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  1. Teen in the 00's, sorry DAY 12
  2. Ok, time for the first Queen song out of the 10 I'm gonna use in this game DAY 11
  3. hahaha I love this thread, such a great idea @int8!! I'm not playing because that would be really painful and I know I wouldn't be able to choose and I wouldn't be able to sleep at night either by drooping songs like that - but yey! you guys for all the suffering you've been through Anyways, I'm just here posting because I'm feeling we are at a dramatic point in this election right now with only 4 songs left and I need to do an electoral fraud by agreeing with @Kris_1989 and telling you to LEAVE COME ON NOW INSIDE ALONE Don't drop it now, let this beauty win!
  4. Of course it does! Stizzy Stradler has the power to heal the world Oh and speaking of Steven, here he is always doing good things, always sending positive vibes
  5. About Fortus, I just thought about something non-sense: sooo, Kat is the one recording and editing the vids. And well, Kat and Fortus are ex's, right? You know, I smell bad blood Oh god, I was going to have breakfast, I'm not going anymore
  6. First of all, it's not 'that Fernando guy', it's Fernie And the drummer can definitely play - you can tell it's Brownstone when the chorus hits
  7. It doesn't get any sadder than this DAY 10
  8. This one was a no-brainer for me! Ever since I was a little kid till this day, every time I listen to this I get inexplicable happy DAY 9
  9. Sunday Funday at Duff's place. Pic from Susan's instagram.
  10. DAY 8 This is how you play this beautiful song...Are you listening to me, Metallica? Wait, what? Which song? Don't tell me it was the summertime one...
  11. I don't drive but if I did this would be my all time song DAY 7
  12. Found this pic on instagram, thought it belongs here
  13. Oh shut up and let's get married already! It's ok, it's just...It was Friday night! A girl has to do what a girl has to do Yeah, I did Isn't he the cutest? Definitely! Not your ugly boots in our party, Axl, no way Please, let it be Stash