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  1. Maybe Steven called him and Trunk refused to do the interview because Slash and Duff might get mad and he's jusssst about to interview them
  2. That's a pretty good guess... except Axl said "right now" and I think (and hope) that's a never for Slash Don't worry about them, man. I went to the three shows in Argentina and had the time of my life. Reading here how many people thought Axl sucked real bad didn't affect me at all, I was still as happy and mindblown as I was before reading the criticism. That's funny. I hated the fact that Axl was using the name but still went to see him the three times I had the chance (2010, 2011, 2014) and I loved him every time. It makes sense, though, 'cause I'm not an Axl nutswinger but I definitely am a dumbass Truer words have never been written No shit I'd say Slash. Duff probably doesn't even care what they're playing. Plus, Slash loves the song. He had to insist a bunch of times to get Duff and Matt to accept working on Slither 'cause they didn't like it/didn't care for it at first. It could also be Axl, though. Maybe he wanted to do it "to make Slash happy" as it happened with Coma but then felt the song didn't sound right or something. Dude, don't you worry. You and your girlfriend will have the greatest of times, I fn' promise!
  3. You're welcome (to the jungle, Lisbon! ) Or maybe someone asked them to release an album! We should take bets
  4. It was right before Used To Love Her. Won't be easy to figure it out I guess. Haha, Slash not wanting to play Locomotive is as likely as Steven not wanting an AFD5 reunion.
  5. "No, Slash doesn't wanna do that right now". Wonder what was Axl talking about EDIT: @dgnr That's exactly what I was watching right now. What I understood was "no, Slash doesn't wanna do that right now, hahaha. Not a band request, alright".
  6. Good for the mighty Jason! By the way, isn't Shania Twain the one who did a horrible version of Sweet Child O' Mine? I mean, I don't care if you're Shania Twain or Axl Rose, Sweet Child doesn't work if Slash isn't there, period!
  7. One of the best moments of my life! Seeing those four, hearing the magic they produce together. It was something else! Also, getting the chance to show Steven so much love and appreciation felt so sweet. Really hope I'll get to see him again. Thanks for sharing, those vids are awesome! "Looking forward to see you guys at my next show which will be very soon" The serial killer is back! He went from wearing Charles Manson shirts to impersonating him I like the speedholes on his shirt
  8. I remember Sebastian Bach said back in 2006 (if my memory serves) that once he was hanging out with his bandmates and Axl and asked him why wasn't his band there with them and Axl told him something like "I don't hang out with those dudes". I'll never find that interview to see the exact quote, though.
  9. Axl is "the problem" here, although we don't really know if there's gonna be an AC/DC album or not. What I mean is, Slash had SMKC III almost ready to record last may but he postponed it indefinitely to focus on GNR. If it was up to Slash, you can be 100% sure that we would get another GNR album. He's always writing riffs, coming up with ideas, jamming with his bandmates... Slash's actions have made it clear that GNR is his priority and if we get a SMKC record before a GNR one, it will be because Axl didn't want to release a record or at least not yet. He won't postpone a GNR record to go back to SMKC. Now it's yet to be seen whether Axl's priority will be making a record with GNR or with AC/DC or just touring with both bands and not releasing new music at all. From Angus' perspective it makes a lot of sense to want a new record ASAP. Last year Axl was helping them play their already scheduled shows but now if he wants to go on with him and wants AC/DC fans to embrace this, it would be really helpful to have a new record and have Axl singing his own songs besides the classics.
  10. You might be the only person in the last 15 years he didn't start talking about Slash to
  11. I think what Slash did on Estranged made that song really unique, can't think of a similar song. Queen has great epic piano songs like Save Me or (especially) Bohemian Rhapsody, though, which might be the closest thing. Well, off the top of my head anyways.
  12. I disagree with the idea of the piano being what set them apart from other bands of their time. There are bands like Cinderella that had piano too, even Motley Crue... In my opinion, what made GNR different from the other bands was the quality of their material. Their songs were just better.
  13. If they could release 12 songs like Nightrain, I'd be happy
  14. You should be recieving an email from Izzy saying "you're a true fan" soon And that thing actually looks pretty cool. Way to go, Steven! He has to make up for the whole year the big two and the not so big one had him silent
  15. Well, there are some good and bad news. Good news is Steven is back in the banner and bad news is so is Melissa I don't think Steven will give his drink away honestly