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  1. Yeah, if I can say something like "I wonder what else Slash can do with those fingers" then it's perfectly normal for the guys to do those types of jokes with Melissa. It ain't rape, come on.
  2. Yes, he probably helped with some of the tracks I listed, but his part was insignificant compared to what he did on YCBM, Patience, the songs he sang, DTJ, Bad Obsession, Pretty Tied Up etc. The majority of Locomotive was written by Slash, because it sounds so obviously Slash. The rhythm sounds amazing, although I'm not sure if Izzy plays all of it or just parts of it. I think his part is not that big, but I could be wrong. As for the lyrics, it's all Axl and it's amazing stuff. I remember seeing somewhere that Izzy was so annoyed with the numerous chord progressions in Coma that he didn't even play on that song. Slash wrote it and the band completed it without Izzy. The lyrics, again, are purely Axl. The credits for Civil War list Axl, Slash and Duff as the main songwriters. Izzy may have helped, but again, insignificantly. Estranged is iconic because of the lead guitar, the lyrics and (for some) the piano. Meaning Axl and Slash (similarly November Rain is GNR's most famous song and had little to do with Izzy). I'm not trying to demean Izzy's role, because god did he write beautiful and iconic masterpieces and they can never replace him, I'm just saying that GNR have proven they can make wonderful songs without him. Well, in the past, at least.
  3. Agreed - without Izzy they may not be able to see the forest for the trees. Then again, we can't forget about Duff, who can probably pull off the balancing/straightforward punk role. But I think it will still be good, great even. Let's not forget some of GNR's greatest masterpieces (Coma, Locomotive, Estranged, Civil War etc) had nothing to do with Izzy.
  4. I've been really fed up with Guns recently and would be the first to say if he sounded shit. But he sounds bloody brilliant tonight.
  5. Holy shit Axl's voice is brutally murdering children and pillaging villages tonight
  6. Hi Just dropping by to say happy (belated) anniversary to this wonderful thread. *retreats back into the cave of mystery*
  7. No fucking way. RIP, Chris, I loved that guy. Such a talent.
  8. That was so bad I'd rather listen to Alter Bridge
  9. Is there, like, a conspiracy to post only threads that rag on Axl's voice this year? I wasn't notified of this. It's probably Queen Elizabeth's army of humanoid Russian reptiles' fault. Curses!
  10. Best day of 2016 and probably the past decade, no kidding. Nothing will ever beat the magic that was happening in the GNR fandom that night. And the following week too, what with Axl breaking his foot and all. We really went "well, they are the most dangerous band in the world, after all". That week was the best example of ignorance is bliss there can be - we knew nothing and we loved every minute of it! Instead of being butthurt and thinking "oh well, Izzy and Steven weren't there, what's Mellisa's purpose, they gave VIPs easy access" etc, I'd rather think "This is history in the making, rock n' roll being revived even if just for a day, three legends, long lost friends on a stage together after all this time, playing the shit out of these songs." - well, at least for that night. I've saved my complaints for the rest of the tour.
  11. Well, I don't feel the need to turn any participation in this thread into a drama, so I was wondering why you were sending subliminal messages via songs we all know. Anyway, I completely agree with you and @Frey about Adler. It's not impossible that our assumptions are true since there are many examples of brain-damaged people after serious injuries. Although I think that it's far more simple than that - Steven's just an idiot, period. And before anyone jumps at me, being a little boneheaded doesn't mean he isn't a nice person. Quite the opposite actually - since ignorance is bliss, the more intelligent people tend to be not as bubbly and open-hearted. Again, generally speaking.
  12. THAT'S THE STUFF!!! As I said, The Slaxl is real, it's the things that tie them together now that are different. @killuridols To be fair, pretty much all we do in this thread is make assumptions, and in Steven's case it's not that far-fetched. But I don't want to get into this topic, too troublesome. @Rocketqueen76 Why are you posting these songs? Just curious.
  13. Sorry to derail the thread but I couldn't ignore how huge Axl's head looks here compared to his body.