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  1. Can't stop laughing at the people who think Richard "I never brought anything to the band" Fortus is an upgrade from Izzy "I wrote half of the catalogue" Stradlin. And Izzy can't play guitar? That's some hilarious shit Btw, I wonder why @Caraibes opened a new account as @Sunset Boulevard. Is it to make it look like Richard has two big fans and not just one?
  2. I guess I tend to believe people are a lot nicer than they really are even though they remind me how wrong I am every 15 minutes. I hope I'll learn someday. I'm not sure I wanna know the list anymore That pic gives me an awkward feeling but it's nice to see Axl and Izzy hanging out together
  3. But his bandanas are normally red We can say Axl was the first one to copy Izzy and now Duff is following (I'm surprised Fortus hasn't yet ). I assume they did talk about these things. Izzy was sort of the band's stylist in the beginning, wasn't he?
  4. I don't know how they met with Timo (I believe they knew all the guys from Hanoi) but he's credited as one of the songwriters of Right Next Door To Hell too. It's a shame nothing came out of it, would have liked to see at least one show with Izzy fronting the band. I guess it was Steve Conte who took that place which is cool 'cause it led him to do great things with Michael Monroe after that. Why do you always disappear, Izzy?
  5. Sorry, I don't understand the question I know, I just wanted to make that clear because they were being mentioned and I don't want my previous comment (about being disappointed at certain people) to look as if it was directed at them because it wasn't. It was mainly because of a guy who tends to be one of the most reasonable on the D&N section and another guy who was pretty active in the Women's Thread until a while ago (if my memory serves) and was liking stupid complaints about it there. I think you're misinterpreting his comment. What he meant was that the Women's Thread was too active/popular and so it was always the thread that was appearing in the home page when checking the Jungle section and it was kind of burying any new thread that would come up about Izzy and the former members of Axl's solo band. He just wanted the thread to be moved to any section (even D&N) that wasn't The Jungle. Yeah, I hope they whole thing is settled and the Women's Thread is not going anywhere. @alfierose did a killer job getting it through the dark days!
  6. Haha I'm sure we have plenty of times and even when we didn't it was always friendly Funny thing is I've seen people put this thread down the same way as the Women's Thread, pretty much claiming this is just a bunch of girls getting horny with Izzy pics. So if the Women's Thread ever gets locked, this one could follow I don't think we should start jumping at each other for something that happened almost a year ago, though. I'm sure a bunch of people changed their minds already (even to the point of posting there). Even if I disagree, I think @downliner was the only one who had a reasonable issue instead of just hating on girls for "being creeps" and "giving the forum a bad reputation"
  7. Hmmm, actually.... yeah I'm not a fan of Dizzy but I love babies more than anything. Hope he'll enjoy his gorgeous grandson
  8. Seriously, twice the same week? This is scary Wow, that thread is so full of absurd whining. I'm a bit surprised and disappointed at certain posts (and likes), I'm glad the Woman's Thread made it through that shit and is still standing strong. Those ladies (and Frey) rock!
  9. Wow, Axl is being so nice these days If I was as crazy as he is, I'd think his soul left his body and was replaced by another one I wouldn't want to hear that to be honest buy I totally agree with the comment. The chemistry between those five guys was the closest thing to perfection this world has ever witnessed, they could do no fn' wrong!
  10. I hate when this shit happens. The Woman's Thread and the WWOTOIS are the best two threads on the forum by far, there's no reason to be fighting each other. I don't know (and I'd like to know) who's been trying to get the Woman's Thread locked but I'm 100% sure it wasn't someone from here. We should never contribute to that nonsense. In my opinion, at least 80% of the coolest people on the forum post in at least one of these two threads, we should enjoy that and how awesome these threads are. I think all the family from THE JUNGLE should stick together and have each other's backs.
  11. I don't know what's this Daxl you're talking about but to me it's clearly someone else Duff is copying, the same as always.
  12. What about this? Really looks like you were great!
  13. Oh look, they played Coma!!
  14. My favorite is "he instantly sings with more rasp as soon as Angus gets on stage"
  15. Yeah, that's the original but it looks to me like Duff is wearing the one Slash wore a while ago.