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  1. All tickets are still up on ticketmaster though. So basically I think from all of this, is they have no idea wtf is going on. Anyone a lawyer on here? How can they sell more than 500 when they know full and well they only have 500? Classic bait and switch no?
  2. Update. Been on phone for an hour. Manager said they are still sending out emails. If you haven't got one, be patient you may still get one. BUT it does sound like they sold more than 500. Which is so Fricken,wrong.
  3. From 1800 Twitter customer care Hello Mike, thank you for reaching out to us and I understand your concern. The promotion was for the first 500 in the USA or 250 in Canada. If you were not informed that you were one of the first 500, then you would not receive the GNR code. Kadene. I said, that is called bait and switch. Why would you let more than 500 purchase this knowing they would not get tickets? Leaving them with $65 dozen roses. No response yet.
  4. $54 and you can tailgate before the show, and be 5 minutes away from the entrance. Www.soldierfield.clickandpark.com
  5. Sorry to interrupt this discussion a bit, but, does anyone know what time the merch trucks started opening up? Were there any outside the stadium in either DC or Detroit? Looking to get the Chicago specific shirts this weekend, and was going try and walk around the stadium in the afternoon on Friday.