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  1. Yep. Everyday I work out (also when not working out). "Shuffle All" on entire catalog and let her rip....
  2. That is exactly what I hear. "Hey that's fucked up man. You can't do that here". I have wondered about this since hearing it. Maybe someone knows for sure to help us settle this. Man I love forums... sometimes...
  3. By the way I wasn't particularity thrilled with GnR on this, but this in no way discourages me from the excitement I have with my favorite band of all time. I also have liberal family and friends. No need to disown someone because you don't align with them politically. That is even dumber than this stunt with the Trump pinata. I am still just as excited about the GnR tour, and possibility of new music as I was before I saw the video.
  4. Never heard of the dude until sometime over the winter Slash tweeted a link saying to check him out. In fact I love Slash's blues playing on that song so much I have not even tried looking up anything else this guy might have done. It probably wouldn't compare to this song Slash played on.
  5. This is as stripped down and dirty blues as it gets, and Slash nails it! I too wish he would do a blues album one day. He would kill it.
  6. Me and my buddies will be sort of tailgating. Just not in the parking lot. We are going to hit Hard Rock Cafe at lunch, and Stats sports bar afternoon before show.