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  1. They sold out all dates in Australia? Shiiit Curious about the Asia numbers.
  2. This is the biggest truth I've ever seen posted on this band's social media
  3. Both. Seriously, I can't. These are my two favorite albums. And though the first time I listened to NMTB it made an impression on me that no other album ever come close, not even AFD, after listening to both so many times I lost count - who am I kidding? - I guess it's AFD at the end of the day Still, NMTB is the shit. Listen to that everyday of your lives, as loud as you can
  4. awww, you're so sweet I quite like you too, no wonder Stradlin choose you Axl's work, I'd bet And Blackstar, such nice finds - this one and the other you posted on women's thread. Thanks for sharing, it's much appreciated
  5. This was posted on Aerosmith's official facebook page. Pretty much confirms it. The Garden to be played And the promoter just confirmed it also.
  6. The snake...WTF? Yep, Slash, we saw that coming The cat is very accurate too, I must say
  7. Nice he has both Sex Pistols and Pink Floyd as his favorites. Never Mind the Bollocks is probably my second favorite album, right after AFD. Such an incredible album Pink Floyd on the other hand is not my cup of tea. I always liked AC/DC but I went to the Axl/DC show here in Portugal to see Axl of course. Nevertheless Angus absolutely conquered me. He's a god on stage. It's like you can't take your eyes off him. I had to force myself to look at Axl from time to time, because I was only staring at Angus, thinking 'Holy fuckin shit'
  8. Yep, already taken, I saw him first. So all of you: back off Btw, @killuridols, I think we never invited you for the wedding, but you're invited. Buenos Aires. July 21st. Izzy's live performance. Don't miss it. You too @Andy14
  9. Here you go...Everybody's even now 🐇
  10. OMG @Kris_1989 Love you, gurl
  11. Duff looks so cute here
  12. I love you and I love this thread! And I agree with you all! It's really painful to go through the main section and read all the shit people are writing about Izzy. I mean, shit, go buy some ears, yours are not working. The only thing I could think to tell them is 'Go listen to Appetite. You still can't see it, can't feel it, can't hear it? You're doomed' I also agree with the all Ned Flanders thing. I also lost lots of respect and admiration for the guy. What the hell happened to Duff? I still want to give him some love, but he's making it hard! I think he's spending too much time with TB, I don't know. Come back to the dark side, man! I agree with this. I still think that one of the best images of this threeunion is that one of Slash grinning during 'Michelle' in Cincinnati. He knows how the real deal sounds like, he knows what it should be, that's why you can read all over his face the 'Hell yeah, now we're talking' while Steven hits those drums Besides, as much as I try, my love for Slash is so big that I can never think of him as the bad guy. Maybe I'm doomed too
  13. I hear you, but truth is that Slash can't really do anything about it. His hair/tophat combo is his trademark, he can't just go and cut it. Axl on the other hand...SOMETHING has to be done asap