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  1. Yeah that system is broken, try logging in or else wait for the admin to confirm u but dont expect an email
  2. Yeah i`m driving back don't feel like taking a hotel only to sleep a few hours
  3. Yeah i`m driving by car i could pick u up or u can take the train to Cuijk where i live. From my place its shorter to drive via Eindhoven. I will drive to your place on the way back for sure
  4. I've got 1 golden circle ticket for sale and if there's any Dutch people looking for a ride I'm driving alone from region Nijmegen so feel free to drive along with me
  5. That because youtube doesn't accept 50 or 60 frames per second video`s if they don't have a hd resolution
  6. I made a full lossless recording off the Slane gig, at first i wanted to bring a field recorder with me but with the extra security measures because of the recent Manchester tragedy i decided not to bring one in (shit is expensive). Had to go through 3 security checks so i'm glad i did not. So i took 2 phones with me and recorded it with an android app called: amazing mp3 recorder which is an paid app but you can find an unlocked one on the net. Recorded it in wav format and it weighs about 2gb's, the app has a setting where u can lower the incoming volume by half or 0,25 so it's not distorted even though i was at the front. I haven't listened to it fully yet but it surely needs some patching specially the parts where there was some moshing going on and i couldn't resist joining in so i had to put it in my pocket. The times i held it out in the open it sounds quite okay. But in the end if you want a decent recording external mics or a field recorder is the way to go that's for sure.
  7. Is it even possible to accidentally press the go lived button on facebook?
  8. Too bad Axl doesn't sing the lyrics to "only woman bleed" anymore
  10. Drinking pints in Dublin atm. Don't expect to get wasted cheap.
  12. Thats because this is from another topic, the one who got bumped last week on this page is older. Credits to Fanfzero these are his links
  13. I must be loosing my mind are u blind?
  14. If its .mkv, .flac or .vob files u dloaded, get yourself an app wich can play these files