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  1. Day 38 Alright, this is my childhood @Sekh-met I'm highly disappointed and you know why . This was a perfect opportunity for you to post you fav band ever
  2. Hi . Now you only have another 800 pages to go (yes, there's also an old Women's thread) I can also help if you want
  3. Day 37 - A creepy/scary song
  4. Day 35 @Sekh-met
  5. As much as I love Axl, Duff and Slash I hate the fact that Izzy and Steven are being left out like they've never been a part of the band or were only hired hands. I know that there are probably more ex GNR members than people in my country and thus can't be all mentioned, but Izzy and Steven are and always will be the esence of Guns N' Roses. It really makes me sad. Disgrace. Btw. Duff's tweet - somebody should tell them that UK is leaving EU not Europe lol. Or are you British guys up to something we don't know
  6. Cause he's pretty tied up. The knife screams "F*UCK YOU 4TUS" #MrStradlinapproves
  7. The fuck I was watching? (and I don't know half of the people ) I've always thought that Slovakian music was a way better than ours, but I think I should give it a second thought Btw. no idea why but I've just remembered this song. My childhood
  8. Day 34 Of course I have to post Ylvis and this: and....
  9. Shit . This makes me worried even more about "our" guys I'm just going to leave this here. Almost exactly 25 years ago Soundgarden played in Prague together with Faith No More and Guns N' Roses. Those who were there say it was the best show ever.
  10. Day 33
  11. I think they disappear after 24 hours. Here's what Susan posted: Note for CSI:GNR - you can search for any signs of Axl
  12. Aww . I've never liked the film though . Day 32 - I don't have kids so I'm gonna choose something I loved as a child. I was literally obsessed (the Czech version of it of course) @Sekh-met This was my fav song from a fairy-tale:
  13. Omg, you're not the only one, lol. Been singing this song for 2 days Day 31:
  14. And that he steals Brian Johnson's identity But I think we can be happy, those stupid comments appeared MORE than 24 hours after the performance.