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  1. Teasing with four videos "going back where it all began", presenting memorable dates in GNR history. That seems like something out of ordinary announcement of more tour dates.
  2. Axl is the boss they presented the idea to him and he approved.
  3. Yeah dude I would totally get a boner for that but that's because we didn't have chance to see them, GNR fans in USA have seen them already in multiple cities. So building such a hype for this can't be justified.
  4. They actually think people still get a boner when they hear that Slash and Duff are back in the band, and if they bring tour in their city they are going to run to buy those tickets.
  5. Yeah I knew shit was gonna be bad. But still disappointed, why would they rape our emotions like this? Making us get hyped and wait 4 days for announcement won't make us more excited about new dates but opposite.
  6. You are a sad fan if thats the best things you could ask Slash.
  7. If you have a problem avoid looking for updates and rumors because that won't help you know what the announcement is. Announcement will happen in about 7 hours so come back then.
  8. Nope he's crying on Beta's shoulder because they can't sell their astronomical tickets anymore.
  9. Damn I love that. They need a nice wake up call like half sold stadiums, to get their head out of the ass and record new music because Slash and Duff in GNR became old news.
  10. When they play markets they missed first time in US and Europe people are not gonna pay for same shit again. Music doesn't sell like before but it sells well considering piracy, and gets people hyped about seeing the band again of course if these old fuckers can still write a good song.
  11. I'm sure GNR will find the way to fuck over fans and milk some more money as long as they can, just not to record an album because that's so scary.
  12. Radios will announce dates in their cities, Guns will announce new dates and announce/release Troubadour DVD.
  13. He's completely right just look how they treat us. They earned 200+ milion dollars on nostalgia act and they aren't decent enough to organise at least limited meet and greet on shows, or do ONE decent interview where they answer some fucking questions finally. GNR had all potential in the world to be biggest band of their generation, but they blew it and Metallica became that fair play to them.