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  1. Thank you. I want to delve into how "charlatan-y" they were.. because i do believe certain (what some would consider "New Age-y") holistic therapies do have a lot of merit, such as reiki and reflexology. I like the fact that Axl was searching, and looking for ways to heal, but perhaps he relied on it too much though..as with everything, there must be a balance.
  2. Day 11
  3. There are yoda videos?? Do you have a link, I'd like to see some of those..
  4. I'm not gonna say we looked any different in the audience either The 80's rocked!
  5. @Fitha_whiskey, why am I not suprised at that lol. But it's ok, we can all use some more Ratt Day 10 Grade 8, these poor bastards had to play at our local high school in the actual middle of nowhere
  6. umm Well I do prefer Beeyotch.
  7. LOL. You know, I could have just quoted Goat, but I made sure to repost the whole song just so you'd have to look at it again too
  8. Did you even listen to it ya snobby basterd!
  9. I'm with ya Goat, Sign of the Times is a great song!
  10. Day 9
  11. You really can't beat seeing a band in their prime..the excitement is palpable. However, when I saw Guns in '91, the UYI albums hadn't been released yet..so as hyped as we all were to see them, honestly, we didn't know half the songs that they played! It's hard to really rock out to a tune at a concert when you don't know it, and that is part of the fun. So for me, and perhaps others, this time around, we knew every song which was so awesome! There's something to be said for that. Also, there was alot of downtime back then, and Axl was running around so much that he was out of breath half the time. So, I can't really choose between them..one was part of living history so to speak, and the other, regardless of how you label it, was a chance to return to that moment as an adult, and really savour it.
  12. Another dancing in the kitchen song, this time by a Canuck
  13. I don't know if this belongs here or not..kinda bluesy country? Irregardless, how can you not dig this tune
  14. Day 8 A Song to Fall Asleep to
  15. And all these years i thought that was an Elvis song, thats fuckin' amazing, i gotta get an album of this guy! I don't know how i quoted myself here, but anyway... I think this version is so much better than Elvis' However, the live performance Elvis gives with this is just ..OMG..you need a cigarette afterwards, even if you don't smoke lol