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  1. My family would ostracise me if I ever thought about supporting City lol.
  2. Using a tragedy like this to further segregation and hatred only serves the agenda of people like the extremist who committed this atrocity. Don't use my city's pain as a ploy to yell about how much you dislike immigration, refugees and Muslims ffs.
  3. Because I don't think all current 16 year olds are uneducated about politics, like I said, as with any age group there'll be those who know what they're talking about and those who don't. I think it would help to lower the age first, as a way to incentivise young people to realise that they have a more immediate responsibility. Also, I mentioned those other things (like work, taxes etc.) because I consider those things to be responsibilities that require a certain maturity to handle, and if 16 year olds can handle that... they can handle a vote. I disagree with Spunko because he's continued to paint all 16 year olds as immature and stupid, as though apparently who he was at 16 applies to them too. I mean, not knowing about politics is about not being educated, and I don't mean that in a condescending way at all. All that we know or don't know is about education, formal or not. If you don't know about something, you haven't been educated/educated yourself on it, and if you do know, then you have. I'm saying a lot of kids don't get politics because they aren't taught at all, I had to seek things out for myself because adults tried to tell me that my opinion didn't matter even though it was something I cared about/was interested in. I'm not saying people are 'uneducated' as a dismissal of them, I'm saying it as an observation of a faulty education system. You really are out of touch with the youth
  4. I said pretty much, because at that age we're able to take on what I consider to be rather adult responsibilities. I'm fully aware that 18 is regarded as when we 'really' become adults.
  5. I don't think all teens are politically aware or involved, I realise that how I was and how some 16+ year olds are, isn't the same for everybody. I think quite a significant portion of voter apathy in the young can be contributed towards the lack of education in regards to politics tbh, and the appearance that our voices are ignored. I mean, it gets portrayed in the media that the young don't know anything and that we shouldn't be listened to, and that kind of thing does seep into to a persons mindset. Obviously some people are just lazy and uninterested, but that's less due to age and more so about education and disenfranchising certain voters. I think 16 and not 15 or 14, because 16 is pretty much an age when people become adults. We can work and be taxed, we can leave home, we can get married, we can join the armed forces (the latter you need parental consent for, but surely if you're that much of a child it should be set to 18, no exceptions).
  6. I mean, yeah? I'm not talking shite, you're the one claiming that teenagers don't care about anything and really aren't offering a legitimate reason as to why beyond personal assumptions.
  7. I think it is pressing in emergency. It is only two years, but the effects of the government in power last far beyond that. This isn't just about being able to vote, it's the power that that vote holds.
  8. I asked because you place a question mark at the end of what seemed to be a statement. You're right that we do have to select a year, and if a 16 year old is old enough to contribute to the economy of this country by paying tax then they should get a say in who runs it. I don't see why this seems like such an extreme idea to people.
  9. Yep, those issues too. It says something that the younger generations seem to understand that working together brings prosperity, in all areas. 1984 isn't just a book anymore, it's a concern that this doesn't seem to be a bigger issue for people.
  10. Are you asking or telling?
  11. Education/University and job opportunities mostly. Like I said, their future.
  12. I think the difference between our opinions is that I respect 16 year olds enough as human beings to believe they deserve a say in their futures. Again, if 16 year olds can be taxed then they should be able to vote.
  13. Again, I'm thankful that you've surveyed all 16 year olds to know that on average they're like this. I know plenty of teens who know a great deal about politics (more than some 20+ year olds I know). You're saying "imagine a schoolboy having a say on how much tax [you] have to pay" but it's okay for older people to fuck over young people and their futures?
  14. 16 year olds work, they can pay taxes etc. Those are adult responsibilities, and if you're old enough to be taxed then you're old enough to vote imo.
  15. Ah yes, start putting extremes out there to try and delegitimise my point.