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  1. This is why I love you, Stradlin ----- And @Kris_1989 that interview is gold!! I wonder what are Duff's thoughts on this subject, now that his own wife seem very found of all the Beverly Hills society Axl gives all that speech, so bad ass, and then Izzy just goes and says this. Right? That's exactly the point, Axl, no need of that story, just be drunk and enjoy dude So informative Sweet Maybe you should try this, Frank
  2. Rasp confirmed? Speaking like Melissa, it sure must be pretty rad being at a U2 show and listen to Axl fuckin Rose singing along to 'One' among the crowd
  3. Yeah, agree with you on that! I'm out of likes, but love this so much I'm with you, sister
  4. Anything would be better than the grandma bob he's rocking these days Except for maybe full baldness, that would be too much
  5. Maybe I'm imagining stuff but I noticed that too, the sides seem shaved or something I'd bet is something like this
  6. I honestly couldn't care less. They can give me Fortus-the-self-proclaimed-new-big-four-guitar-shredding-guitar-punching and Frank-you-can-tell-it's-Brownstone-when-the-chorus-hits if at the end of the day those five get together. We already suffered through the all Chinese Democracy, NuGNR craziness, so I can live the rest of my life knowing that I gave 130€ + trips to 3 stooges if they stop being assholes and fuckin put Steven and Izzy up there with them. Maybe I'm too romantic, but I'm all for this particular happy ending, I'd forget all the money I spent in this circus if this end up leading to the five of them sharing a stage again. Not happening tho, right?
  7. As much as I hate to say this I don't think the announcement has anything to do with AFD5. The video focus purposely on Slash, Axl and Duff, so nothing leads to AFD5. I think it's gonna be more tour dates or a DVD from NITL. If it's really a huge announcement as the radio is claiming I think it's easier we get a new single than a AFD5 reunion and that is saying something given the history of this band. I would love to hear new music from Slash and Axl but the idea of having Melissa's synths and Frank drumming on it leaves me frightened Agreed!! AFD is perfect, it's just perfect. Don't touch AFD Wtf?
  8. wow, he snake dances better than Axl these days
  9. Yeah, ignore and block. Slash was $la$h, the liar, the devil, the cancer to them till January 5th 2016, from that day on he's better than the old one and a god on earth Not worth the fight.
  10. I hope he uses this knife to cut all ties with GNR jk, I'm sorry, I just had to
  11. Then be pale in Portugal, you're still pale as a ghost but you're so familiar with sun and sunny days that you can't live without it. Kris, aren't you from California? It's pretty sunny there too, right? You should love the sun too, even if you're pale @SerenityScorp, sorry, wrong info. The story Gina tells is that she left Axl after he actually moved in with Slash. Probably when Axl moved to Slash's house. The buying a house with Slash thing is a different story, I don't know where that comes from.
  12. Oh god, I hadn't internet connection all day and just got home and heard this. Shit. How tragic, really sad news
  13. I have no idea where I could post this, so here it will be... Steven Tyler wore this gem on tonight's Aerosmith show in Tel Aviv. Kinda cool Victoria's Secret angel Sara Sampaio also wore something similar yesterday And that's enough of street style for today ----- Also, the only Muller I know is this one: I hate him, so, Axl, if you wanna, go and get him
  14. Uhm..nothing 🙊 Anyway, here's this youtube vid that makes a decent mp3 version Love the woman at the beggining after Billy Joel say 'Axl Rose'. 'OH MY GOD'
  15. Yeah same!! I'm listening to his version non-stop and I'm humming it all day long. Yesterday I was coming home from my spanish course (yeah, I'm doing that cause I had to be a little bit more diosa) listening to some music on my phone and just thinking that I needed that version there asap. Everything that fucker sings becomes instantly gold to me, I don't get it jk he sang the entire Chinese Democracy album and I still can't dig that shit