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  1. Thats because this is from another topic, the one who got bumped last week on this page is older. Credits to Fanfzero these are his links
  2. I must be loosing my mind are u blind?
  3. If its .mkv, .flac or .vob files u dloaded, get yourself an app wich can play these files
  4. I recently made a 60 fps version of the full show and it turned out to be quite nice, even when you consider youtube compresses the fuck out of it, it still looks good on YT. Finished it off with audio from the "What A Night" silver cd wich is an excellent soundboard recording released by Langley. Here is a sample
  5. Definitely sped up, i compared sizes with 4 different sources and none of them matches (maybe because the speed). Me thinks grapes of wrath is the best source but overall i think its just a personal choice. U might wanna ask the uploader this question
  6. Thanks for recording and sharing both of ya
  7. This Alt. version is so frigging great Guns N' Roses - Don't Cry (Alterate Lyrics) - 1991-08-02 Great Western Forum, Inglewood
  8. hope they will play it halfway of a gig in Europe because its a ideal piss break song
  9. Quite a boring show compared to other 92 shows. It seems a bit too brave or something. The uncut version is a bit better. Have to say that Rocket Queen from that gig is one of my favorites because it features "it tastes good don't it"
  10. Cant wait for this gig must be an awesome location here is some bus info
  11. In the lossless version Rocket queen isnt complete what about the mp3 version? Probably the same source right?
  12. Hey man, i recognize you from reddit what do u want mp3, lossless or video
  13. I know but you made them available by uploading these thats important too , thanks tonsco for going through the effort of recording these shows and sharing them for free
  14. Sweet i kinda overlooked this one, these Sydney shows might be the most interesting reunion boots till now so thanks a shitload