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  1. A Beyoncé fan once stabbed somebody because the person didn't know Beyoncé and Jay Z were married.
  2. Nah.
  3. Then that's sad to me tbh. Crash is a Playstation staple, and that's where it should remain.
  4. Crash Bandicoot is a Naughty Dog property, so I don't think it'll be heading to other platforms at all.
  5. Sat next to Johnny Marr at the cinema. Eating at Pizza Express and Morrissey came in to eat. Apparently the universe is drawing me towards members of The Smiths.
  6. A disgusting and disgraceful terrorist.
  7. This is exactly it. May is a Conservative, and so it's not surprising for someone with her political identity to hold those views. For someone who claims to be a Liberal Democrat to hold the opinion that Farron did... well it seems contradictory to the party he claims to represent.
  8. Nah, he pretty much meant that he doesn't want to come because we're not gonna be nice to him. He knows we hate him, and we're not opposed to displaying that. What an immature child he is.
  9. This is honestly very relatable. One of us, one of us...
  10. Wonderful We'll get more reliable statistics at some point, but I'm hoping it remains around this number or higher.
  11. Early estimates put the 18-24 age range at a 72% turnout. But we don't vote apparently.
  12. Nah, we're not that low yet.
  13. Funhouse mirror Trump, what a prospect!
  14. Rupert Murdoch is living proof that evil people truly do tend to live longer, and they always cause the most damage; much like the late Roger Aiies who poisoned US-citizens minds with Fox 'News'. Murdoch should be tried and put in jail for the scam his propaganda is.
  15. Huh? idk what you're talking about. My post was directed to bucketfoot, not you.