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  1. Not always though!
  2. Ya, she had that deep-throated growl that Ella Fitzgerald had, I love that in women singers. Not sure when this was from, but from the way he said that, i would guess they were married at that point. As far as her not letting anything get to her on stage, well she held all the power right? Didn't she say she wouldn't marry him until he got himself clean? So he was kind of like the puppy dog panting after her
  3. 2:16 "aww honey I love that big sweet mouth" So cute.
  4. I think @Fitha_whiskey has a million stories up his sleeve
  5. I like that. He definitely has his own sound doesn't he.
  6. Ya it's gorgeous. Gets in your head.
  7. Got my coffee, and going through all the songs I missed yesterday.
  8. Whoa. And with Yelawolf too
  9. Day 71
  10. Classic ^^ And for a reason. This needs a love button. (that sounded odd but whatever).
  11. Ah geez you guys
  12. Sangria must still be kickin in. Cause is this really about driving? Somebody stop me please..