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  1. GNR Women's discussion

    I'm just lurking (from the concert thread)
  2. GNR Women's discussion

    Or you can fill in for me while I'm taking a break
  3. GNR Women's discussion

    I guess real life getting over. It's like nuWomen's thread these days.....I'm super busy this month so keep it going, I'm reading you @killuridolsis missing I'd get her back but I'm not willing to share the loot Ha, thanks! But I really can't now....I guess you'll have to wait and see
  4. GNR Women's discussion

  5. GNR Women's discussion

    Jesus, now all we need is Beta and Fernando to write a book
  6. GNR Women's discussion

    I'm still watching you, although I don't have much time these days...this month... Yeah, Axl still looks good
  7. Make sure the Axl one will arrive late
  8. The Wacky World of Izzy Stradlin

    We can bet how long it will take this time until he deletes it
  9. Nobody can dance like Axl You can add this, but I have no fucking idea which shows I took it from
  10. GNR Women's discussion

    Lol, this explains the cats, Axl(and the intelligent models, of course)
  11. GNR Women's discussion

    Dear girls, boys, chairman and lurkers I'd like to wish you all the best in the upcoming year. More happy moments with grandpa More moments like this Less moments like this More Less clothing malfunctions More dance More adorably annoying friends More ass More of this guy Just a Happy New Year
  12. Slash's leather apparel

    That's what I expect him to wear at one of my shows (if not, I want my money back)
  13. GNR Women's discussion

    I'm just going to leave this here (edit: I'm posting a better quality pic)
  14. GNR Women's discussion

    Am I the only one who hopes that Axl got some pairs of sneakers and a new kilt for Xmas? And do you think Izzy found the compilation of best NITL shows under the tree?