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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome, I knew this was the only place that i could express how I felt and not feel the least bit wierd( also when axl announced Steven it hit me that not only was that the axl who gave me a great soundtrack to life, but he was in the same place as me and he just did me the best favor any true fan could ask for😭( seriously)
  2. Sorry, long time shy lurker( a lot of years), anyway quick story, my brother and I have been huge GNR fans since high school, he then went to Germany in the army( missed my graduation and November rain video being played all summer, ( I taped everything for him and he bought and sent me every bootleg he could find, ( including a rare 'to me' version of patience in a club, and slash was playing so bluesy , it was my favorite live version of patience ever( maybe 85-86) anyway he gets tickets for gnr Andy I'm just learning a new job at work, we work at the post office together , I really wanted to go but being 42 you get caught in you're daily routine( also women trouble, light depression) he finally puts his foot down and we even take my younger brother adam who saw us love gnr and Metallica and joined in with us , so we're At the show and I tell him this is awesome! And he agrees and we're taking turns recording songs, and before the show started I reall wanted to see Steven Adler play with axl and slash ( I was really upset about that situation with Steven for so many years and how it went down, something felt wierd in the air at Paul brown stadium on July 6th, it was sweltering for one, and the second axl said we got a surprise here I thought izzy, and when he said Steven Adler( watch the video, people R really shocked , I was there , a ground swell started in the stands and when out ta get me kicked in that was one exciting moment of pure glee( and I shared it with both my brothers, it felt like Christmas and Halloween rolled into one, I have the show on my phone and I'm ready for round 2😁. Ps, thank u to everyone on this board, u are great people and always kept a positive outlook going no matter what, in my heart I knew this day would come but I didn't think I would be there to witness it, thanks again to the mods ( classiest website I've ever been to)!