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  1. Not sure which is better but I felt like a kid again watching the fireworks going off at the end of Paradise City while Slash was soloing and Axl was screaming. My wife told me later my jaw dropped for the whole last part of the song.
  2. I feel like his voice is directly proportionate to his level of giving a damn. Also, they need to add more songs that would give his voice a break. Like Bad Obsession or You Ain't The First.
  3. God you can hear how awful Axl's voice was here. Oh yeah and Dizzy piano too. He's alright with me, I'd prefer just one piano honestly.
  4. Haha thank my wife for that Never thought of it actually...
  5. It looks like Axl is gesturing toward a monitor (maybe?) during patience. Maybe the words were wrong or something? Or just a good ol bipolar night.
  6. First post in a while, I made a tab for this song and a video to go with it. Original version is done by Train. As always thanks for watching guys and gals!
  7. Great tune dude!
  8. That was rough.
  9. I know I'm not the first person to do this song, nor the last. Thoughts and feedback always appreciated and thank you so much for listening! (I'm sorry I've bombarded you with so many videos)
  10. I can play it I just haven't figured out how to sing it
  11. The 90's! Thanks for watching all this crap guys, I really appreciate it...
  12. Nice work friend!
  13. That was really cool. Almost creepy.
  14. Thank you, as far as the look goes I just didn't want it to just be me alone in my kitchen... which it still is.
  15. Tried a Collective Soul song. The World I Know.