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  1. That Bucharest clip is masterful
  2. Misfits - "Bullet" cover art with JFK who Glen Danzig hated
  3. Probably the underlying reason for the Alt version
  4. Tell that to the USA
  5. So happy u got to be at one of the best shows/crowd of the entire tour! Viva Italia! ๐Ÿ˜
  6. Shaking me head . You'd think they would at least release a proper greatest hits. So much more loot out there to be made
  7. Latin crowds. Generally speaking are the roudiest in the universe. Spoken by an American with Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian blood๐Ÿ‘
  8. If half the show is going to consist of cover songs it sound be "Ain't it fun" by the Dead Boys
  9. Yesterdays does nothing for me. You have SCOM, Patience and Don't cry. Yesterday is a watered down version of those songs. Give me Locomotive, perfect crime or don't damn me and we are talking again
  10. When it comes to europe and roudiest crowds it's Italy, Spain & Portugal. They pale in comparison to the South American crowds which heavily feature Italian, Spanish & a Portuguese fans. In other words Latin fans are the roudiest. With Aussies & Asians not far behind. Great Britain, German & French crowds are certainly great and better than USA but they trail those aforementioned crowds. The Canadian crowd is better than the USA crowd. Pains me to admit it but USA has the worse crowds globally.๐Ÿ™
  11. Luca Brasi and a great Hoboken, NJ, USA DELI
  12. God bless the internet. Here's Room 169 & Eye for an Eye download
  13. I thinkYou're right. It was Sorum In St Louis. Slash looks back at him confused๐Ÿ‘ lol it was 3days 26 pages ago? What else are we possibly gonna find out?๐Ÿ™‚