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  2. Yeah everyone get there time zones correct haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haha ha
  3. Cant be no worse than DC in Lisbon may as well have stood in the sea & watched the show.....!!!! Nearly every flight from UK too Dubland is SOLD OUT this wknd have a blast everyone whos going So hope we hear Get In The Ring in EU
  4. The Hydro arena in Glasgow PLEEEEEEEASE......!!!!!!! Lols
  5. Arena show tixs prices are going too be £££££€€€€$$$$$$
  6. UK Arena dates nx DRUM ROLL..................
  7. All these different time zone sayings are confusing the fcuk out of me lols
  8. Its either the 2nd leg being rolled out OR a they doing a UK festival maybe ??? THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME................
  9. More plans for 2018 the nx leg only time will tell people
  10. I cant see them doing another attack now its happened they will know from watching the news etc security services will be out in mass force
  11. This is just so true think some people forget hes 73 people say he sounds crap he is 73 he sounds great for his age & Axl is only 55ish not looking too start a row BUT lets see how he sounds when he gets too 73
  12. I think both days have been on TM GC worth a look
  13. All i want is GET IN THE RING ilp be happy
  14. I think the set will stay the same maybe 1 or 2 swaps nothing major its IF & WHEN there is a 2nd leg of this tour people will be wanting changes