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  1. Totally agree about the bootlegger thing. Looks like it could be official given the GNR stamp where the tag would normally be.
  2. Ronnie Wood, who has played guitar for the Rolling Stones since 1975, only officially became part of the band/partnership in the the 90s, for perspective. Plenty of popular bands operate this way- dependent on who owns the name- so I've never understood why it's such a big issue for this band. OP is misleading anyway, if Mick hired musicians for a project while the Rolling Stones were still active, then yes it'd be a Mick solo record. However, if Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood left the band and Mick had rights to the name, and hired guitarists they'd be the new guitar players in the Rolling Stones... Edit: Just to clarify this just is me thinking objectively. My opinion on Chinese Democracy would have been the same regardless of whether it was under Guns N' Roses or a different name
  3. Sorry to go off topic but could someone perhaps link or PM me to some more info on this whole thing?
  4. Billboards are expensive, especially in such a location. It's gotta be something
  5. I've been seriously wondering this for ages. Like to the point where I need to know. Not that it bothers me or anything, but HOW!? What kind of demonic sorcery is involved? Did it take place at the Crossroads? I have to hold my beanie down whenever it's too windy, let alone headbanging and literal fucking handstands!
  6. My baseless speculation is 30th anniversary box set/release event
  7. I didn't notice until they said it, but heaps of people said that to me about the Auckland show as well
  8. that's hilarious!
  9. Looks like Dave Grohl with a bandanna
  10. Neutral party just weighing in - I think the point they're making is that in 2010 AXL sounds better, not the band, or the song itself, just vocals
  11. Dunno if that's necessarily indicative of attendance, a woman just overpaid on resale because the section she wanted was sold out. Also says that they ended up letting a bunch of people in without valid tickets because, you can only surmise, the promoter/venue had nothing to lose if it didn't sell well. I think 30k is a conservative estimate, gotta be more than 25k, just my random speculation though!
  12. Woah what an interesting venue
  13. Couldn't fucking care less what any musician looks like, much less 55 year olds. As long as it sounds cool
  14. Hahaha nice! "It's a long way to the top, when you a loan a throne from Grohl"
  15. Oh I wasn't doubting the crowd size for a second, was just referring to my perception of the set up when the venues are empty. Always gotta remind myself that the actual stands hold more people than ya realise. Would 75,000 be the biggest attendance so far on the NITL tour?