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  1. Maybe they're giving him a cool farewell show.... with a riot Yeah, I feel the same way in part. When I see those killer 80's gigs, that's the best thing in the world and the band I saw last year is far from THAT band. It could never be half as amazing if even one of the five guys is missing. Still, I gotta tell you I've never seen a better band than this "GNR" in my life, and that includes Metallica. Also, I miss Jason Newsted Oh, this guy is the best. Can't believe some people dislike him, he's so sweet and adorable Is he trying to make the dog smile? LOL Well, I was in the pit at the three shows I attended last year and I did a great job ignoring Frank the whole time (I mean with my eyes, couldn't ignore his stale, out of time noise). I'm very proud of myself (?)
  2. It isn't yours? I would have sworn it was because he's not wearing the ugly boots
  3. We're back to the CSI days Were you writing a song for him? That takes a lot of time. That's what Axl told me Don't worry, you'll be fine. I know Izzy will inspire you and the gang's force will be with you!
  4. Alright. Hope I'll be inspired that day Yeah, not showing Fortus is not really a new thing, but showing everyone but him is weird. I think at first the videos were only about the big three and then they started to show the others a bit here and there (and I don't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure Fortus was included) while this one features everyone in the band except for Fortus. I don't think it means anything (or at least I don't wanna get my hopes up) but I found it curious
  5. This one breaks my heart everytime! Still can't believe he's gone
  6. Have you seen GNR's new vid promoting the tour? They show everyone (even Frank, Melissa and the fave slave) except for Fortus. Maybe this means Izzy is back and they still show Frank because he'll be sharing duties with the one and only. That or the guy who made the video doesn't give a shit about Fortus, like 99.9% of the planet ----------------------------------------------------------------- On a different note, I wanted to ask what are we doing for Izzy's bday after all. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to send @Kris_1989 a pm with a message for him or if we're going to write the messages for him here when the day comes. Was there any definitive decision? --------------------------------------------------------------- Lastly, I'm listening to that interview Steven (and Deanna) did with Bill Burr and I gotta say he's fuckin' hilarious!! "It was like I went to this liquor store everyday... before I got sober three years ago, I drank from 6 o'clock when the liquor store open... I would be there sometimes before the owner got there to open up. -Oh hey Steven, how's it going? -How you think it's going? I'm at the liquor store fuckin' before you. That's how it's going" I love him!!
  7. I keep my vote for Time Gone By I think I'm gonna cry when we do this whole thing with 117º. Love that album so much!!
  8. I voted AFD era especially because I love his Donington outfit. I think 93 and 2006 looks were great too. Glam Axl and 2002 were the worst.
  9. The Seeker It's very hard to choose 'cause all the music I like makes me happy but well, this is a fun song that I've been listening since I was like 12.
  10. I totally regret voting Cuttin' The Rug now. It was gonna lose anyway but it's one of my favorite songs on the album, I shouldn't have voted for it! I'm voting for Time Gone By this time. All I really know is I wanna see How Will It Go and Shuffle It All get really far in this! Btw, I can't believe Been A Fix didn't make it on the album, it's one of my fave Izzy songs ever!
  11. If How Much was included (it was on the japanese version of the album), I would probably want it to win. I'm not a fan of reggae but I love that particular song so much!! And some of the lyrics fit the current GNR situation too well
  12. Indeed. That progression with Estranged, You Could Be Mine and Don't Cry (alt) is probably the most perfect thing ever made, it's a crime to put My World there and ruin the end of the album!
  13. This is too difficult. I'm gonna follow you guys with Cutting The Rug but I'm not even sure.
  14. I considered it actually but it's probably my least favorite song off Slave To The Grind. And the Steven connection depends on who you ask. Sebastian only wrote a part of the lyrics and he claims they are about Steven but I think Rachel wrote the majority of the song and he said he had heard that but he didn't know about it. Maybe 20% of the song is about Steven ----------------------------- Can't get over how perfect Dirty Little Thing is!
  15. Yes, Perlo... err I mean London got huge!