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  1. “Lyrics N' Melodies by Axl Rose“ That's why I read in the liner notes
  2. That's not true. Credited for: 5/12 songs Credited for: 11/13 songs
  3. There are so many songs they could and should play live again... Shackler's Revenge, The Blues, Madagadascar, Prositute, etc.
  4. I heard that Paul Tobias was responsible for the credits. Maybe he ignored Richard because of personal reasons? Just a guess though.
  5. But every other little detail is in the liner notes? That doesn't make any sense to me
  6. They could release both albums (GN'R and AC/DC) without any problems. They could also do it like 2016 in regards of the tour. leg 1 from the AC/DC tour, followed by leg 1 from the GN'R tour, followed by leg 2 from the AC/DC tour, etc. .. step by step
  7. It was definitely worth the waiting.
  8. I've read in some interviews that Richard co-wrote some parts of the chorus. But I wonder why he wasn't credited for that in the albums liner notes
  9. Maddy, Shackler's Revenge, Street of Dreams and Prostitute are the songs I wanna hear live. I hope that their version of SoD is based on the live performances from 2001/2002.
  10. That's exactly what I thought.
  11. They also played Prostitute during some of the soundchecks
  12. Day 69
  13. Axl should use the rasp as a special effect for the songs, not the entire time
  14. Maybe Angus gave him some advices?