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  1. Pics of Steven at the Rock Against MS show and of him on the drums at the rehearsal.
  2. I have seen Pao's albums and told her how utterly amazing her photos are! Love looking at them. Excellent photographer!
  3. Day me some Supertramp!!!
  4. Yes...still pretty common here in that US. At least in my state it is. Gotcha!
  5. Sat Slaxl and a current one!
  6. Hmmm, interesting. Who posted the rumor? I love Axl/DC...but, I would rather him focus on new music w/ Guns in 2018 before an Axl/DC tour though. Guess we will just have to wait and see!
  7. One last clip of lovely Axl before bed!
  8. Absolutely..she is my baby that I got at 7 weeks old and is now 12 with kidney disease...but stable because I give her sub-q fluids, meds, etc. I would do anything for her. She is the sweetest cat.
  9. M-F from 6 to 2:45. Would sleep in but my cat is on antibiotics twice a day, so have to wake up at 6:30..what we do for our pets!
  10. Izzy's expression cracks me him.
  11. Gotcha....I kinda figured that but was not 100% sure... and am just too damn tired to really concentrate lol. I wake up at 4:30 for work so after 5:00, I'm toast!