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  1. Is there, like, a conspiracy to post only threads that rag on Axl's voice this year? I wasn't notified of this. It's probably Queen Elizabeth's army of humanoid Russian reptiles' fault. Curses!
  2. Best day of 2016 and probably the past decade, no kidding. Nothing will ever beat the magic that was happening in the GNR fandom that night. And the following week too, what with Axl breaking his foot and all. We really went "well, they are the most dangerous band in the world, after all". That week was the best example of ignorance is bliss there can be - we knew nothing and we loved every minute of it! Instead of being butthurt and thinking "oh well, Izzy and Steven weren't there, what's Mellisa's purpose, they gave VIPs easy access" etc, I'd rather think "This is history in the making, rock n' roll being revived even if just for a day, three legends, long lost friends on a stage together after all this time, playing the shit out of these songs." - well, at least for that night. I've saved my complaints for the rest of the tour.
  3. Well, I don't feel the need to turn any participation in this thread into a drama, so I was wondering why you were sending subliminal messages via songs we all know. Anyway, I completely agree with you and @Frey about Adler. It's not impossible that our assumptions are true since there are many examples of brain-damaged people after serious injuries. Although I think that it's far more simple than that - Steven's just an idiot, period. And before anyone jumps at me, being a little boneheaded doesn't mean he isn't a nice person. Quite the opposite actually - since ignorance is bliss, the more intelligent people tend to be not as bubbly and open-hearted. Again, generally speaking.
  4. THAT'S THE STUFF!!! As I said, The Slaxl is real, it's the things that tie them together now that are different. @killuridols To be fair, pretty much all we do in this thread is make assumptions, and in Steven's case it's not that far-fetched. But I don't want to get into this topic, too troublesome. @Rocketqueen76 Why are you posting these songs? Just curious.
  5. Sorry to derail the thread but I couldn't ignore how huge Axl's head looks here compared to his body.
  6. @sanity_lost I was just going to write a long-ass comment about how it'd be extremely gullible to believe Steven's every word, but you saved me the trouble. Awesome post, my thoughts exactly. I mean, "They didn't kick me out for doing drugs, Axl just didn't want me there", really? With all the different takes on this topic we have, his is the least plausible. That's just moronic. "No, Izzy's not the heart and soul, I am", sure man, sure. Whatever floats your boat. "I couldn't even recognize Brownstone until the chorus" I know Frank sucks, but that's just bitterness talking here. No matter how much he tries to play the "It is what it is" card, he still holds resentment towards them. Kudos for speaking his mind, but he obviously didn't speak enough. Or he's more sly than we thought and he's trying to deliberately sway more fans into his lane and antagonize them towards Guns. Both parties suck imo. "The band fell apart because Axl wanted to take control and be the only one who gets paid" Do I really need to comment on this? Steven may believe in his version of events, but that doesn't mean it's exactly what happened. Of course, it doesn't excuse the band for what they did to him and are doing to fans right now, but people are too quick to jump on the pity bandwagon. Did you guys forget the discussions about his mom's book from the original thread?
  7. Yep, spot on about RQ. The UYI version at least had a cool breakdown jam, this one seems randomly thrown together. As for KOHD, it's the Fortus song, there's barely any spotlight on Slash and Axl, and I don't like how Axl sometimes skips the "hey, hey, hey, hey ya" now. And his stories are usually either boring or a retelling of some inside joke that we have no way of knowing. As for SCOM Yeah, there have been some slight improvements but they're obviously an on-again-off-again thing, kinda like the rasp on Civil War. At least Civil War sounds great even with clean vocals. NR especially needs rasp to have that bluesy feeling, otherwise it's just mediocre at best. And Axl's shown that he can rasp it if he wants, we heard it in the soundcheck from Vegas night 1, he just chooses not to do it (don't know if it's to save his voice or not, but either way it's not doing favors to his voice to keep it out of shape). Reckless Life could work, but I'm not a big fan of that song, so... more power to those who are. Move to the City would also sound good if he pushes himself a bit, Bad Obsession will definitely sound great vocals-wise, but I'm not sure the band (coughFrankcough) could get it right. It's too much cowbell and rock n' roll for poor ol' Frank. Where will they find strippers for the ginger to grind with? Can he even grind anymore? Will he wear the red blazer and shorts (I personally don't want to see that get-up at present times)? Will they make Mellissa be the stripper so her hair will be in contrast with Axl's clothes? And who's going to play the harmonica? So many questions. Agree about KOHD, the only version I'm a fan of is the one from the AFD5, after that it became a sort of typical grandiose power rock ballad/festive thing that has just gotten worse with time.
  8. Ow I know we're being too hard on them, but it's not like they don't deserve it with all the BS they put us through. I know they can't sound or look like they did back in the day (and that's precisely why I hardly ever expressed any complaints on the forum), but they're so automated and cash-driven right now that it's like they're not even trying. If I see Axl putting the same effort and love in Guns that he did in AC/DC I won't be so critical. But he won't feel that love with a machine. Even those latest performances with Angus didn't sound like the summer ones. The only part of their integrity Guns kept is the fact they're still doing what they want without giving a crap about anyone else.
  9. I love actually discussing these things (like in the good ol' days ) so the more opinions, the merrier. With RQ I guess it's not the tempo so much but the groove itself. I don't know what it is, maybe it's Frank's kit's tone (as was debated in the topic with a similar name), but it sounds like there's some nasty reverb in his kick drum, his snares sound heavy and the cymbals aren't...bouncy enough , like there's no fluidity in the drumming, hence the lack of groove that Steven naturally has (albeit his has diminished a bit with age and due to the stroke). I think most fans complain about this song so much and deem it one of the worst in the set is because it has such an original Guns sound and feel, it's like the embodiment of AFD - sex, drugs, filth and rock n' roll, mixed with pure talent and an emotional reveal in the end. And while it's not, say, an out-of-tune, drunk, completely chaotic mess, it's not up to the standards that hardcore fans have set for it. Same goes for YCBM. As for the CD songs, I actually like/love them on the record. Live, not so much. It's funny how in NuGuns Axl was the one that killed them and had the right attitude for them, and now he is the weakest link. There are Better performances in 2006 that just blow my mind completely. You can see the real Axl Rose there - the man sounds like a loaded, snarling gun. I know TIL is Axl's solo spot in a way, but I'd much prefer something like those SCOM intros, Sail Away Sweet Sister, Fallen Angel etc. They're such wonderful songs and not as doomy and gloomy as TIL. I'm still happy he gets ovations though, corporate asshole that he is. As for the solo, I guess that's a matter of personal preference. I think a slower one serves a better purpose for this song in particular, but to each their own.
  10. I swear I'm usually not like this, don't be scared
  11. Heeeyyaa, that's my type of girl! Slaxl and AFD5 is where it's at. Welcome to this mayhem of a thread.
  12. Glad you guys agree with me. I technically could go on and on about how... RQ really sucks and the tempo is just wrong and there's no groove and Axl's Mickey as shit (no amount of pretending will alter the reality that RQ is a sex song that only sounds good with grit, rasp and sleaze) and what the fuck is Fortus doing with that solo and why the fuck did they make him play dual guitar underneath Slash's solo (during the coda) and Slash's talkbox solo is boring and nothing special compared to his Conspirators Rocket Queen and he fucks up the slide solo too many times and it looks like the band don't know for how many bars to play the rhythm before the slide solo begins, oh and did I mention that Axl sounds Mickey as shit (except for the coda sometimes) because he does... But that would be a bit overkill, I think. No, wait, actually, WHY is Frank doing that fast drumming thing on the cymbals during the end of Patience (I don't know the proper term, sorry), I mean I know NuGuns did it but that's supposed to be in the past, and that fast-ass tempo just doesn't work with GNR ballads. Is the dude high? I think he is. He must be if he thinks that kind of low tier drumming belongs in Guns. And his introduction to November Rain is just cringeworthy. Why is there piano in Nightrain? They could just pay Dizzy less, he won't mind. Oh, God, SCOM is so soulless and awful. Zero rasp, zero soul in the rhythm, the only redeeming thing is the Solo, but fucking Ferrer speeds up so much (happens during the Estranged middle and final solos, too) that Slash struggles to keep up and it sounds rushed and forced. The demo for this song is so slow and emotional and raw that I can't stand the current version. How the hell did I forget to mention the shitfest that is CD songs (except for CD itself)? How, for Christ's sake, can you have a catalog of such amazing songs and play Catcher in the Fucking Rye and Better?! And TIL depresses me, it's so damn self-pitying and Slash's solo only worked the first two times (in Vegas) and then he got tired of it and just started shredding like a madman. By the way, Axl looks like he sold his neck for chins with double the face area. In like, every single picture. You can't kill a stage presence of his caliber, but he sure gives it his all trying, what with all that silly waving and that thrusting and his chubby version of belly dancing. Oh crap. I went overkill. Don't make me do this anymore, once the dam is broken it's hard to pull it back in.
  13. I beg to differ, they have so much in common these days, they're practically twins. They both constantly wear hats to hide their balding heads, they're both sellouts, corporate, politically correct off the scales, fat (yeah, yeah, not really but not enough to be attractive ), greeeeeedy, they're playing the Mr. Nice Guy card (which is basically Axl going completely against his nature and being a liar), showing up on time and living on the road, having a good time on stage, making up lame inside jokes, sharing their fascination with animals, looking at fans as if they're brainless pieces of meat that don't understand them at all and are completely dissociated from the audience, they're stiff, stuck up, rich beyond our wildest dreams... Yeah, seems like a pretty good camaraderie to me.
  14. Well, the Steven Adler interview is what set me off. It confirmed enough things to allow us to fill in the rest of the gaps ourselves. Haha, yeah I felt sort of obliged to throw some humor in there since the situation is, really, laughable at best. Well, maybe I would've considered going if they came to my country but I'm not going out of my way to travel across Europe to follow them around like a lost, addicted puppy. I would only do that for a band I respect, and frankly, they completely lost that. And the hybrid thing just doesn't sound and look good enough for me to try and ignore their complete lack of integrity. And Axl might as well grow back his moustache at this point, it will represent the band and his state of mind perfectly. I don't care, he can look as awful as he pleases and this time I'm not going to defend him, I'm going to laugh at him along with the casuals. There's only so many buttons you can push. P.S. But I'm still going to look for Slaxl pictures because even after all this shit, they give me life.