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  1. I wonder if Axl knows Ron is streaming YCBM
  2. Oh, I wish Angus and Ron stayed with him for the rest of the tour shows are coming so Axl better be doing his best
  3. A bit OT....Ron Anderson (Axl's vocal coach) is at tonight's show With him anytime
  4. Wow, Ron Anderson is there
  5. YES! Why the hell is there too much clothing? He only needs white shorts, a kilt, shoes, a bandana and a mesh shirt I wish I could play like this with real Axl
  6. Alright ....haha, yeah, why not....I'll be watching you drinking beer....yes, I'm Czech and I don't drink beer....weird, I know
  7. I'm late as always, so... Day 70: A song you like with an animal in the title To make sure it hasn't been posted I'm choosing a song I DON'T LIKE Day 71: A song about the rough times in life Day 72: A song about jealousy Day 73: A song you like from the 50s or older and a piano song from my country from 1931
  8. 1 week...
  9. I'm just going to leave this here
  10. No idea, some time in the afternoon, it takes me only an hour to get to Prague . I may do some sightseeing as well since I go to Prague often but hardly as a tourist. Yes, that's why I booked a hostel 400 metres from Four Seasons
  11. 5 days? I'm coming on Monday A café I really like in Prague is Kafka Snob Food. It's a bit expensive since it is at the Jewish quarter but worth a try.
  12. Yes! Remember last year with ACDC when he was chatting with fans in Portugal, walking the streets of Spain, doing the China Exchange thing in London? He is different in Europe...positively different. He should move here for good
  13. Well...they may be partying in Brussels right now . Also "kick ass crowd" is missing from his tweet
  14. Should be 1-2 euro, Pilsner is a bit more expensive. But if it's 2,5 and more, run away
  15. He must be the biggest fan of Slash's instagram. plus the Axl's style fashion choices @Lumikki mentioned....How come these two idiots could be so long without each other? . They're both the same—six of one and half a dozen of the other. Looks like the big tree are serious when it comes to hats...but Duff, really? Izzy's style, now Axl's....what will come next? A blue wig?