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  1. A little bit of Slaxl from Werchter -------- And never seen this one before
  2. The rough temper of the security looks like a thing this tour. I was completely kicked when a security guard jumped all angry in the crowd to also rip a banner that only had an Axl pic on it. The guy holding the banner wasn't doing anything wrong, the security reaction was completely unnecessary But anyway, really nice story! You'll always have a hell of moment to remember, happy for you
  3. Second Spinal Tap incident of the tour
  4. Duff's such a copycat
  5. A little bit of TheLeaningTM from Gdansk And this:
  6. @Asia, glad you had a great time!! And that you got to see all that Slaxl. What do you think about a Slaxl new vid now? It's a space cake, don't say no to a space cake Man, he blows kisses now? He should have done that for the spanish girl next to me in Lisbon. 'AXEEEL, GUAPO, TE AMOOOO', every fuckin time he stepped on the monitors. Girl lost her voice, she deserved a kiss I know, honey, but don't worry, only one month to go till the big day The No-gang bridesmaids are already in fittings, no more Stizzy Stradler shirts, it's' Slash is god' shirts for everyone Riiight, not everyone... @Jane M. and @Kris_1989 can still wear the Stizzy Stradler
  7. Wow, what a present Boca gave to you then! Happy belated Birthday! Hope you had a great one, you deserve it Just got home and heard about this. I don't want to get all my hopes up and think about a AFD5 show but my mind is doing tricks to me and I'm already seeing Izzy playing Think About You Anyway, I expect my invitation too. Take your time, Andrei.
  8. No, no, Portugal is the exception here. He only dared to do something to us in 1992 by leaving the stage because people were throwing him bottles with piss (thank Mike Patton and Axl lateness for this). He came back, because it was the 1st anniversary of the St. Louis riot and probably because people started lighting flares once he stormed out of the stage. Still - and I'm gonna post this again cause I just can't - we struke back and put him in a pink bow and called him a pussy. I think we scared him for good, so after that it was only love for us But anyway @Andy14, that asshole Axl is gone. Gingersnap is a sweetheart these days, he loves everyone and every country and Slash now ------ And I also approve the Alixl () ------ And congrats @BorderlineCrazy! Party hard tonight
  9. Yeah, with that pic, it didn't happen again Oh and about @Frey, he finally couldn't handle us anymore...We all knew this day was coming I noticed that as well. The drop of energy among the crowd from Brownstone to CD is so noticeable, the crowd seems to go from completely over the moon mood to dead man mood. It made me almost sad, cause I kinda dig CD the song and I enjoyed it live, but everyone around me was like 'wtf is this shit'. And the same thing happened with Better and TIL. TIL got courtesy claps
  10. Shiiit, first time a guy wearing eyeliner made me weak at the knees I'm embarrassed... well kinda
  11. From Tako ----- @janrichmond, glad you had a great time! Hope you stay closer to Slash tonight Have fun!!
  12. @MillionsOfSpiders, you're here!! Happy you enjoyed the show and even happier you didn't have to hit some intelligent models this time! Axl not stopping the show although people were throwing things - he's a changed man, isn't he? I agree that RQ is a disappointment live with all that guitar shredding, but c'mon you have to give a free pass to Slash today as he really wants to hug you Cute little god
  13. Can we, please, discuss this outfit? ------ True that Hum..let's see: he says Slash is god, he says Axl was Mickey, he complains about KOHD, he has mixed feelings about CD, he begs for Izzy to come back...Yeah I'm pretty sure he does