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  1. As long as the first two hours doesn't consist of all 71 minutes of chinese democracy, a 40 minute long version of KOHD (with a returning Tracey and Roberta), and the Seeker, before heading into AFD, it would be pretty cool!
  2. Has anyone seen the band (or izzy lol) around the city? I assume they're there by now. I'd imagine they're staying either at a 5 star hotel in midtown (Axl slash and duff) or the laguardia days inn (the other guys).
  3. Nice job man. I gave up listening at the trumpet part. Coma certainly was a deep cut for them to choose with the Asian singer! Enjoy the show glad you won the other guy came across as a dick.
  4. Good to know. Maybe there's hope for some to appear for sale if thats the case.
  5. Pearl Jam has done that for quite some time (and I believe still does). Metallica definitely still does it. Other than not being pleased with the product or finding it up to par, I'm not sure what the risk is to the bands. The cost of producing these has to be close to zero and even if you get 5% of the audience for every show to buy it, it probably generates more revenue than a proper live album.
  6. I emailed that seller (the only one I found) this morning but didn't hear back. The ad was from 3 days ago so I assume if it was legit he sold them already. $350 for this show is a better deal to me than $300 for the standard arena show at msg in a few months.
  7. Oh man, thats good it didn't go through. I've actually never used craigslist to buy anything, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I'm guessing by the complete lack of tickets on stub hub or any other reseller sites there is nobody who actually has tickets in hand. At least I won't be the only one showing up without a ticket. Worst case theres a great southern food place nearby where I can go drown my tears in a beer and some southern style chicken.
  8. Good to know. I only saw one listing on CL and emailed but didn't get a response. For those of you who won or got tickets - do you actually have tickets in hand or is it all will call? For anyone else in the NYC area without tickets, have you given any thought to going to harlem on Thursday and hoping for the best? I'm debating trying to schmooze the sirius people or otherwise get lucky or find a scalper but a) it may be a giant waste of time, and b) not sure how good the area is.
  9. I saw Axl 5 times since GNR got back together, 3 times with AC/DC (Washington DC, MSG, Philly) and twice with Guns (Meadowlands, Dublin). Heres what I learned: 1. Either Axl sounded better with AC/DC, OR... we hear what we want to hear. I like AC/DC more than GNR so did he really truly sound better, or did I just like the concert more? I'm not sure. 2. Duff is the coolest 53 year old I've ever seen. Just a cool cat, great stage presence. Still has a bad ass air about him. 3. Slash is still Slash. Just a great all around performer. I'm sure he made some small mistakes at the shows I went to but I sure didn't notice them. I'd pay to watch that guy play just about anything. 4. Despite annoying my friends at the NJ Guns show for hours beforehand about how great it would be if Izzy was there, I actually liked Richard Fortus, and his interplay with Slash on the solos and some extended breakdowns of the longer songs. I would still choose Izzy, but more for sentimental reasons than anything else. 5. I'm not a "drums guy", so to me Frank was fine. (I also liked Chris Slade in AC/DC when the die hards hated him, so I guess I just drown it out and am more focused on singing and guitar). 6. Melissa is cute and does a great job playing the computer. My kids like her blue hair. I'm not sure what she adds to the band. Dizzy is not cute and I'm not sure what he adds either. Not really a fan of keyboards. 7. The shows sound way better in person than watching on youtube and periscope. Or, like I said above, maybe my mind tricks me into thinking this is true, hard to tell. 8. Axl is just a weird dude. Love him, but he's weird. The stuff he wears, the odd comments between songs...I guess as a kid in 88 when I first got into them I didn't notice it, but he just seems bizarre. That said, I'd love to meet him.
  10. Is he still giving some out? I don't get the stern channel on my sirius plan so debating adding it just for this.
  11. Yea the Ozzy boneyard message was annoying (as were some of those callers halfway through the show). Plan B is tracking down "chris from Medford" and holding him hostage until he gives me his other ticket 😡
  12. 2 and a half hours of Eddie trunk later I made it through as caller 5 and then caller 37 (ouch- the winner was 39). So if any of you who one tickets happen to be in need of a new best friend for Thursday I'm happy to suck it up and attend with you!
  13. Still no tickets given away on trunks show as of 6:45. I think my bladder may explode sitting in my car waiting before he plays a gnr song.
  14. Yeah man was a little bummed about that but some chance is better than none. Selfishly I'm hoping he doesn't mention the rules again and just plays a song. A trivia contest would've been more fun. He also said it was the final chance "at least on my end" to win tickets. So maybe other channels will have giveaways.
  15. Eddie trunk is on hair nation now. In case anyone missed the beginning to win the tickets they are taking the 39th caller as soon as he plays any gnr song. Worth a shot.