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  1. Did not think of that!....very valid point.
  2. I've tried to guess at every possible scenario and I'm down to my last hail mary...maybe it's a GnR/Metallica concert? Sort of "back where it began"? That 1992 tour started 17 July. That's pretty close to the 30th anniversary of AFD of 21 July. Metallica is on the west coast on 29 July at the Rose Bowl. Would kind of be hysterical IMO to have those guys playing together again. Considering their hatred of each other back in the day.
  3. These are all creative guys. All they've ever done is write music in one way or another. I have to think that doing the same gig over and over with no new material to show off gets tedious. I think there may be a single in the works. Kind of a feeler...if received well, then maybe an album and another tour? More's an announcement for some kind of 30th AFD show. The Live Nation involvement kind of supports that. Not sure about Aerosmith touring with them. Cool? Yes. But, not something that I would consider "huge" as far as an announcement.
  4. Wonder if any of them will be in Vegas tomorrow for the Billboard awards? Who's gonna accept the 3 awards when they win for the categories they're nominated in?
  5. I have to think new music + AFD5 lineup for a couple shows. No way they are going to keep touring without any new music...otherwise, it would be ending after the NA leg of the tour. Pretty sure I'm dreaming the impossible tho.
  6. long shot, I know, but I have a dream that when they win award(s), all 5 accept appear together to accept award(s)...and perform. Sigh....
  7. Will be the first Billboard awards I've watched since 1992 lol
  8. I think I hear his voice, too. I've listened to it a few times and sure sounds like him
  9. Got my pit tix for Hershey. Won't settle for less than that for St Louis. Hoping they release more pit tix!
  10. On 1 dec, their FB cover said "welcome to the jungle". Love Vegas, but was just there last month. Probably can't make it again so soon (if they do NYE). Will be so bummed!
  11. Earlier today, Hard Rock in Vegas posted a pic on their FB page with "take me down to paradise city"....
  12. This billboard was spotted in Lancaster, PA...not too far outside of Hershey, PA.
  13. In awe. Unbelievable show. To see the interaction between all of them on stage, the smiles, the fun they were having was evident. Axl just flat out killed it. Angus has a new energy that took him to another level last night. I can't put enough words down to describe it.
  14. Sitting downstairs at the Iron Horse now...I'm with my friend...she has pink hair so hard to miss lol...