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  1. What a relief, maybe poor Slash will be able to buy some food now
  2. That's a very mean thing to say about Axl and CD Sorry, I can't read the word layers and not think about CD Seriously, I can't believe Axl would consider Slash a liar and at the same time believe in these people, it's hilarious!
  3. Wow guys, I don't check this thread for a day or two and you're pulling new Izzy collaborations out of the sky, you guys are amazing!! On a different note, a while ago someone jumped at @Darkenchantress in the main section for saying Patience is an Izzy song. Well, I found a two year old comment by Tom Zutaut claiming Izzy wrote Patience all by himself (among a lot of comments about Chinese Democracy and how the original band was better than the new one ). To all the internet top commentators above, I still believe Chinese Democracy would have been well received if it had been an Axl Rose solo record. As the guy who discovered the band, signed the band and developed what would become AFD, I will agree with all of you that the original band had 4 great songwriters. Thus with all that songwriting power the original band was stronger. Axl was one of those 4. Over the 14 years it took to get "Chinese Democracy" out he had more time to write plenty of his big power ballads that are what he does best. "Don't Cry", "November Rain" and other ballads like these are what Axl on his own does best. These songs were intentionally left off of AFD to be recorded later for UYI. Thus "Chinese Democracy" had more of these Elton Johnish style ballads that Axl tends to write(even during the AFD days)than any previous GnR record. Add a little bit of Axl's admiration for Trent Rezner and you have an album that really isn't what a GnR fan would expect. I unsuccessfully lobbied Axl during the year(1 out of 14) that I was involved in the production of the record to call it an Axl Rose solo record but it was like trying to take a bone away from a vicious dog. I won't be receiving any cash from a reunion Todd Bryant, and Blake Owens, you are right as I did write that prior to the album coming out years later. I wrote it because I felt the article that was written in the business section of the NYT about "Chinese Democracy" a week earlier had missed a key point-being that no matter what your opinion of Axl is, regardless of his stubbornness and refusal to make it an Axl Rose solo record, he is a true artistic genius not now, nor ever motivated by money. While he may walk a fine line between genius and insanity, as many great musicians and artists do, he was and never will be motivated by money. While I think that most of the musicians playing in this new GnR are great musicians and they can play the songs well, I agree with most of you that the original band played with a fire from the soul that can't be recreated by anyone. Axl's biggest mistake with "Chinese Democracy"-was believing that these new members could write as well as Slash, Duff McKagan and Izzy Stradlin. They could not…no matter how hard Axl tried to make their writing efforts better. What most of you probably don't realize is that Axl arranged, adapted and wrote most of the lyrics for the original GnR. I happen to know that Izzy wrote many songs almost in their totality. "Patience" would be a good example where Axl made no changes but sang exactly what Izzy wrote. Izzy played it for me in total in the kitchen at Rumbo while recording AFD on acoustic while singing the lyrics. What Axl didn't realize during "Chinese Democracy" was that the core song/riffs that the new guys gave him were not of the quality that Duff, Slash and Izzy gave him. So he toiled for 14 years trying to make them right…The best of the non Axl written songs on "Chinese Democracy" was the title track-written by the incredible world renowned drummer Josh Freese. I have to say I have a better mix of it in my personal collection from the year I was there than the one that finally came out. So Sara Kane and Alex Settle, I hope you both understand my view on songwriting and why I wrote that editorial years before the album finally came out. Wow, look at young Izzy in between John Lennon and Tom Petty
  4. That would be great. And maybe a list with the songs that aren't part of an album like the new singles and Baby Rann, Been A Fix, How Much, etc. ----------------------------------------- I can't believe I'm supposed to choose between Coke'n and Sweet Caress. This is gonna be painful!!!
  5. Love both but I'm definitely voting for River. Jump In Now is my favorite song!
  6. LOL, sort of I meant what I described after that. I don't expect them to be best friends and hung out together all the time or even too often.
  7. Adding to this cool discussion about Izzy's motivations, I'd like to say we shouldn't forget Steven's comments. He said Izzy "wants to do it the right way or not at all". Everyone's free to interpret what that means but to me that has a way deeper meaning than just money. In my opinion, Izzy wanted the band to be functional again, he wanted to get AFD5 back, tour and write new music (and also have the money split in a fair way to his eyes). If Axl wanted to keep Frank, Richard and Dizzy, add Melissa and tour endlessly without writing a new song (and play CD stuff), it doesn't seem that hard to imagine Izzy not being into it. I could be completely wrong and maybe we'll see Izzy joining this thing we have now after getting a better offer, who knows. If that's what he wants, just give him his FP money!
  8. Feelin' Alright it is. Don't hate me, @Darkenchantress, I didn't vote your song. I was on a mission to get rid of Run-In
  9. DAY 7 Legendary Michael Monroe! Love the vibe of this song. Ps: I wanna go back to day 5 and add Paramore's new single as a guilty pleasure
  10. Izzy looks so badass in that pic with the JuJu Hounds! Also, it's great to read what he had to say about GNR when his diparture was still fresh. It's crazy to think that he would temporarily rejoin GNR and dissolve the JuJu Hounds just a few months after. Thanks again, @Blackstar!
  11. Axl's father reminds me of young Chester Benington in that pic where he's wearing the glasses. --------------------- Damn, I missed all the fight If only argentinean justice was as fast as @alfierose Oh, that show... I used to like it but eventually got sick of it. I imagine the little girl must have grandchildren already On a more serious note, I'm blown away by the amount of stuff @Blackstar has found. There are like 800 pages between both Women's Threads yet she came up with all this new things!
  12. Can't believe Run-In keeps getting throught. Gonna insist!
  13. I like some of the Beautiful Creatures stuff. I'm not a fan of the guy but I find it hilarious the amount of hate he gets over here. If he and Tommy make the exact same comment about the reunion, Tommy is considered a class act and DJ an oportunistic idiot Also, I didn't know any of this until I came across this article by chance last night but he doesn't seem to be that bad at business if you ask me: I do find it completely ridiculous that he'll be doing his own water but it doesn't annoy me in the slightest, it makes me laugh
  14. Reminds me of what happened prior to the Troubadour show with the Adler gig getting cancelled and all the speculation