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  1. Sympathy for the devil one of the best gnr covers for me, also as much as I love the stones, it's way better than the original, only flaw could be the ending... Also Ain't Fun and Black Leather, amazing songs, especially BL, simple, dark and heavy. Dead Horse, Don't Damn Me, Garden of Eden, Perfect Crime, So Fine, Pretty Tied Up, Civil War, 14 Years, Dust n Bones, You Ain't the First... For me these songs are the core of the illusions records and I'd rather listen to these than stuff like Coma, Locomotive, The Garden... For ChiDem I'd say the least popular one that I actually like, althoug it could have been better, is Rhiad, love that chorus, also the title track is one of my favourite modern rock songs ever, and Madagascar, love that one and the classic but modern feel, and nobody seems to care about it anymore
  2. One of the best Guns songs, one of the best riffs in rock n' roll; kickass, in your face, honest lyrics, full of cool quotable lines, I can't even begin to describe how underrated and unfarely ignored this song is, especially compared to other illusion songs wich have good riffs here and there but the vocal lines are too all over the place. anyway, sorry about my english... that being said, this song deserves a lot more recognition I think, and it's quite obvious if you look at my Username, that I really believe that hahaha
  3. Axl seems very happy today
  4. I'm not an excessivly precise guy when it comes to tempos even when I played with my band, I always told my drummer to not worry that much, if he was feeling it and rushed a little bit, it's part of the performance, it's human, and that's the point of rock n roll and live music... but you gotta draw a line, and frank often crosses that line, sadly... cause as I said before, I really like the guy
  5. I actually really like the funk vibes and little changes and details, and I like his stage presence even, but the tempos and the fills are still a big problem to me, everything feels rushed and tense, as if it was always about to collapse
  6. damn, frank's drum fills are probably still the worst thing with this band right now... and I really like the guy
  7. wish you were here
  8. My link cut out, any link guys?
  9. sounds like usual, I'd say
  11. It's comforting to hear that there are actual plans and they're writing on the road... I've always been positive about a new album at some point, but I would not have thought they are actually already making plans about it. I'am onestly excited right now
  12. Ah ok, I hoped it wasn't anything like that since it's been posted very very recently but it looks like I got fooled... thank you anyway
  13. I'm just gonna leave this here, I didn't understand what the guy was saying, I was hoping somebody could help us and see if there's any real piece of news in there I'm very sorry if somebody already posted this, of course feel free to delete it