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  1. Day 15
  2. People are calling it a cash grab but their hero Izzy isn't included in the NITL tour because he wanted more of the money. Hilarious.
  3. Some people will always complain about something. I bet that they would even complain when there would be a AfD5 reunion and a new triple album.
  4. Sequels are much better than reboots. Star Trek is the best example for that.
  5. Buckethead

    Crime Slunk Scene is one of my favorite pre-Pikes albums from him
  6. Day 14
  7. Silkworms Great synth intro, heavy chorus.. Oh My God It seems popular among the die hard fans... but not so popular among the other fans
  8. Day 13
  9. Day 12
  10. I don't wanna miss her pics. She became an important part of the live shows throghout the years.
  11. Buckethead

    The best album in this category is Outpost
  12. Day 11
  13. He and Mal produced the Flick of the Switch and Fly on the Wall albums.
  14. He also did some very good work for AC/DC's albums Black Ice and Rock Or Bust. So I would hire him or Caram Constanzo.