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  1. Damn, girl! (great choice though!)
  2. Mine too! Hey bro!
  3. Day 36 Mom
  4. Day 35
  5. I guess that's been our assumption, but I don't think there's any way that he feels as badly now as he did in the Slashless days. They have made their own kind of peace I think, you can see it in their interactions on stage. It may not be what it once was, but it's still there in it's own way. Plus, look at the way Melissa and Duff and Susan love him, he's out of his shell enough to form close new ties there as well. I think we can rest easy. At his core, he is a fighter and a survivor. And honestly, I just don't think he would want the world to remember him for doing something like that.
  6. LOL. Ok, so if I were to wonder if he was on this type of meds, I guess I would infer that this can keep people on a more "even keel" for those who have a highly sensitive nervous system, and feel things deeply. The meds give them a more balanced way to go through life, as opposed to them just being a shield against dark and gloomy thoughts.
  7. That he is on right now you mean?
  8. I think he's gone through his dark phase, and he made it out the other side. The danger has passed. That's my gut feeling anyway, not that it really means anything (On a completely unrelated note, "boats n hoes, boats n hoes"..) help me, it's stuck
  9. I was just thinking that, they must have had a blast! Oh, and don't forget C.C Deville was also in there...
  10. Holy smokes, I just spent the last half hour or so watching all these videos and laughing my ass off, day 34 was awesome! Well who doesn't need another toque? Well done, I see you've watched @Fitha_whiskey I forgot about Sam Kinison, omg the cameos in that video!
  11. Thank you @Blackstar I was getting a little worried! Day 34 Sorry for off-season but we love this Bob and Doug McKenzie version and it even gets radio play lol.. They only make it to day 8..and at some point just give up and let the background track take over
  12. Day 33 song from the 80's No Depeche Mode yet?? Maybe later Ok, who wasn't glued to this video when it came out
  13. I can't believe there are 6 pages on what goes with fries (and having said that, I don't understand the mayonnaise ) But this post reminds me... I had a chocolate Malt shake at the Shake Shack in Vegas...oh my, it was soooo delicious. with fries of course. vinegar, salt and pepper for me.
  14. holy smokes he heard you! He tweeted again about his Billy Joel night, this time with a tonne of emojies! @Alja I like Axl trapped in a jar pic, but that is very cute too, i like the cup of hot cocoa idea
  15. Susan's instagram posts (which I don't know how to copy and paste here) make me feel all warm and fuzzy. We may not see Axl going out to dinner with them all, hanging out, sightseeing, etc etc, but the way they support him and cheer him on.. that's what close friends do