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  1. Name says it all, and who cares
  2. Well as long as the radio station is "stoked", then all is well!
  3. Nice one apollo! I'm with you on that( the longtime fans can appreciate what a new axl/gnr opus would feel like and that's where our frustration is justified/
  4. Sounds like Jason was expecting new music too πŸ˜”
  5. Mr chaos, I did notice recently that MTV 1, 2,or 3 are playing real music videos lately? Saw harry styles new one the other day( not a fan but it was cool to see a new video the same time it is airing on radio 'The stars at night, are big and bright'!!!
  6. Whoa, whoa , whoa,! U tellin' 'me we just jumped from a 'huge' red alert, to a 'ginormous' red alert! Thank god im off tomorrow ( this is exciting) and cheers to all of our England brothers on this board!🐼
  7. It's either gonna be a great day tomorrow 'or' a ' why am I still a fan of this damn band day' πŸ€˜πŸ€•
  8. Damn Mega' , you're making too much sense, when the 'Chinese democracy ' single premiered on my local station years ago, it was nation wide, and what band builds hype to give news about a single that will be released in the near future πŸ€” At least we're in the game and they didn't just go start the tour without this( I'm a positive person)
  9. Also, my real name ( tony kreis) imagine when I heard that 'rapid fire ' demo and the drummer was johnny kreisπŸ˜†, probably just a coincidence ( no real relation that I'm sure of, but it blew my mind, a huuuuuge fan since im ' an 8th grader( 42, now) my small point is , this band has made me and a lot of people happy/inspired around the world , it's always been how their music has made me feel, and last year I felt like I was in high school again hearing 'don't cry' and 'November rain' on the radio for the first time, righteous doesn't even cover it , they've always been about making us feel good and now it's coming!
  10. Hey dudes! All I know is that I had a rough week and this news was a small rubber ball and now it's snowballing into something big( kinda like last year when some insider casually said that slash and axl were talking again, or the happy birthday tweet, this just feels like that and if it's original five for a couple of nights in July 'or' new music , it just feels right( this thread, /mark my words / will hit a fever pitch ( and calm me down) before Wednesday / wish I had an insider bat signalπŸ€”πŸ˜¬/!!!!!!
  11. Awesome! Can't wait for the Paris version,its my favorite version of 'its alright', sounds so noble and valiant( the kid always leads with his heart)
  12. That is it! Bless u sir and this site , I've been watching this site since 99' , and I knew if I just threw that out there I most certainly had a chance here( you're better than YouTube!) πŸ‡±πŸ‡·πŸŽ©πŸΌ
  13. That's my 2nd favorite patience live! ( I think it has what I call 'crisp magic' , only way I can describe those special live show recordings and this is one( the other being my favorite live performance of ' used to love her' , on the 'late show ' axl's voice was hungry( like when I saw him last year for the first time ever, (blew me away , and it was still 85 degrees at 10 pm) , thanks brotha 🀘
  14. Hey folks, just throwing this out there, can anyone find a rare bootleg of a gnr show' club' or small venue where they played patience( slash played real bluesy ) and it was awesome , had it on cassette 20 years ago, it had a couple of other songs , but patience had a weird , authentic slash bluesy playing sound to it , definitely 87-88 time, ( searched everywhere online for it and just can't find it) thanks dudes and keep up the good work( there's a lot goin on'! U know the rest ( T.K. In Cincy)