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  1. Great find! I should have checked here before I posted that first one in the concert thread lol. I was on my lunch and in a hurry. I truly truly love how Axl is keeping the backwards cap going.
  2. In SF, they took the stage 8 the US, the start times varied depending on the city they were in (curfews and such)
  3. Great review!
  4. I love Slash's is truly the best!
  5. Awww, thanks! I try.
  6. Yeah...I am the one who posted that pic here with that guy's quote of what he said to make Axl smile...forgot what page it is on. But he basically just thanked Axl for saving AC/DC and that brought the smile.
  7. Oh joy lol.. what I have always wanted!!!
  8. Can't believe there are only like 4 shows left before their next break. Sad!
  9. That is what I thought!...the water looks beautiful.
  10. Awww Duff. They seemed to have had a great time in Adelaide. Great smiles, a scared it!
  11. Ha! Great moment....thanks for sharing the clip!