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  1. Ashba and bumblefoot played the old songs more as written. People side with Robin and Buckethead for their superior writing and performance on CD. We also hate the fact that on CD, Bumble and Frank redid some of Bucket and Brains parts
  2. SP Trip clip mall the bands sound great hear minus Guns with the sped up/grooveless WTTJ
  3. Toss up between Bucket and Finck followed by Sorum. The rest are interchangeable
  4. True. There is the element of Slash and Duff wanting back in the band the band they helped create. Playing their timeless songs again for themselves and for the fans to a huge extent. Money is still #1 factor this time around though imo. For Axl money aside, it's about the convenience of replacing Nuguns with proven and familiar musicians instead of starting from scratch again with random replacements. Axl also gets to extend the legacy of his Chinese Democracy
  5. Sure UYI was about money and keeping the adolescent rock n roll party going but it was also about artistic integrity and ambition. To squash AFD and conquer the world with the evolution of their new album. NITL is solely about the loot. No comparison whatsoever. I don't think it's a final cash grab as that will probably happen in another decade or so. Hopefully somewhere along the way we get a new album and the return of Izzy and Adler/Sorum to whatever extent
  6. Axl, Duff and slash keep the cash cow moving. Aided by gag orders and such. Its nothing new. We saw it in 1990 with the sacking of Adler and then. 1991 when Izzy had enough and left. The loot machine carried on and always will
  7. Happy Birthday Izzy!
  8. This isn't 1987. Time off is vacation time in 2017 Consider us lucky if add a different oldie to the set in Europe
  9. Normally I'd say the guy was out of line getting personal because what Del has accomplished in life has nothing to do with his opinions on different subjects. However, Del opens himself up to the personal attacks here because he incessant anti-Trump rants. It's too much
  10. One of my favorites. i believe the song if about Mandy. Duffs first wife who cheated on him. Sweater I made for you yea I think you know where that comes from
  11. My least favorite GN'R song but listening to it again and singling out Axl the rhythm guitar is pretty cool. Basic punk, dolls, ramones style but he does a great job!
  12. Yea seems to me his idea of revenge if to release a clip of Axl sounding his absolute worst on SCOM of course. I'm gonna go out on the limb and say It was Axl and TB who blocked him. And I'm glad they did. I agree with Tomass. If they are gonna release anything it should far and away be the Houston stadium show
  13. ^The best part of Finck's solo is after the drum kicks in imo. The songs climax