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  1. Painkiller was one of my first metal albums. That is still one of the all-time classics. I remember how pumped I was when Rob rejoined the band and they were releasing Angel Of Retribution, which was a pretty good album. Still really looking forward to their new one, as I hear they're just finishing it up. I just hope it's better produced than Redeemer Of Souls. That album sounded like a wet fart.
  2. Ibibio Sound Machine - Uyai Forest Swords - Compassion SZA - Ctrl Elder - Reflections Of A Floating World Feist - Pleasure Charming Disaster - Cautionary Tales Coco Hames - Coco Hames Ronald Bruner Jr. - Triumph Todd Rundgren - White Knight Paramore - After Laughter Anathema - The Optimist
  3. Lorde - Writer In The Dark
  4. Elder - Blind
  5. This is awful. I'm honestly shocked right now. What a tremendous talent. R.I.P.
  6. That's really tough. I'm all over the place with FNM. I love Everything's Ruined, Land Of Sunshine, Evidence, Collision, Stripsearch, pretty much all of Sol Invictus too.
  7. Ronald Bruner Jr. - Whenever
  8. They both have their fair share of cheesy songs. But Joel has a lot of attitude in some of his songs, too. So, I can handle some of the cheese.
  9. I see what you're saying, but I think both approaches still have merit. For an artist to keep creating is pretty inspirational. However, an artist that decides that they've had enough and have written enough popular music is still a good decision for them. I think Joel wanted to move on from popular music, as he still writes a lot of classical music these days. He just doesn't release much of anything anymore.
  10. I agree. It is a great album. I think I worded my previous post poorly, because I do really enjoy some of his newer work. I just don't think it reaches any kind of heights that his classic albums do. But I guess that's a natural phenomenon of long-time great artists.
  11. I mean, it's all preference. It's not that hilarious. In terms of actual talent, they're neck and neck. But I just vastly prefer Joel's songwriting abilities.
  12. Billy Joel, and it's not even close. His run of albums from The Stranger to An Innocent Man is spectacular. And even the albums before and after that run are pretty damn good. Plus, he knew when to stop. I don't mind some of Elton's later material. But really, no one is talking about The Diving Board or Wonderful Crazy Night, and no one is going to talk about them over his classic material because those albums just aren't even close to the same quality. Still, I do love Elton. I've seen them both live, which is something I'll never forget. But Billy Joel is just leagues better in my books.
  13. Iamthemorning (probably my favourite post-2010) Pallbearer Deep Sea Diver Disperse Sumac
  14. Deep Sea Diver - Secrets
  15. My man. From Octane Twisted?