to be about a woman it is about drugs
  8. On the next tour stop Cozy Powell's hologram will bring pizzas onstage
  9. He is being more useless than usual, 'playing' the bongos
  10. But Silkworms was put together by Mr Chris Pittman an Dizzy Reed
  11. I don't mind the piano on the ballads and even some other songs, what bothered about the illusions is the production and mainly Izzy being turned down ft the most part
  12. I love the boots, they bring back some of the 80s glamour
  13. I'd love to see Think About You
  14. Well we don't know the whole story, but if Izzy came back and demanded an equal share for equal work and was denied, then the "Big 3" just became money whores. Axl wasn't reliable either until now, Slash and Duff didn't promote the brand,unless you consider puting out solo albums counts. Don't forget that Slash probably blocked the House of Blues release,not a great way of helping promote the brand is it ? The three that remained in the partnership didn't do shit to promote the brand,Axl touring with the Guns monicker probably counts, but how much attention did the band get during this time with the Chinese Democracy drama? Steven had a serious problem for years with his addiction,but if Axl could make ammends with slash and be on the stage with him and in time , I am betting my money Steven can change too. I don't think he lacks the skills for the whole show. I mean that's the job of a drummer to play drums. Frank isn't the best in the world, but if he can do it so does Steven. Now if Izzy just wanted to come for like 2 shows or a couple of songs every night and demand equal pay - which sounds really naive- then the "Big 3" were right to deny him that I hope we see the AFD 5 this year - I don't mind Dizzy, besides the keyboards are needed for UYI and CD songs, if they play some) My two cents
  15. LeL Yeah Fortus wrote something like the second-half-of-the-main-verse-riff-kiss-my-ass thing The thing I like the most in CD is the solos by Buckethead and Robin.The 2002 line-up was interesting but by failing to deliver an album, wasting all this time they lost all their credit