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  1. Even I had a crush on Tawny! Ok thanks for the 80's hair metal night, it rocked! I'll leave with this old school number, and notice NO Poison @bucketfoot! LOL
  2. Oh no, what do I do, I love them both, but those are the only two Joan Jett songs I know
  3. hellllooooo, the 80's WERE ballads! Why didn't you tag @Fitha_whiskey, he loves Ratt!! lol.
  4. Wild Side one of my favourites! Ok, last Crue from me before we alienate everybody
  5. haha, double post, but it IS a good song!
  6. Whaaaat? I thought I was the only one around here who would dare to post Motley Crue! haha! (also, not the right album cover but whatever)
  7. I think people are referring to the cornrows (which i like when it's pulled back into a ponytail ) and he did say on Jimmy Kimmel in 2012 that he had them braided into his hair. As for anything else, I don't know.
  8. And Slash turns around and smiles, and Axl reaches out to him..awww, I hadn't seen this one!
  9. Ok I'll join
  10. I think the difference being, you don't really hear about JBJ and this terrible voice..(although his vibrato is still ok, he is just horribly out of tune lol..) Axl seems to get all the negative attention, whereas I had no idea JBJ had kind of lost his voice as well. Having said that, I think Axl was a beast at the performances I saw last year.
  11. Just heard this today on the radio, I really like it