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  1. I got a request for a couple of gifs . So let's have a throwback Tuesday Axl
  2. Looks like Axl came to the "take your shoes off" side
  3. I can't help it but it reminds me of this or this Please Axl, don't bring them to our European party, come alone, we'll take care of you
  4. Day 15 - A song that is a cover by another artist Looks like today is a GNR day
  5. Day 14 - A song that you would love played at your wedding Ha, I've never thought about my wedding song, but this one definitely should be played at a wedding (I've chosen one of my fav versions....I know Axl fucks up the lyrics, but I remember the moment...the first time he walked and we all went crazy about it and also:
  6. Day 13 - One of your favourite 70's songs
  7. Day 12 - A Song a From Your Preteen Years 1995-96 - when I stopped listening to children's music and started listening to "real" music, eagerly waiting for a TV music chart broadcasted once a week and reading Bravo magazine. Omg, I could post so many songs, but since I don't want to ruin this thread by some Euro dance shit that I loved at that time (how come? lol), I've chosen 2 songs that I still like today.
  8. Day 11 - A song you never get tired of Omg, so many songs again, but I'm choosing this
  9. Omg, I wish haha. But make sure that MY Axl would be wearing less clothes (I need dress-up-you-doll Axl)
  10. Up-to-date Axl credits: Bethany Vegas
  11. Sorry to interrupt your conversation, just ignore me . But I have something for @Lumikki I only hope you are going to take your membership card to the shows @killuridols, @Frey, @MillionsOfSpiders
  12. Day 10 - tough choice....I can post my whole playlist . So I'm gonna cheat and post 2 songs and the second song may seem as a weird choice, but this scene gets me everytime I watch the movie
  13. No . When I saw that you had stolen my song, my head grew heavy and my sight grew dim, I had to stop for the night... Day 9 - A song that makes me happy
  14. Did I hear my name?