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  1. Out to get me w/the crotch grab.
  2. What a goofball! Be careful in those boots Axl!
  3. I noticed that too lol...I was like ummm what?!
  4. One month....5/27!! Nope not yet...some NA cities last year had their openers named pretty early and others like SF, just a couple of weeks before!
  5. Days like that are tough...hang in there! Hope you get some rest.
  6. Billy Joel is the man!
  7. Wow....gorgeous pup!
  8. Yes...what Ratam said. A Japanese superfan who takes amazing pics of the guys.
  9. Love Tako's photos! She gets great closeups which are incredibly clear and vibrant, and captures some wonderful spur of the moments too. Excellent eye!
  10. Can I join the club? Also a fan of that fab ass! Lookin all sweet and innocent.