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  1. Actually, I checked some of her posts and the hashtags are always exactly the same and so is the credit thing. I'm thinking it can be a kinda special person, now I feel bad.
  2. The hashtags are even worse. There are a hundred about Axl, a few about AC/DC and even one about Izzy but nothing about Duff... I wonder if this girls know which one is Izzy and which one is Duff
  3. So this is pretty much a confirmation there are no more interviews coming, right? Still I can't get mad at them when they're using fn' Coma in this video
  4. Should have been released before replacing Brian May's solos on Catcher with Bumbledude's
  5. Had they waited a bit longer, maybe DJ Ashba would have been part of the album, the 54th guitar player on it!
  6. Well, not that they did it bad (I mean, they're Izzy Stradlin and Duff McKagan, they can do no wrong) but I still prefer Melissa's "ahhhhhhhh" over theirs haha. Still I wish they wouldn't play that song for at least 5 years, though.
  7. Fortus: this band is 100x better

    One of my biggest dreams is to suck as bad as Izzy as a guitar player. Not only it'd be rad but also it'd be dope!
  8. He's totally capable of doing it but I don't think that was their idea either. Shame on them!
  9. Fortus: this band is 100x better

    Even if not true, this was by far the best post of the thread
  10. Yes, now there's Duff coming on Thursday, Slash on Saturday and then Axl the other Saturday 'cause he's always late Actually I don't think they could handle those beautiful backing vocals she adds to November Rain. The solution could be to stop playing that fn' song already!
  11. Deep Cuts Setlist

    Actually you can't pick any songs you like. I wanted to make a pure rocksetlist and had to use covers to make it to 15 because you can't use almost any of the hard rock songs from Appetite.
  12. Band plays Appetite for Destruction in its entirety (40/1) - 10points Band, including Axl, plays a Velvet Revolver song (9/1) - 15 points The original AFD lineup (Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven) play one song together (15/1) - 20 points An Axl rant lasts longer than 30 seconds (7/1) - 20 points Axl fronts AC/DC at some point in 2017 (12/1) - 20 points Axl visits MYGNRFORUM and answers questions (90/1) - 5 points A members of GNR (excluding Axl)visits MYGNRFORUM and answers questions (50/1) - 10 points Didn't feel like waiting By the way, I assume when it says "The original AFD lineup (Axl, Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steven) play one song together" it means (it could be) them plus Dizzy and Melissa, right? 'Cause I don't see them leaving the stage, especially Dizzy.