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  1. 13:30 Warsaw Poland dude
  2. holy fuck, NT was sooo fuckin good!
  3. If you wanna know how cool rasp he still can do, check it 5:45
  4. Just woke up and watching videos, best vocal performance of Axl this year? Sounds so fuckin good
  5. post a video with 10 000 dollars in cash first
  6. full agree brudda, dont know why Axl sings over slash intro, dont know why he uses whistle in da wrong moment, dont know why he doesnt sing chorus on one breath. Worst song on the set and there is only one person you can blame for it (not Frank)
  7. who cares about Dizzy? I saw gig of his band once, 90% of songs were the Guns songs - awful versions.
  8. for me its saddest day since reunion. Dont know what to sad for all that situation...
  9. fuck, man, probably his best song performing live ever. Out of fuckin hell!
  10. I guess you are wearing make up right now
  11. fuck, is he doing make up on his eyes? Any plans to join Kiss now?
  12. with your ass in da air!!!