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  1. I know but you made them available by uploading these thats important too , thanks tonsco for going through the effort of recording these shows and sharing them for free
  2. Sweet i kinda overlooked this one, these Sydney shows might be the most interesting reunion boots till now so thanks a shitload
  3. Thanks for collecting and sharing this
  4. O no, not that pain in the ass again
  5. Thanks for sharing your work
  6. Thanks for creating this, looks promising
  7. Pretty sure he didnt forget, good work takes time and maybe he`s trying to trade it first. Still waiting for Destructive Illusions #3. There`s still one tuesday left and he released his Ritz 88 on the last tuesday of 2014 so we still have one chance left this year and u know with GN'F'NR history repeats
  8. Now thats a way to end OTGM, goddamn
  9. Maybe because almost every stream suffer from bad connections
  10. Flew in from the Netherlands for this, very excited praying for some guest appearances
  11. He`s in my throat, thats where Mickey is
  12. Rock or Bust Shoot to ThrillHell Ain't a Bad Place to BeBack in BlackGot Some Rock & Roll ThunderDirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapRock 'n' Roll DamnationThunderstruckHigh VoltageRock 'n' Roll TrainHells BellsGiven the Dog a BoneDog Eat DogIf You Want Blood (You've Got It)Sin CityYou Shook Me All Night LongShot Down in FlamesHave a Drink on MeT.N.T.Whole Lotta RosieLet There Be Rock(with Angus Young guitar solo)Encore:Highway to HellTouch Too Much(First time ever played live)For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)
  14. So Axl is walking and the FB guy is filming from wheelchair deck